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WSFT Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Momentum OTC" promoting Wikisoft Corp.


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We have something special in store for you

Our latest low-float profile could double or more in the near-term, and has recently announced some that we believe the Street will react to quite favorably.

Please turn your immediate attention to .


In today's fast-moving business world of increasing globalization, Wikisoft leverages big data and associated insights from business datasets to improve performance.

In line with this new phase of globalization, Wikisoft believes that there is a growing demand for access to credible and reliable business data. Data is essential to creating the complete view of customers, prospects, investors, suppliers, and partners necessary to power the right decisions.

Our vision is to create opportunity globally by collecting precise data, curating it, verifying it and putting it in the hands of professionals and businesses as consumable business intelligence. We believe in the power of Wikisoft to collect massive amounts of data and deliver it to businesses curated, credible and reliable.

The Company recently announced that it has acquired 51% of Etheralabs LLC a New York City based venture lab and ecosystem that invests in, builds, and deploys disruptive technologies across the Blockchain space.

Wikisoft's vision is to combine the company's massive amount of data on start-ups, funds and investors with Etheralabs' disruptive Blockchain technology to accelerate finance partnerships between startups and investors - Wikisoft providing the relevant data intelligence and direct investment opportunities and Etheralabs providing the Blockchain expertise and technology on contract execution.

Carsten Kjems Falk, Chief Executive Officer of Wikisoft Corp. said, Our upcoming Wikifunding platform enriched with Etheralabs' disruptive Blockchain technology will enable startups to connect to venture capital, funds and investors for funding in an automated, secure and transparent way. Investors, funds and venture capital will likewise have an efficient way of finding prospects and making the right investments.

Bryan Feinberg, CEO and Founder of Etheralabs commented Wikisoft's data capabilities coupled with our background in transforming large data ecosystems into vibrant venture communities creates a way to accelerate and disrupt the funding process.

Extending far beyond bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology is cutting out the middleman in most business sectors. A survey from the World Economic Forum underlines the transformation this technology will bring to the financial services sector with expectations of at least 10% of the global GDP being stored on Blockchain platforms by 2025. that 23% of the fund order process is still being handled manually, mainly though fax orders which have a significant impact on distribution costs and time. The fund sector that is seeking levers for processing optimization and that relies a lot on financial service intermediaries such as transfer agents, fund registries, and fund administrations will be particularly impacted. Blockchain could disintermediate the fund value chain and Escrow accounts, Transfer agents and fund administration would not be needed anymore reducing a lot of time to execute the transfer of value in a secure, transparent and automated way. The Blockchain has the power of an earthquake that would shake to the ground the whole funding industry.

The upcoming Wikifunding platform has an ambition to be at the frontier of startup funding and investment, bringing decentralization, security, immutability, and transparency to the fund distribution and administration market causing the first tremors in the funding industry.

This press release does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale.

Etheralabs is New York City based venture lab and ecosystem that invests in, builds, and deploys disruptive technologies across the Blockchain landscape. Etheralabs fast-tracks ideas into solutions that help high-growth companies with a focus on capital appreciation and scale via early-stage identification and accelerated resource deployment. The acceleration model lays the foundation for taking promising IP from both concept to company and from revenue to profitability, culminating in a fully functioning portfolio venture that is ready to attract follow-on funding, an acquisition partner, or to operate as a standalone company.

More information can be found at

2022 Is Shaping Up To Be A Milestone Year For WSFT

In Q1 2022 the Company commenced development on a new platform named Wikifunding, a website aimed to accelerate matching startups with investors. With the February 28, 2022 acquisition of a majority interest in Etheralabs LLC, a New York City based venture lab and ecosystem that invests in, builds, and deploys disruptive technologies across the Blockchain space, Wikisofts vision is to combine the companys massive amount of data on startups, funds and investors with Etheralabs disruptive Blockchain technology to accelerate finance partnerships between startups and investors.

The Company expects that IT development will continue to utilize existing development capability. Additional developers will be hired if required for enhancements in crawling and frontend development of business logic and new commercial products. The Company also expects to commence marketing activities seeking to generate additional users and sign ups to their website platform. The main drivers will be email, search engine marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Revenue Generation

WSFT believes that trusted business information is more relevant than ever to provide a complete view of customers, prospects, investors, suppliers, and partners necessary to power the right decisions.

Their strategy is focused on key value propositions for both non-paying users and paying users. They plan to generate revenues primarily from subscription on premium profiles, news wires and providing leads on prospects whether it is on future investors, suppliers, employees or partners on our website platforms. They also further plan to generate revenues by charging users of their website platform for access to certain information and features on our platform, as described further below.

Our Website Portals and How we Plan to Generate Revenue

On their platforms users are able to freely search the portals and all content is collected and updated in real-time. Their platforms are developed on multiple databases that provide the foundation for our Wikiprofile and upcoming Wikifunding platforms. The scalable microservice architecture aims to remove the load pressure from a server-oriented focus and utilizes the resources on various browsers to deliver a user experience with modern well performing page speed due to architecture. The architecture is designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. Using proprietary crawler technology, the databases automatically collect information on newly found entities, seeking to have an up to date database.

On the platform users are able to freely search the portal and most of our products at no cost. The plan is to generate consumer usage and with the belief that our upcoming planned premium business model and paid products drives the most value for business professionals and businesses.

WSFT' expects that the completed platforms will create value for our customers through three distinct planned product lines

Wiki Businesss Profiles
Wiki Lead Generation
Wiki Press Wire

Wiki Business Profiles

The Wiki Business Profiles include a free basic profile and allow business professionals and companies to highlight their online brand to create awareness and provide useful business information. We believe that the profile will also help companies and business professionals to build trust that will attract new customers better employees and for business professionals to get job proposals. We plan to have additional features like premium ranking, contact information, data insights to make research and to ensure the right decision making when choosing to invest in a company or choosing a new employer or supplier. We have not yet decided the fees we will charge for such additional features.

Wiki Lead Generation

Wiki Lead Generation is planned to include packages of leads to get essential business information to create the complete view of customers, prospects, investors, suppliers, and partners necessary to power the right decisions. The information in the lead packages will include the ability to communicate directly and get information such as name, location, industry, key employees, phone number, contact email, among others. The data may be imported into Excel or a CRM platform.

Wiki Press Wire.

Wiki Press Wire, an AmpliFi press release distribution service, available through the acquisition of Etheralabs is expected to be accessible to the more than 90 million businesses now held in the Wikisoft database. The press wire will be published and distributed into the most important news databases and news wires to reach journalists, investors and media influencers. Furthermore the news wire is expected to attain long-term visibility in search engines and include SEO benefits at a Cost-effective and affordable budget to small and medium sized companies.

Second Half of 2022

In the second half of 2022 we plan to further develop Wikiprofile.com and Wikifunding. The main focus will be backend integrations with Etheralabs services to utilize synergies, data collection and refining our commercial products for lead generation and press wire service. We anticipate hiring a customer service manager to ensure optimization of products and to ensure customer satisfaction and get customer feedback to optimize commercial packages.


Wikisoft Corp CEO Carsten Kjems Falk tells Proactive the San Francisco-based group has been harnessing big data to build out its robust business profile platform named Wikiprofile.com, along with introducing new features to the website. Falk says the platform is populated with information about companies and business professional stored on the database, and aims to monetize the platform by connecting employees to employers along with providing services to help aid companies with fundraising.

2021 has been a year of intense activity and positive results. The company established strong corporate governance, garnered an impeccable C-level team and inaugurated powerful business enablers that have set it on a course for take-off in 2022.

Wikisoft started 2021 the way it intended to go on - with success. The company gained approval from the Depository Trust Company for electronic share transfer via the Company's Transfer Agent, Pacific Stock Transfer Co. In the same month Wikisoft started U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC reporting - an important and essential step in the company's commitment to provide investors with transparency and accountability. The Company is now subject to the reporting requirements of the SEC.

This year Wikisoft uplisted to OTCQB on OTC Markets Group, also known as The Venture Market, which consists of early-stage and developing U.S. and international companies and has 1,095 securities compared to the OTC Pink the next tier down which has 11,181 securities. Companies listed on OTCQB report to a U.S. regulator such as the SEC and must follow strict reporting and governance standards to improve transparency as opposed to the OTC Pink securities.

With an important measure of corporate governance in place it was time for Wikisoft to bring in the A-team. First Paul Quintal, an American businessman and entrepreneur joined Wikisoft as Chairman, bringing valuable experience and knowledge to the company. Next, Carsten Kjems Falk who was previously running Domino's operations in Scandinavia, came on board adding some real power to the C level suite.

Having these strong pillars in place created an environment fertile for rapid business development and Wikisoft set about launching their investor site. The Wikisoft.com Investor Site went live in the summer and provides transparency and disclosure about the company consistent with SEC reporting. Another huge milestone was the major development and launching of the beta version of Wikiprofile.com. The platform, well-positioned to benefit from the robust US jobs market, aims to be a powerful solution using big data to provide tools and resources for companies and business professionals to make informed career and hiring decisions.

Wikisoft transacted two important Stock Purchase Agreements in 2021. The Purchase Agreement with White Lion Capital, LLC to purchase up to $20,000,000 of Wikisoft's common stock, marked the first time the company raised capital since becoming a public company - endorsing business validity and positive long-term outlook. The second Purchase Agreement was with Triton Funds, LLC. It provided the purchase of $750,000 of Securities to use for the expansion of working capital and to further Wikisoft's business strategy.

The company wish all customers and shareholders a prosperous and successful new year. Wikisoft is looking forward to establishing itself in the Premier League of Big Data next year. Carsten Kjems Falk, the Wikisoft CEO concluded We have endeavored to establish the right corporate governance, put the right team in place and deliver the right big data products to set us on a trajectory for take off

After a grueling job market during Covid-19 in 2020, a recent study by Gallup shows that Americans now say it is a good time to find high quality jobs.

When asked back in 2019 Think about the job situation in America today, would you say it is now a good time or a bad time to find a qualitative job, Americans assessed the US job market ranging between 66% to 71% as being a good. This number fell dramatically during Covid-19 to as low as only 22% according to . According to recent trends the number is now above the 2019 level. At a booming 72%, Americans now say it is now a good time to find a qualitative job.

Wikisoft's flagship online platform, Wikiprofile.com, follows the same trend as Gallup's report with continuous growth of business profiles now exceeding 175 million. The platform offers a free and simple sign-up process with an automatic database look-up to make it easy to join the platform. The Wikisoft platform provides relevant and valid information to make informed career and hiring decisions globally.

The Smart Money Is Buying Up Data Stocks

The massive volumes of information generated and used for decision making in business today fuel the booming business of data analytics and Big Data companies.

Big Data companies, combined with analytics technology, help businesses achieve valuable insights in many areas. Moreover, this includes in-depth customer research, product development, cost management and competitive analysis. Big Data also provides operational intelligence, enabling companies to investigate, monitor, analyze situations and then react and respond.

The application of data analytics affects organizations across practically every industry and takes an active part in developing strategies for their success.

For retailers, Big Data companies help them to get a better understanding of customers and the most effective ways to keep them coming back. As a result, manufacturers can solve problems faster and make more agile business decisions. In addition, bankers use it to help minimize risk and fraud.

Data analytics and Big Data are complementary terms, hence the also-used phrase Big Data analytics.

Big data stocks might not seem like the most scintillating technology plays on the market. But their underlying companies provide a service of growing importance cleaning and sorting an ever-swelling pool of digital data.

The proliferation of technologies from smart phones to cloud computing to the internet of things IoT has resulted in torrid growth of data being processed. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this pace. According to International Data Corporation, the amount of digital data generated during the next five years will be greater than twice the amount of data created since the advent of digital storage.

Over 5,300% In Upside Potential

Just like our latest mega-winners, the float on WSFT is extremely thin, making it the perfect candidate for a single-session breakout

The Company is sitting on a bottom'd out chart, and is trading on the lower-end of its 52-week price channel.

However, a run back to its 52-week high of $2.70 would show traders gains of over 5,300%

The Bottom Line

Its expected that by fiscal year 2025, six billion consumers will interact with data every day. Further, each connected person will have at least . If we just look at Internet of Things IoT devices, its expected to create over 90 zettabytes ZB of data by FY2025. This is a big enough reason to consider some possible exposure to big data stocks.

With its low-float and high growth potential, WSFT and their shareholders could be the biggest winners in what many analysts predict will be a sector-wide boom.

That being said, we ask that you start your research now, and add WSFT to the top of your watchlist.

Best Regards,

The MomentumOTC Team


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