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August 12, 2016
WorldFlix, Inc.
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"Wall Street News Cast"
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WorldFlix, Inc.

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(as of August 11, 2016)
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Information retrieval
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WRFX Promotional Newsletter

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This $0.0003 stock has traders taking positions on the real potential for run to $0.002 or higher......read why.

Swantry WRFX Mobile App to Combat Cyberbullying

NEW YORK--Swantry, a development of App Farm, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of WorldFlix, Inc. OTC , is an innovative, ultra-secure, enhanced encryption, mobile security app that could help combat cyberbullying for parents and children.

According to a recent survey, 42% of children have been cyber bullied and 35% have been threatened online. Because peer approval is so important to kids, frequently the situation will continue to deteriorate without ever being reported, resulting in damaging consequences. This is where WRFX may find a nich market demand for an app that can help prevent and catch cyber bullying before it gets to far.

SWANTRY is a Launcher, which means, it takes over the phone and all other apps and software that control location, data transfer and communication, are forced to run through it.
The app is designed to operate on a foundation of trust and dialogue, children are enabled to discover and utilize digital services and smart devices responsibly, while incorporating revolutionary military-grade technology that provides a level of security unparalleled in the industry.

The Company currently has around 1 billion common shares isused and outstanding, and is trading at a market cap of just around $300,000. Based on potential market demand and market share in child monitoring app market WRFX could easily justify a $2 million to $5 million market cap on this one app alone, which would set a market valuation of at least $0.002 or higher.

SWANTRY was developed in response to the dangers children face in today's world. This disruptive technology is going to be a Must Have for all concerned parents and monitors throughout the world. The Company has currently been in beta testing mode, and now may be ready to announcement movement forward on launching this app sometime by start of upcoming school season setting the stage for an interesting September for traders.
Swantry's Primary Features Include

1. Safe socialization Set a list of trusted contacts together with your child and you don't need to worry about who they chat with or who can contact them. Children's privacy is Swantry's top priority, so parents naturally can't see the messages between their children and their trusted friends.
2. Limit app usage Set a variation of time limits for the respective apps, and block certain apps completely. You can also set different time profiles, which means there's no playing when it's time for homework or bedtime.
3. Internet filter featuring a spectrum of powerful Parental Control filters for the Internet. Based on the age of your child, if required, web-browsing can be blocked completely.
4. Chats This capability enables group chats with the potential to incorporate the whole family, with video capability of up to 4 people.
5. Geo-fencing This indispensable feature enables the instant location of a missing device or child on a map, empowering parents to set boundaries for children where they can travel safely and how far they shouldn't go.
6. Curfew This traditional and important condition meets simplified accountability, as both the parent and the child can exercise notification options when the appointed time approaches.
7. Integrated Design Following installation, a device can be set on Child mode enabling children to utilize it freely. Swantry's safety nets deliver reassurance and peace of mind. About WorldFlix, Inc.

WorldFlix, Inc. OTC WRFX operates in a variety of niche businesses. App Farm-platform for acquiring, developing, and growing niche apps for mobile and tablet devices. Drobbits-interactive platform that allows users to create, play, and monetize their own video games. Swantry-a military-grade, triple encrypted, launcher app that allows parents to ensure their child is safe on their mobile device. Lastly, WorldFlix Entertainment Management is the company's television and movie development and management business, and now, the artificial intelligence industry. For more information on WorldFlix, Inc. OTC PINK WRFX , please visit or


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