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5:14 PM
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April 14, 2016
WorldFlix, Inc.
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"Wall Street Beauties"
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11 out of 102
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WorldFlix, Inc.

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(as of April 13, 2016)
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Information retrieval
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(as of December 31, 2012)
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(as of December 31, 2015)
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(as of October 7, 2015)

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Wall Street Beauties

WSB Members

Ready to have some fun

This is what I mean

1 Todays play - WRFX - just entered an agreement to receive $7.5M to further the Companys revolutionary app technology
2 WRFXs market cap is only about $375K
3 The float is only about 7,660,150 according to OTCMarkets
4 It closed today at 0008
5 Do the math that float is miniscule or infinitesimal or microscopic or some other word with an even smaller meaning - like atomic

and we all know what happens at the atomic level things explode.

In the 4 sessions weve had this week thus far, one of the plays we brought to your attention has already traded 153,519,118 shares between 0054 and 0096 thats more than $1Mln.

Now consider this According to the numbers on OTCMarkets, its possible that WRFXs float could be bought for less than 10K on paper anyhow

If WRFX sees serious volume come in, watch out it too could explode.

I know these numbers are crazy, but lets continue to think rationally for a moment

- WRFX is getting $7.5Mln
- They have a revolutionary technology

How long do you think its going to be before word spreads about this Cinderella story

How long before volume rises What happens next

Yes, this is highly exciting stuff. So allow me explain it in a bit more detail

A small, young tech company WRFX on the small markets recently developed a groundbreaking triple encryption technology for use with the Companys app that is designed to help parents protect children from cyberbullying and other dangers . This technology breakthrough peaked the interest of investors of all sizes and one funding group decided to give WRFX what it needs to take its tech to the next level

Its a rags-to-riches tale, a real Cinderella story, with all the glitz and glamor that the small marketeers love to follow and sink their teeth into.

And yes, I might have to trademark small marketeers just because its brilliant. So get used to it, Im going to use it A LOT from now on.

But seriously, the WRFX story is a magnificent one and its one that not too many people know about yet. So before the word spreads into wildfire, lets take a closer look and get ready for tomorrow morning

Tonights New Mega Play is

WorldFlix, Inc. WRFX



As you can see from the links above, WRFX has four subsidiaries however, in this discussion were going to be focusing on three of them - AppFarm, Swantry and Drobbits - because these areas are where the new major funding is to be spent.

1 AppFarm finds, selects and grows successful apps for smartphones and tablets. The Company's strategy is to acquire profitable mobile apps through contests or through acquisition to find the best new apps.

WRFX's App Farm follows a unique Shark Tank type style of choosing and growing the next big deals in app software.

App Farm understands the importance of profitable apps, which is why the Company plans to acquire various profitable mobile apps through acquisition or through contests to find the best new Apps.

Want to make up to 20k plus royalties Click here and give the your big app idea

2 Swantry make the digital world safe for your children. Swantry is a revolutionary app for android smart devices originally designed to help parents protect children from cyberbullying and other dangers, using new triple encryption technology and management tools

Swantry is a next-level mobile application that allows you to create a safe online environment for your child. Swantry ensures that your child communicates securely only with trusted friends and moves where you have jointly agreed.
The application has military-grade, triple-paranoid, encryption system keeping your child's identity, pictures, videos and messages safe. Application security is so huge that even the application developers can not get around it.

Cyberbullying The Shocking Stats according to the i-SAFE foundation

Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying.
More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyberthreats online.
Over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the internet.
Well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs
81% of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.

How big is the Anti-Cyberbullying market

124 million downloads for parental apps by 2015 and a multimillion USD market.
Parental controls and other filtering technologies designed mostly to protect children was a $1 billion in 2013 alone
That $1 billion market is forecast to double to $2 billion by 2018

3 Drobbits is a browser based game creator that requires no coding skills at all. Drobbits allows users to make and publish their own games easily without extra software, and publish it to any popular platform.

Cloud based game creation and distribution platform.
Enables users to create their own games and publish them in market

The mobile games market is by far the largest segment of this exploding industry

With $25 billion in worldwide revenues last year, mobile games have become the most important digital platform for gamers and publishers alike. Today, it is the largest games platform by market share in the world.
Expected to hit $37.9 billion by 2019


Check out the recent news

WRFX entered into an agreement with Blackbridge Capital, LLC. to receive $7.5Mln to bolster the highly anticipated release of App Farm's triple encryption internet safety protection application, Swantry, and further the Company's advantageous strategy for Drobbits the Company's cloud based game creation and distribution platform.

That is shocking - its certainly not the kind of news we hear very often from a company that just closed at 0008

But its also a massive vote of confidence in WRFX, and should be a beacon for us to see and take notice of as WRFX stands tall above all else tonight.

Weve looked at some grassroots app companies in the past but not like this. And none of them has see anywhere in the neighborhood of $7.5Mln in funding.

We could be starting at a very rare situation this evening dont let is pass by unnoticed.

From a chart perspective, WRFX is bouncing off of a 52-week low.

Its seen at least 4 triple-digit runs in recent months with the highest being 380%

Similar to other recent winners, WRFX has been holding its current level for a couple of weeks now and seems to be building a base here.

After hitting its 52-week low recently, it seems support has come in and it has started to move north.

If this bounce continues, we could see a major run right around the corner.

- The EMA Analysis is Very Bullish for all three terms
- The MACD Analysis is Very Bullish for all three terms
- The TDD Analysis is Bullish
- The Stochastic is Very Bullish as we speak

The 10 - 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel is also very Green tonight, indicating that the short term chart could be strengthening.

Considering how long it has been building support at current levels and that multiple short-term indicators are starting to heat up we could be in for a very exciting day ahead.

It closed today at just 0008, just above its annual low.

Situations like this do not come along every day. We urge members to take Swift Action, start researching WRFX right away

This could be an exceptional situation. At just 0008 there could be a very big upside.

As always, we encourage you to do further research.

Enjoy your afternoon,

The Beaut


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