$WRFX Ready, Aim, Fire. Astra Veda Pulls the Bullet Proof Blinds™ Trigger

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Astra Veda Corporation (OTC PINK: WRFX) Chairman and Chief Executive Mick Davis is honored and proud to announce that the Company has reached a lucrative licensing agreement with fellow firearms enthusiast and renowned inventor John Adrain of Spokane Washington, to utilize his patented Bullet Proof Blinds™ technology to fulfill nearly one million dollars in outstanding purchases order request.

Ready, Aim, Fire. Astra Veda Pulls the Bullet Proof Blinds™ Trigger. Astra Veda Corporation (OTC PINK: WRFX)
Mr. Adrain has been awarded 30 patents. He has been improving this invention since 2012 in attempts to overcome the enormous challenge in manufacturing his lightweight fabric product in large enough quantities to be cost-effective.

The success to producing our ballistic material is enabled by Ronald Egress of Jonesborough, Tennessee who was the former Applications Development Leader for Military and Law Enforcement Personal Armor Systems at DuPont. Ron has over 10 patent awards to his credit and was a guest investigator for the United States Army Research Labs. After 20 years of service to Dupont Mr. Egress is venturing out to greater opportunities.

These security-oriented innovators met validating Bullet Proof Blinds™ to comply with National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Body Armor Compliance Test. They were introduced by Andy Finch of Phoenix Arizona who will head up production operations. Mr. Finch is an acclaimed international business executive with several investment ventures and successful exits to his credit.

"While discussing other unrelated business matters, Andy mentioned the opportunity," said Davis a former NAVDEVGRU development professional. "It was a perfect business alignment for us, and we took action to make Bullet Barrier ™ happen." In an exciting joint venture, Astra will be forming a NEWCO subsidiary and engaged private equity and distribution investors who understand our history and support our new future ahead.

Astra's other Subsidiary Punchzee, is in discussions with a well-funded innovative real estate development company in Arizona to integrate its advanced construction operations management platform (Punchzee.com) with their augmented reality sales platform later this summer.

On other matters, the Company will start financial reporting after FINRA has completed our requested name change and ticker symbol change. The OTC Markets Group has prevented us from submitting updates until then. We see no reason to reverse split our common stock in the foreseeable future and exploring a preferred share repurchase and conversion plan to correct the unlawful defects from the former board of directors.

The current litigation with the former board is protracted and the case should go to trial sometime in 2022.


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