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WHSI Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Stock Sumo" promoting Wearable Health Solutions, Inc


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Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. OTCMKTSWHSI - Special Report
We're departing from our usual activities this morning to deliver a special report on an established eHealthmedical alert devices manufacturer in a growing space with massive and undeniable future potential. WHSI is exactly the type of high-upside OTC company we are always on the lookout for, and we believe it's well worth a moment of our readers' consideration.

As we just mentioned, and as the company name suggests, WHSI produces wearable monitoring devices for older people and the infirm. This device, called the iHelp Max is packed with current generation technologies that put the health monitoring devices of old to shame, including, but not limited to, WiFi and 4G connectivity, and Bluetooth integration with peripheral medical devices. This means a patient's exact location, as well as vital stats from blood pressure to oxygen levels and more, can be monitored off-site by their healthcare professional. All of that data is then stored in the cloud for later use, making WHSI's iHelp Max a complete package.

According to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services' ACL, Senior Citizens are among the fastest-growing demographics in the nation. They numbered 54.1M in 2019, up 36.6% from 2009. That's 17% of all Americans at present, and the elderly population is expected to grow at an increasing rate well into the foreseeable future 80M by 2040, 94M by 2060.

That means the market for WHSI's remote patient monitoring products aimed at this rapidly expanding demographic is getting larger by the day. Only a small percentage of seniors live under institutional care, so the real world need for remote monitoring is perhaps even greater than it appears on paper.

That's why we feel a company in this particular space has untold potential, and were very excited to be able to share it with our readers today, and going forward. This global distributor of medical alert solutions is on a path to rapid growth, and has plans for uplisting to the OTCQB in the future. We definitely want a front row seat as its story continues to unfold.

WHSI in the MediaNews

it would be teaming up with Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, a weekly half-hour show where executives share insights on their businesses and the sectors in which they operate, to produce 3rd party promoad content and an interview for the company.

Due to the COVID pandemic there were production delays, but after a long wait, the content began airing over the weekend, which should give WHSI some excellent international exposure. The videos, including the interview with world-famous Kathy Ireland, can be found on the Worldwide Business website at . You can also use this . This content will also run to a potential audience of over 300 million households worldwide on both cable and streaming platforms.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA ACCESSWIRE September 12, 2022 Wearable Health Solutions Inc. OTC PINKWHSI Wearable Health Solutions or the Company, today announced that We were thrilled to be featured on World Wide Business with Kathy Ireland and look forward to the response and exposure to thousands of potential customers around the globe. Marc Cayle, VP of Innovation and Development continued, The experience was fantastic and allows us to reach a global audience with real-world examples of how the iHelp Max can give the user as well as their circle of care piece of mind that they deserve.

WHSI Chart

Not only does the company itself have substance, but we're looking at a solid foundation on the stock side of things as well. WHSI has been trading at or well above a penny for the vast majority of 2022, and even ran to twice its current levels back in the early spring. The breakout potential is certainly there, and the chances of a serious backslide appear to be quite slim. All in all, WHSI has the look of a stock that we are definitely going to want to keep a much closer eye on in the weeks and months ahead.

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