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May 21, 2021
Rafina Innovations Inc.
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Rafina Innovations Inc.

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VICA Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "OTC Tip Reporter" promoting Rafina Innovations Inc.


The following newsletter has not been verified for accuracy or completeness.

ATTENTION My 1 Pharma Stock Poised For Repeat Bounce Higher

Dear Fellow Trader,

Coming off our latest big winner ANVS which ran from my premarket alert this morning at approx. $35.00, it rocketed to a staggering high of $97.97 today running up 179.91%, we couldn't be more excited to keep the momentum going into our newest announcement.

Immediately turn your attention to Rafina Innovations Inc. VICA

This is my next stock ready to move in a big way, here's why...

With the kind of unprecedented short term gains this stock has been experiencing this year, Monday's pick could be one of my top alerts of 2021

With this alert, I am steering away from some current mainstream topics like clean energy and instead focusing on the medicalpharma industry.

Last year's events that have obviously affected this year too, has shown the world just how important medical care is and especially PPE equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment is typically called PPE. This is the equipment that protects workers from bacteria and viruses.

According to Grand View Research, the global PPE market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% from 2020 to 2028 to reach USD 112.07 billion by 2028

This company has recently dived into this big arena with a very recent news announcement that Wall Street may still be absorbing.

With a 52-week high of nearly $.40 cents, this alert could be ready for major upside ahead, especially with a history of enormous breakouts

A tiny trading float and exciting endeavors in the massive medical space, makes Rafina Innovations Inc. VICA one to put on your immediate radar right now

Issuing Explosive New Breakout Pharma Bounce Alert, with 381% in Upside

Potential This Stock Could Quickly Breakout on Monday

Huge Bounce Setup For VICA

Just like our most recent low float pharma breakout alert from this morning ANVS which had approx. 4M share float according to yahoo finance, our latest trade idea VICA also has a razor thin float of approx. 4M, and triple-digit gain potential.

VICA Has Rallied 1,700% This Year At the Stock's High and With STRONG BUY Ratings and a Low Float, a Bigger Breakout Could be Imminent

VICA is a fast-growing company with the initial purpose, to revolutionize diabetic foot care through the development of innovative and accessible monitoring technologies and the set-up of dedicated rehabilitation centers.

A Thin Trading Float Could Lead to Another Major Breakout

According to Yahoo Finance, VICA has a small trading float of approx. 4M shares, with such a limited supply, the slightest increase in demand could potentially send shares of VICA breaking out like my previous low float stocks I've profiled.

These kind of stocks are prone to having increased volatility. It may explain why VICA shares have seen dramatic price jumps in just days.

Let's take a look at some of these jumps...

VICA Share Prices Have Seen Monstrous Moves in the Short Term

Earlier this month shares of VICA were as low as $.09 cents, then it hit as high as $0.22 on Tuesday

This represented a gain of over 144% this month

An even bigger move happened in April when VICA shares moved from as low as $0.1356 on 41 to as high as $0.396 on 49 for a gain of 192% in less than 10 days

If you think this is impressive, we could be in for an even BIGGER move...

Investing.com Technical Opinion Rating Issued

VICA Bullish Strong BUY Rating

Their technical indicators triggered VICA a Strong Buy, and with a thin float and such BULLISH analysis, there could be more potential action ahead for the stock.

Especially given the company's recent developments...

VICA Recent Acquisition of C-PHARM

VICA recently announced the 100% acquisition of C-PHARM Ltd, an established wholesale licensed pharmaceutical company that trades products in the Euro-Asia territories.

C-PHARM holds a wholesale license for medicinal products for human use.

The scope of the license includes the import and export of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API. This license also allows to trade pharmaceutical products to wholesalers and manufacturers all over the world and to support with medical consumables Cruise Ships and merchant vessels.

C-PHARM has undertaken exclusivities on behalf of pharmaceutical companies that produce medicines in Greece on the finding, control, technical chemical testing, purchase, transport, and delivery of API products.

Imports are made with strict transport and storage protocol procedures, accompanied with data loggers for monitoring conditions of assets during transportation.

VICA plans to introduce additional funding to the C-PHARM subsidiary to expand operations and win larger contracts within the region, while simultaneously increasing purchasing power to reduce the purchase costs from manufacturers by 10-20%.

Current C-PHARM clients are purely providing Pharmaceutical products in the Greek territories and Rafina plans to expand those opportunities outside of Greece in the near future.

More information on C-PHARM can be found at

VICA Enters the Colossal Personal Protection

Equipment PPE Market

VICA has entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with OPTEC International, a developer of UV and UV-C safety products using related advanced technologies specific to Personal Protection Equipment PPE, and supplier of wholesale Medical PPE for Cyprus.

OPTEC International CEO, Roger Pawson, stated We are very happy to have Rafina as an exclusive distributor for the Cyprus territory to expand our product lines to this medicalpharmaceutical region and particularly in the Ocean-Going Vessel Shipping sectors. We look forward to further expanding our cooperation with Rafina in this region.

VICA has an exclusive right to distribute all OPTEC product lines

VICA Making a Difference in People's Lives

VICA is acting as a development capital investment opportunity in the high growth high margin prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation, and diabetes markets.

The global diabetes drugs market size was valued at USD 48,753.1MIL in 2018, is projected to reach USD 78,261.7MIL by the end of 2026

The company benefits from a market leading footing from which to expand and seeks to invest in a synergistic business model of Rafina Innovations Clinics and new technology development, with an out-licensing model.

VICA has a strong pipeline of near-market to research-stage technologies, developed by a team that includes world-renowned experts in their field, each committed to the company on an on-going basis.

The Rafina Innovations Clinics can be early adopters of the technologies and provide the springboard for further innovation, as well as opportunities for lower-cost clinical trials. This synergistic model will allow the company to sustain high margins and accelerate revenue growth as both the number of clinics and products grow.

The Bottom Line

VICA is no stranger to incredibly big gains in the short term...

The stock has seen an astronomical move of 1,700% this year alone from its low in January to its high last month.

With a thinly traded float, exciting recent news in the medical arena, VICA shares could be ready for more potential upside ahead.

Investing.com currently has a STRONG BUY outlook on the stock

The stock's 52-week high of almost $.40 cents represents upside potential of 381% right now

I am urging all of our members to add VICA to the top of their watch list right now, and be ready Monday morning at the opening bell


Editor In Chief, OTCtipReporter Team

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