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VGLS Promotional Newsletter

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Breakout Alert VGLS Rockets Up 59.82% From Previous Close...
VGLS Hits $.0187 Running Up 133.75% From Initial Alert on Dec 9th,
at $.008share More Huge Gains What Did I Tell YOU...

Dear PSP Member,

James Connelly Here...

VGLS is breaking out to the upside very fast this morning, we saw a bit of a gap up, trading a high of $.0187share up 59.82% from previous day close, before filling the gap and making its way back down to $.015share... VGLS then rallied back to $.017 representing gains of 13.33% off its low.

Remember, the first time I brought this company to your attention was on Dec 9th, at $.008share... its important to note, VGLS is up 133.75% from my initial alert on Dec. 9, 2020 at $.008

Also, one of my previous picks GTSIF which I alerted you on Feb 18th at $.131 rocketed to an intraday high of $.18 today, providing members with 37.40% gains from my initial alert.


James Connelly
Editor, PennyStockProphet


99 Wall Street
New York New York 10005

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