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2:51 PM
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May 26, 2021
Umax Group Corp
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"OTC Tip Reporter"
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10 out of 26
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Umax Group Corp

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(as of May 18, 2021)
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(as of December 18, 2020)
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(as of May 18, 2021)
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UMAX Promotional Newsletter

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Thursdays Alert UMAX HUGE Acquisition News
Collaboration with Snoop Dogg

Dear Fellow Trader,

Late Breaking Trade Hits My Desk

Immediately turn your attention to UMAX Group Corp. UMAX

I just discovered an amazing under-the-radar opportunity for you. UMAX just recently released red hot news

Additionally, if UMAX can break through several key resistance levels this stock has a potential upside of 57% based on todays closing price.

1. Pivot Point 1st Resistance Point $.17share
2. Pivot Point 2nd Level Resistance $.20share
3. Pivot Point 3rd Level Resistance $.22share

UMAX Acquisition of Media Company and
Collaboration with Snoop Dogg

LAS VEGAS Access Wire May 19, 2021 - UMAX Group Corp. the Company or UMAX - Pink Sheets Alternative Reporting Pink UMAX UMAX would like to announce the acquisition of a Funny Media Group, LLC Funny Media, a Wyoming limited liability company, which is a Los Angeles based, talent agency and full-scale media production company that specializes in the development of comedy shows and music videos and albums.

Mr. Fletcher stated...Funny Media was developed to produce comedy related content, in front of a live audiences, several times a month. These 30 to 90-minute specials for will be for both up and coming artists and well as established comedians. However, an example of Funny Medias latest production is a music video with Tryf Da Comedian with Snoop Dogg Link to Video produced is below. This video currently has more than 1,200,000 million views on YouTube. This is a good example of the valuable content that is currently being developed by Funny Media.

Tryf Da Comedian Snoop Dogg - Me Gusta Latina
Official Music Video 2021

UMAX acquired Funny Media pursuant to an equity exchange agreement executed on Monday, May 16, 2021 the Agreement. Pursuant to this Agreement, the Company acquired 51.5% of all outstanding equity of Funny Media making it a majority owned subsidiary in exchange for 5,000,000 shares of Series B, Preferred Stock of the Company.

Mr. Fletcher President and CEO of the Company, further states...We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Funny Media, which will become a majority-owned subsidiary of the Company. The Company negotiated the acquisition through the use of our Series B Preferred Stock. This assures that the current common stock shareholders would not experience any immediate dilution of their shares of Common Stock. Additionally, there is contractual rider which states that the Series B Preferred Stock to be issued as part of this acquisition cannot be converted to the Common Stock of the Company for a period of two calendar years or Funny Media has four profitable consecutive quarters, whichever comes first. The purpose of this contractual rider is to insure that the holders of the Series B Preferred Stock from this acquisition cannot convert to common stock, which will dilute ownership of the current shareholders of the Company, until the subsidiary has added significantly to the top line revenue and is cash flow positive.

Mr. Fletcher has an extensive producer and media background. He has owned his own production studio in los Angeles for the past 10 years and has produced several miniseries. Additionally, Mr., Fletcher has worked with networks such as Fox, Food Network and CNN to produce shows shown on a nationwide scale.

I am urging all of our members to add UMAX to the top of your watch list right now, and be ready Thursday morning at the opening bell


Editor In Chief, OTCtipReporter Team

OTC Tip Reporter

4417 13th St. Saint Cloud, FL 34769

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