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March 28, 2021
Umax Group Corp
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Umax Group Corp

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A surge in home-buying demand and limited inventory for existing homes is spurring construction to help fill the gap.

Home builders attribute their robust sales to low interest rates, a shortage of existing homes for sale and consumer willingness to move farther from city centers in exchange for more space.

New single-family-home sales rose 13.9% in July from June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 901,000, the highest level since December 2006, according to the Commerce Department. Single-family housing starts, a measure of U.S. home building, rose 8.2% in July from June to the highest seasonally adjusted annual rate since February.

This bullish housing outlook pairs well with our latest trade idea .

This low-float alert is a past 315% winner, and once again appears to be back in the buy-zone and ready to breakout big.

The Bullish Case For UMAX

Is operating in a red hot housing sector
Has just completed a major
CEO anticipates strong revenue growth in 2021
Has an extremely thin float of just 9.75M

This is an exciting time for UMAX, as stated in their , UMAX's CEO anticipates revenues to increase sevenfold in 2021.

In addition to that, the Company just announced

About the Company

UMAX Group Corp. is a Nevada corporation, is a public traded company under the ticker symbol UMAX. Currently, UMAX has two wholly owned operational subsidiaries, Home Foam Corporation Nevada Corporation and Mazuma Transportation Company Nevada Corporation. Home Foam which specializes in architectural foam EPS design products. This includes columns, caps, bases, medallions, railings, balconies, balustrades, shutters, window trims and sills, crown moldings and interior exterior moldings. Additionally, they provide ornamental foam pop-outs such as window treatments for outside of new homes for stucco subcontractors and plaster companies. Additionally, Home Foam cuts foam for packaging inserts for shipping companies as well as geo-foam for highway and road development. The company also manufactures shutters for some of the largest regional home building companies for newly constructed residential homes. The company currently operates a 12,500 square foot warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The warehouse provides services for over 50 customer and currently has 13 full-time employees. Home Foam has plans to participate in the home building market in the Southwest Unites States during calendar year 2021. The company will eventually develop its own patented building system using EPS Foam products and a patented stucco-based coating. The coating insures higher R-values factors than traditional wood-built residences thus lower energy monthly cost. The company is also continually searching for companies that would expand the footprint in the home building industry for partnerships of acquisition. Mazuma Transportation specializes in the commercial transportation and delivery of cement, dirt, and consumer goods.

UMAX Completes Major Acquisition

UMAX and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Home Foam Corporation, would like to announce the acquisition of a Las Vegas, Nevada based trucking company, Mazuma Transportation Company.

Mr. Fletcher President and CEO of the Company, statesWe are pleased to announce the acquisition of Mazuma Transportation Company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mazuma Transportation will be the second fully owned and operational subsidiary of UMAX. Similar to the acquisition of Home Foam in November of 2020, we negotiated the acquisition through the use of our Series B Preferred Stock so that the current common stock shareholders would not experience any immediate dilution of their shares of Common Stock. Additionally, similar to the Home Foam acquisition, there is contractual rider which states that the Series B Preferred Stock to be issued as part of this acquisition cannot be converted to the Common Stock of the Company for a period of three calendar years or Mazuma Transportation has four profitable consecutive quarters, whichever comes first. The purpose of this contractual rider is to insure that before the holders of the Series B Preferred Stock from this acquisition can convert to common stock, which will dilute ownership of the current shareholders of the Company, the subsidiary has added significantly to the top line revenue and is cash flow positive thus supporting the financial fundamentals of its parent company, UMAX.

UMAX acquired Mazuma Transportation pursuant to an equity exchange agreement executed on Friday, January 29, 2021. Pursuant to this Agreement, the Company acquired all outstanding equity of Mazuma Transportation making it a wholly owned subsidiary in exchange for 1,000,000 shares of Series B, Preferred Stock of the Company. Mazuma Transportation will have the following twelve 12 vehicles on its balance sheet

Four 2020 Peterbilt Cement Mixer Truck
One 2010 International Day Cab
One 2017 Freightliner Super 10 Dump Truck
One 2008 Peterbilt Cement Mixer Truck
Two 2009 Kenworth Cement Mixer Truck
One 2010 Cement Powder Trailer
One 1999 Freightliner Box Truck
One 2009 International Box Truck

Mr. Fletcher further statedThe Mazuma Transportation acquisition is a great transaction for UMAX in that it adds over $1,300,000 to our balance sheet in hard assets with debt of less than $200,000. This acquisition follows our business plan of acquiring operational business that have both significant assets and revenue, are in an industry that we feel has significant opportunities to generate significant profit on an ongoing basis and has cross uses with other operational subsidiaries that UMAX will eventually acquire. In passing, we plan on the possibility of retrofitting several of our older cement mixer trucks to become dump trucks due to the extreme demand for the dump truck type vehicles.

Mazuma Transportation currently has the two 26's box trucks leased out to a shutter and coating companies in the Las Vegas area. Three of the seven cement mixer trucks are currently leased out to a cement delivery company in the Los Angeles, California area. The four new 2020 cement mixer trucks, the super 10 dump truck, the 2010 International day cab and powder trailer will be leased to a new cement ready mix company estimated to open on or around April 1, 2021 in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The company plans to add trucks as demand requires. The Las Vegas area is currently experiencing a construction boom with Super 10 dump trucks in high demand and Amazon plans on expanding to eight 8 total fulfillment warehouses in Las Vegas, Nevada which will require outside trucking contractors like Mazuma Transportation to assist them in the delivery of consumer goods pursuant to profitable daily drive contracts. Mazuma Transportation plans to fill the needs of both the Las Vegas and Los Angeles Markets as need for commercial trucks continue to grow.

Planned OTCQB Listing

UMAX would like to announce the planned engagement of a PCAOB Auditor to prepare audited financial statements for the Company and a subsequent application for listing on the OTCQB.

Mr. Fletcher President and CEO of the Company, states We would like to announce that UMAX has begun the interview process with intent of signing an engagement letter with a PCAOB qualified auditor during the first several weeks of 2021 in an effort to complete audited financial statements for our last fiscal year ended March 31, 2020. UMAX is completing this significant corporate action with the intent to file for listing on the OTCQB with OTC Markets, Inc. We feel that this financial transparency will fit well with our planned growth through acquisitions in calendar year 2021.

According to OTC Markets, Inc., the following items required for OTCQB eligibility For U.S. Companies 1 Must have audited financial statements prepared by a PCAOB auditor 2 meet minimum bid price test of $0.01 3 not be in bankruptcy 4 have fifty beneficial shareholders, each owning at least 100 shares 5 have a freely traded public float of at least 10% of the total issued and outstanding of that security and 6 have a transfer agent that participates in the Transfer Agent Verified Share Program.

Mr. Fletcher President and CEO of UMAX further statedUpon the completion of the Audited Financial Statements, UMAX will be able to immediately make the application for listing on the OTCQB as we will meet all of the eligibility requirements set out by OTC Markets, Inc. The preparation of audited financial statements will also enable us to eventually move from our current Alternative Reporting Standard to the SEC Reporting Standard with OTC Markets, Inc. We feel this added transparency of being a fully reporting issuer with the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC will be a benefit to the current and future shareholders of UMAX. As such, after the preparation of the audited financial statements, UMAX plans on filing a registration statement under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, in an effort to register our class of common stock with the SEC which will move us to the SEC Reporting Standard. This current corporate action, along with the previously announced cancellation of 500,000,000 shares of common stock to treasury and lowering our authorized common stock from 1,850,000 to 500,000, will improve our efforts to grow UMAX through significant acquisitions. As stated in a previous press release, as we grow the future business of the Company, we want our public shareholders to understand that we have one goal in mind, to maximize shareholder value.

UMAX CEO Delivers End Of Year Update. Provides Bullish Outlook For 2021

With the current client base of Home Foam, it is anticipated that UMAX will generate approximately $2.0M to $6m USD in revenue in calendar year 2021.

Mr. Fletcher President and CEO of the Company, statesThe calendar year 2020 has brought positive changes to the company and laid the foundation for the upcoming year. Since taking control of UMAX during the first quarter of this year I have been focused on taking the necessary actions to get UMAX current with OTC Markets and also taking the necessary actions to make changes in the capital structure necessary to make UMAX attractive to both market investors and potential acquisition targets. These corporate actions culminated with our first acquisition in the fourth quarter of this year with the acquired of Home Foam Corporation in November of 2020.

The changes to its capital structure included reducing the authorized common stock from 1,850,000,000 shares to 500,000 shares amended in the articles of Incorporation and the cancellation of 500,000,000 shares owned by the controlling shareholder. This reduced the issued shares by 89% and should be concluded by the end of January. Once these shares of Common Stock are cancelled, UMAX will trade at a more normalized market capitalization with only 60,472,27 shares of Common Stock outstanding. Both of these corporate actions are pivotal to our acquisition plans for calendar year 2021.

As previously announced and stated above, , a commercial operation which specializes in architectural foam EPS design products. These products include columns, caps, bases, medallions, railings, balconies, balustrades, shutters, window trims and sills, crown moldings and interior exterior moldings. Home Foam also provides ornamental foam pop-outs such as window treatments for outside of new homes for several of the largest stucco subcontractors and plaster companies in Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, Home Foam cuts foam for packaging inserts for shipping companies as well as geo-foam for highway and road development. The company also manufactures shutters for some of the largest regional home building companies for newly constructed residential homes. Home Foam has a basic web site at www.HomeFoamUSA.com which is currently being upgraded to be a full company and consumer facing, ecommerce-based web site.

Home Foam works expanded polystyrene EPS or extruded polystyrene XPS, which is valued for its insulating and cushioning properties. Foam polystyrene can be more than 95 percent air and is widely used to make home and appliance insulation, lightweight protective packaging, surfboards, foodservice and food packaging, automobile parts, roadway, and road bank stabilization systems and more. Currently Home Foam fabricates shapes from polystyrene per specifications of its clients which includes event designs and packaging, as well as foam walls, columns, and crown molding for home builders. Utilizing heat cutting technology we can cut almost any shape and form.

Mr. Fletcher President and CEO of UMAX further statedThe acquisition of Home Foam Corporation was an initial step for UMAX to acquire additional vertical and horizontal basis cash flow positive operations in the home building industry. With the current client base of Home Foam, it is anticipated that we will generate approximately $2.0M to $6m USD in revenue in calendar year 2021. What the most exciting reason we acquired this particular subsidiary is Home Foam is in the final process of completing the closing of several new clients during the first quarter of 2021 that would potentially increase revenue by a multiple of 5 to 7 times our projected current revenue. We anticipate making an announcement with regards to these new clients by the 2nd Quarter of 2021.

Home Foam currently operates a 12,500 square foot warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The current warehouse provides services for over 50 customers and currently has 13 full-time employees. During the first quarter of 2021, it will be moving to a new location which has 23,500 square feet of operational space due to the increased client base and increased work orders we are expecting in calendar year 2021. This location is brand new and currently being built out to Home Foam's specifications.

Homebuilding Industry Preparing For A Strong Post-Virus Upswing Opportunities And New Strategies

The U.S. housing market is witnessing an impressive comeback on major data points post COVID-19-led shutdowns, with home sales rising at a record pace, defying low inventory levels and broad-based economic and public health risks. The fundamentals of this rate-sensitive market, which accounts for almost 3% of the economy, remain favorable given the Feds dovish monetary stance and lower mortgage rates. Additionally, the need to rebuild inventories is expected to drive the U.S. housing aggressively.

Apart from low borrowing costs, the changing geography of housing demand has been supporting builder confidence. Demand for new homes is improving in lower density markets, including small metro areas, rural markets and large metro exurbs, as people seek larger homes to work from home during the pandemic. Furthermore, homebuilders have also been controlling construction costs by designing homes efficiently and obtaining construction materials and labor at competitive prices. Homebuilders are following a dynamic pricing model, which enables it to set price according to the latest market conditions. Meanwhile, industry biggies have been acquiring other homebuilding companies in desirable markets, resulting in improved volumes, revenues and profitability. Again, the companies are focused on growing demand for entry-level homes, addressing the need for lower-priced homes, given the affordability concerns prevailing in the U.S. housing market.

However, the COVID-19 outbreak and response to the health crisis in various countries are likely to have a lingering impact on the supply chain in the near term, which may impact builders ability to deliver in time. Precisely, rising material costs are quite a challenge. According to an Associated Builders and Contractors' analysis of information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there may be anecdotal shortages of some inputs as the global supply chain buckles under the coronavirus outbreak. Materials prices are likely to rise on supply chain issues and elevated trade tensions. These rapid increases in prices might have major implications on the industry. Again, shortage of skilled labor continues to be a pressing concern. Homebuilders remain cautiously optimistic about the industrys prospects owing to rising land and labor costs. Meanwhile, softness in home purchases in the high-end housing market segment, in response to affordability challenges and general market uncertainty, is a cause of concern.

Unlike in the 2006-2009 downturn, which was driven by an overbuilt housing market, we went into the current recession with a shortage of new homes. New home construction was running 25% below demand prior to this crisis, which means that there is little if any danger of creating an excess housing supply or sharply declining new home prices this time around.

The Bottom Line

New home sales are surging. That's according to a survey conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting that revealed sales of newly built homes jumped 55% year over year in June. It represents the largest annual gain since the housing crash at the height of the more than a decade ago.

One of the best ways to capitalize on this new housing boom is to invest in homebuilding stocks like UMAX.

This could easily be our next trade idea to double in price, so we suggest you start your research now, and add it to the top of your watchlist immediately.

Remember to use a to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.

Best regards,

The BullishCharts Team

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