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UMAX Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Penny Stock Prophet" promoting Umax Group Corp


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Dear PSP Member,

James Connelly Here...

Immediately turn your attention to UMAX Group Corp. UMAX

UMAX is breaking out to the upside very fast this morning, running up 45%
from previous close hitting an intraday high of $.45share.

Pull up UMAX and look at the 424% Multi-day run from 1216 to 1222, when it hit a high of $.996share.

UMAX could be at the beginning stage of another Massive Run back to its 52-week high.

UMAX's RSI Relative Strength Index is hovering just around 50 and could be indicating that a Bigger Breakout is Imminent.

If UMAXs RSI crosses over the 60 or 70 Level Like it did in Dec there is No-Telling what could happen. We could be witnessing another double or even a triple.

UMAX Chart Looks To Be On The Verge Full-On BREAKOUT,
Signaling A Bullish Golden Cross

Now if that doesn't excite you, maybe the fact that UMAX chart looks to be on the verge of a Full-on BREAKOUT, signaling a bullish golden cross.

Look at the chart below, you will see the 50 Day MA blue line moves up through the 200 day MA red line - See Below

If you haven't taken a look at this stock yet, this is your chance. Make sure you have UMAX pulled up on your trading screen.


James Connelly
Editor, PennyStockProphet

99 Wall Street
New York New York 10005

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