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SSRSF Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks" promoting Silver Sands Resources Corp.


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Silver Sands Resources Corp. OTCMKTSSSRSF CSESAND

We are very pleased to present this special report on Silver Sands Resources this morning, and take a moment to draw attention to a highly leveraged silver play at an extremely opportune moment in time. Precious metals have been popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many experts have agreed that silver is in line to outperform gold in 2021.

Additionally, there is another huge government stimulus package on the way. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that infusion of cash into the economy will contribute to further inflation, which in turn raises the attractiveness of precious metals in the eyes of safe haven investors. The timing here to look at a company like Silver Sands couldn't get much better, a belief that is almost certainly held by the company's largest investor, well-known mining stock maven, Eric Sprott.

We would describe SSRSF as something of a pure silver play, as most mining operations cast a wide net with multiple target ores, while Silver Sands is sitting on pure silver deposits at its Virginia Silver Project, located in Santa Cruz province, Argentina. It is highly leveraged toward silver which figures to be the star of the show in the precious metals arena for the foreseeable future.

According to estimates yielded by its completed Phase I drilling program at the site, the company is sitting on upwards of 15 million inferred ounces, with its ambitious Phase II program seeking to increase that potential. The commencement of Phase II was just announced at the beginning of the month less than three weeks ago. This next phase of exploration into its silver-rich property is already fully funded, so there will be no finance-related delays to the program.

Also conveyed in the same release was a key step for the stock itself, as SSRSF stock attained DTC eligibility. which increases liquidity potential by making the clearing process as seamless as possible. Adding to that effect is the company's incredibly tight share structure, with just under 56M shares outstanding and roughly 16.5M in the float. That gives SSRSF the ability, like the projections for silver itself in 2021, the ability to rise significantly with relatively little buying pressure. We're always interested in stocks that could be sent flying on a puff of air, and the potential for that in this case is considerable.

That's why SSRSF has surged to the top of our list of interests in this unique present climate. It represents an opportunity for OTC investors to have their hands in a highly leveraged silver play with loads of upside potential in 2021 and beyond

SSRSF Fresh News

This morning, the company has released an incredibly detailed report, complete with maps and hard data, on the status of its drilling program mentioned above, so we would highly recommend interested parties click through the View Full PR link below to absorb the entire report.

VANCOUVER, BC, February 23, 2021 --- Silver Sands Resources Corp. OTCMKTS SSRSFCSE SAND is pleased to announce the remaining results from the Phase I Drilling Program completed in December 2020. The drilling program exceeded managements expectations as it has extended known mineralization along strike at Julia South, Martina SE and Ely Central added new zones of mineralization along known vein structures and identified new zones of mineralization within previously untested veins. The results from Phase I drilling support managements belief that the global silver resource of the Virginia vein field can be increased significantly ...

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011321 - Owners of this company received $25000USD from Silver Sands Resources Corp. for a Ten-Week Investor Awareness Campaign on SSRSF which will remain active until 032421.

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