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April 27, 2022
SPYR, Inc.
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SPYR, Inc.

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SPYR Inc. OTCQB , dba SPYR Technologies, is a technology company which, through its Applied Magix Inc. subsidiary, develops and resells Apple-ecosystem-compatible products with an emphasis on the growing, multibillion-dollar Internet of Things IoT Smart Home and Connected Car markets.

SPYR continues to identify and target acquisitions with an aim of growing its footprint in the industry and expanding the products it offers consumers, including companies developing artificial intelligence and smart-technology products. In 2020, SPYR acquired Applied Magix Inc., a registered Apple developer and reseller of Apple ecosystem compatible products with an emphasis on the smart home market, as a wholly owned subsidiary. Applied Magix Inc. operates in the IoT market and, more specifically, the segment of the market related to the development, manufacture and sale of devices and accessories specifically built on Apples HomeKit framework. These products work within the Apple HomeKit ecosystem and are exclusive to the Apple market and its consumers.

Initially, while working to develop, manufacture and sell its own line of branded products, Applied Magix Inc. will be sourcing HomeKit products and accessories from worldwide manufacturers, vetting and selecting best-of-breed products, selling them directly to consumers and supporting them. The company focuses on Apple consumers a target market with higher disposable income and a demonstrated willingness to pay a premium for quality products. On average, Apple product users spend roughly twice as much on technology as other smartphone users. Those who purchase smart home products spend more than $3,000 on average.

By creating smart hardware and software solutions exclusively for Apple consumers, SPYR addresses a problem faced by that market having few smart devices that integrate with Apples HomeKit, despite being the most affluent and loyal consumers of tech products.


The companys Applied Magix Inc. subsidiary offers multiple product lines to its target markets. First, the subsidiary is a reseller of third-party manufactured Apple HomeKit and Apple CarPlay compatible products. HomeKit comes pre-installed on every new iPhone, while the CarPlay platform is licensed by all major auto manufacturers. Applied Magix Inc. identifies white label products, applies the companys branding, improves the software and sells these improved products to consumers. Finally, Applied Magix Inc. is developing its own proprietary line of smart home and connected car products, including Apple-compatible home cameras, sensors and alarms, as well as additional Apple-compatible smart car products in the iOS ecosystem.

Among the subsidiarys products sold to consumers are

The MagixDrive Wireless CarPlay adapter, which allows users to access CarPlay wirelessly using their iPhones
The HomeKit Secure Video Camera with iCloud Storage
The Multipurpose Sensor with Alarm
The Environment and Motion Sensor
The Window and Door Contact Sensor

Investment Considerations

Applied Magix Inc. is currently shipping five products to customers.
The company plans to add new products to its offerings in 2022.
Applied Magix Inc. is positioned to take advantage of unmet demand for Apple-compatible smart home and connected car products.
The global smart home market is forecast to hit more than $187 billion in revenue by 2025, marking a CAGR of 15.75 percent from 2021.
The company operates in rapidly growing markets.
Both SPYR and its Applied Magix Inc. subsidiary have experienced management teams in place.

Recent Coverage

InvestorNewsBreaks - SPYR Inc. SPYR Evaluates Potential for Expanding Worldwide Distribution Network

April 26, 2022 930 AM

SPYR OTCQB SPYR, dba SPYR Technologies, a technology company, is looking at increasing its reach. The company, along with its subsidiary, Applied Magix Inc., which develops and resells AppleR ecosystem-compatible products in the multibillion-dollar smart-home and connected-car markets, is considering expanding to more continents. Company representatives have noted that markets exist that should be considered for future expansion as the company looks toward the future with an eye to gaining a worldwide footprint. Were excited over the prospect of expanding our products to new lands we believe it would mark the beginning for Applied Magix to become a worldwide known company inside the tech world, said Applied Magix CEO Dr. Harald Zink. Following on the heels of our Hong Kong representative office, we are investigating similar footprints in central Europe, Mexico and Thailand, respectively.

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