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Recent Expansion And Financing Could Prove To Be Major Catalysts
And Send Shares Of This Tiny Company SurgingBut You Need To Hurry.
Youll See Exactly What I Mean As You Read This Report.

They Just Triggered 11 out of 13 BUY SIGNALS...

This Company Has A Documented Track Record Of Making
Big Runs Like 548%, 928% And 1,150%

Dear PSP Member,

James Connelly Here...

Immediately turn your attention to SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF

This is not the first time that I have initiated coverage on SPONF, but this could be your last chance to pull it up before it's next potential 928.57% run.

Our members have seen massive success with SPONF

You see, back in December when we alerted SPONF at around $.007, we continued coverage and periodically sent out updates on the company as it sailed all the way up to $.07 for massive gains of 928%.

A 928.57% Move is Like Turning $2,000 Into Over $18,500 In
A Little Over 3 Months Not A Bad Run, Right

Some of our members have nailed Massive Gains on SPONF on multiple occasions Will you be the next one

On February 12th, we alerted our members that our research pointed to a potential short squeeze situation in SPONF. We sent out emails and texts on Feb 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th--urging our members to pull up SPONF and to start their research.

Then on February 16th, SPONF opened at $.017 and traders swarmed in gobbling up as many shares as they could. The frenzy continued for a few days.

By Friday, February 19th, SPONF had reached $.11 showing our members another 547.06% gain.

Today, I am announcing that once again, we are initiating full coverage on SPONF
and insisting that you pull up their symbol and immediately start your research.

You need to have SPONF pulled up first thing Monday morning.

Keep reading to see why we are so excited about this stocks heart pounding potential for your portfolio. Do not miss out on this one.

A talent stacked company led by President CEO Myles Bartholomew, SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF is a company that utilizes its proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding, and operational funding capital, giving it a competitive first-mover advantage in rapidly selling proprietary brands focused in the Alcohol, Functional Beverage and Hemp Sectors.

With a slew of recently signed deals, it seems that SPONF has been making major progress in the build out of their national distribution network...

But one such deal must have slipped right passed Wall Street, but not us.

Wall Street May Have Missed This Your Benefit

Our Research Has Uncovered A Financing Deal That Seemed To Go Unnoticed Last Week, But Could Be An Indication That Some Savvy Investors Are Anticipating A Massive Move To The Upside For SPONF

You see, on March 31st SPONF closed a Private Placement finance offering at prices a bit higher than this weeks trading range with warrants that entitle the holder to acquire 1 common share of the company at $.10 within the next 2 years.

Lets break that down, this means that the holder of the warrant is entitled to buy shares of SponsorsOne for $.10 cents within the next 2 years.

Even if SPONF ran up to $2.00 within the next 18 months--these warrant holders would be entitled to buy shares at $.10.

This Could Be A Clear Indication That The Smart Money Believes
That Shares Of SPONF Are About To Go Much Much Higher...

SPONF was recently trading at less than $.04 So why would these savvy investors buy warrants that would entitle them to acquire shares at $.10

Maybe these investors know something And now you know

Could SPONF be getting ready to make another massive Breakout Run to the upside

SPONF has a history of making big runs like 548%, 928% and 1,150%.

Do you think it could be an indication that shares of SPONF are about to start moving upward

You have to keep in mind that this type of Private Placements is a sale of shares to pre-selected investors and institutions rather than on the open market. It is an alternative to an initial public offering IPO for a company seeking to raise capital for expansion.

Private Placements are only offered to Accredited Investors. These investors are entitled to this privileged access by satisfying at least one requirement regarding their income, net worth, asset size, governance status, or professional experience...in other words, Savvy Investors.

Why would these Accredited Investors be lining up to buy shares of SPONF at $.10 in the future, when they could buy them today at .035

You will see exactly why once you start digging in and take a closer look at whats going on at SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF.

SponsorsOne has been very busy with their retail distribution and e-commerce growth plans.

Recent Announcement from April 6thSpon

SpsorsOne Chosen by One of Largest Wine Distribution
Networks in California to Distribute Doc Wylder's

SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF a company that utilizes its proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding, and operational funding capital, giving it a competitive first-mover advantage in rapidly selling proprietary brands focused in the Alcohol, Functional Beverage and Hemp Sectors, announced today it has entered into a statewide distribution agreement for Doc Wylders for the state of California with Classic Wines of California.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said This distribution agreement with Classic Wines gives us an immediate large-scale reach in the State of California as we build out our national distribution network. California will be a significant market for Doc Wylder's and all our spirit brands.

Classic Wines of California was formed in 1973 and is a Wine producer with a large-scale distribution network in California. Their distribution network of tens of thousands of retail outlets brings Doc Wylder's to Grocery, Big Box, Neighborhood and Convenience Stores as well as Restaurants across the State of California.

We are extremely bullish on Doc Wylder's product and think you have a winner, stated Damon Franzia, California General Sales Manager for Classic Wines of California.

Doc Wylder's will be hitting their warehouse Mid-April and going to retail shelves starting May 1st, 2021, just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Adding Classic Wines to distribute in California adds to the previously announced states where distribution agreements are in place including, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. The Company continues to grow its distribution network in the USA and is in discussions with potential representatives for Canada.

SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF Kicked Off 2021 with a BANG

With two Major Announcements in regarding their entrance into the DTC Sales Channel for Distilled Spirits through their Recent Acquisition of Premier Beverage Consortium and their initial Portfolio of Products as they forge their way into the $25.34BIL Premium Distilled Spirits market.

As you continue reading this report, youll soon discover how SPONF has been aggressively executing on their E-Commerce and Retail Distribution growth plans set forth from the beginning of 2021.

SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF has been busy making very strategic distribution plans Aside from the E-Commerce Space

What you need to realize here, is that SPONF Acquired Premier Beverage Consortium late last year, and that Premier Beverage Consortium already lists TWO Major Grocery Chains as their Clients

...And just so You can see why this is such a Big Deal.

Albertsons has 2,252 stores as of the first quarter of fiscal year 2021, and Safeway has over 1,300 stores across the US.

SponsorsOne has taken huge steps forward recently, placing the Company in an excellent position for rapid growth, all of which indicate the Company's Huge Growth potential

You see, according to a report produced by Mordor Intelligence the Craft Spirits Market is projected to grow, at a compounded annual growth rate of 18.87% up until at least 2025.

Grand View Research says that the global Craft Spirits Market size is expected to reach USD $80.43BIL by 2025.

SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF just positioned themselves right in front of an Industry with Tremendous Upside Potential with their recent announcement to develop a portfolio of premium distilled spirits including Bourbon, Vodka, Gin and Whiskey.

The Whisky Bourbon Market by Itself is Forecasted
to Reach $20.75BIL by 2025.

The Global Vodka Market is Forecasted
to Reach Over $54BIL by 2024.

Can we see SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF make a Quick and Massive Run back to their 52-Week High and Deliver Potential Gains of 174% or Even More

Big Brands are Starting to Acquire Craft Distillers
And Direct-To-Consumer Startups

Could The Increased Consolidation of Craft Distillers
Make SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF a Potential Takeover Target

Last year, market behemoth Diageo agreed to Acquire Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin for over $610MIL.

Multiple Breakout Catalysts Signaling
SPONF Breakout Gain Potential

SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF has been making tremendous progress, and has been accomplishing one major milestone after another, with accomplishments like their recent big news.

March 16, 2021

SponsorsOne's Doc Wylder's Infused Lemonades Now Available Online -
Direct to Consumer from Retailer, Great American Craft Spirits

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said The response from retailers and distributors for Doc Wylder's, so we have decided to quickly focus on making Doc Wylder's product line available in the direct to consumers retail distribution market now, sooner rather than later, to take advantage of this growing momentum. Their feedback on the branding and the quality of the product makes this a universal brand appealing to all genders in the Ready to Drink spirits market, summer is coming, and we are hoping Doc Wylder's will be offered on every patio in North America.

Great America Craft Spirits features brands that are craft in origin and have been offering these Brands directly to consumers for over three years now. With an online customer base of 52,000, Great American Craft Spirits have a long track record.

March 8, 2021

SponsorsOne Adds An Exclusive 8 Year And 10 Year Aged
Bourbons To Its Proprietary Smithville Product Line

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said It truly was being at the right place at the right time Working with our distiller, it was quite a surprise when he unveiled an 8- and 10-year Bourbon waiting to go to market. Sitting on this until the right moment, the right Brand, and the right way to bring this to market align. Our strategy around the Smithville branding got them very excited, and we secured this product exclusively. We plan to offer the premium Bourbon first to direct to consumer before we release it to distribution.

March 1, 2021

SponsorsOne Secures Initial Retail Orders for Doc Wylders
Eastern USA Distribution Network Begins to Grow

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said The initial response from retailers and distributors for Doc Wylder's has been very strong. The product is uniquely positioned in the Ready to Drink market, and the branding is equally attractive to male and female buyers. These orders represent the start of the summer selling season and will be on the shelves of liquor and grocery stores in April.

February 23, 2021

SponsorsOne Provides A Sneak Peek
At Our Unique Riverview Gin

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said Our Texas Riverview Gin is a medium for creative expression in spirits. Each is unique, and sometimes, one shines as an original. When we explored the edges of this imaginative category, we realized we needed to make a Gin using the most authentic ingredients to express our love for this spirit.

Gin has been one of the fastest-growing categories in the global spirits industry over the last few years. Premium and super-premium gins have been especially popular segments, which is why several large companies such as Bacardi, Davide Campari-Milano, and Pernod Ricard introduced their exclusive lines of high-end gins. The gin market in the United States is forecast to reach $3.04B USD.

February 16, 2021

SponsorsOne - Launches in Market Bloomberg Says, Is Set To Skyrocket
Direct To Consumer Spirits Market Projected To Be $24BIL By 2026

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said In a recent press release a little over a month ago, we said that the Company had planned to open our direct to consumer DTC sales channel, and now we are entering the $24BIL DTC Spirits Market. Prohibition-era regulations stifled liquor e-commerce in the U.S. for decades, and the pandemic lockdowns sparked demand almost overnight. The DTC Spirits market share is now estimated at 5% of the $120BIL market in the USA and expected to grow to 20% by 20261, and we are set up to lead this growth with high-quality products that consumers can buy online.

On Feb. 2 upstart, Drizly Inc. agreed to sell itself to Uber Technologies Inc.-the ride-hailing company that's ventured into food delivery- for $1.1BIL, signaling the explosive growth potential of the DTC market. Delivery is one of the value-add components in the DTC supply chain. Still, the bulk of the margin is in producing high-quality distilled alcohol products like Doc Wylder's, Smithville, 4 Corners, and Riverview.

Under the agreement with Speakeasy Co., we will maintain the Brand website, and Speakeasy Co. maintains the shopping cart for the online purchase. Speakeasy Co. will maintain the warehouse of inventory, which upon purchase, triggers the shipment direct to the customer. Speakeasy Co. adds efficiency by bringing all the regulatory tiers together, making this a seamless consumer experience.

Speakeasy was the infrastructure for Telsa's Tequila2 brand, which launched direct to consumer in November of 2020.

Restaurant and bar closures due to the pandemic have been hurting food sales but not liquor

Higher sales at stores and e-commerce have been keeping spirits high for the liquor companies.

More and More States have been changing their laws to allow Alcohol Delivery. Even states like Alabama just passed a bill to allow home delivery of alcohol.

Lets Look at Some Key Highlights and Potential
Catalysts for SponsorsOne Inc. SPONF

Strong Management Team

Myles Bartholomew, President CEO A talent stacked team led by Founder, President CEO Myles Bartholomew has been at the helm since the companys founding in 2013. Handpicked the Senior Leadership at SponsorsOne Inc. dubbed the Dream Team

Mr. Kevin Swadish, the Former COO Of Skyy Vodka, is to oversee Product Sales Distribution Mr. Ricardo Camargo, the Company's Chief Branding Officer, will oversee Brand Development And Marketing -former clients including Adidas, Oakley, Nike, Skullcandy, Timberland, Pepsi, Boost Mobile, Fossil, Crocs, W Hotels, TaylorMade, and Logitech and Mr. Ron Miranda, who will oversee Product Design, Development and Production, Developed National Private Label Brands For Trader Joes, Safeway And All Their Subsidiaries.

Mr. Kevin Swadish who has a long and successful track record, leads S1 Brands Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SponsorsOne responsible for product creation, sales and distribution. Under Mr. Swadish's leadership subsidiaries will be formed for each major Brand category. In the case of Premier Beverage Consortium LLC PBC, this Company was acquired under S1 Brands and Mr. Swadish's leadership. Our craft alcohol brand development will happen all within PBC.

Mr. Ricardo Carmargo will lead the brand development and marketing team at SponsorsOne Media Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SponsorsOne. Mr. Camargo is a nationally recognized leader in Brand creation and building, content generation and influencer marketing.

Mr. Ron Miranda is the founder of Premier Beverage Consortium and now leads the product development and production for craft alcohol within PBC. Mr. Miranda has deep experience in building and launching private label brands for Safeway, Trader Joe's and Restaurant Depot.

The Barchart Technical Opinion Rating SPONF
Triggered STRONG 11 out of 13 Potential BUY SIGNALS

Its important to remember that after my December, January and February alerts on SPONF we have seen potential gains of 548%, 928% and 1,150%.

A 928.57% move is like turning $2,000 into over $18,500 in a little over 3 months...

All of my long-time and loyal readers have seen us uncover some huge gainers over the years and recently with massive gains on SPONF, so they know first hand how fast this stock can move.

If you are a new reader, Id like to personally Welcome You and to get you started in the right direction, Im urging you to pull up SPONF and start your research ASAP.

In fact, Im urging all of my members to start your research now and have SPONF pulled up on your screen first thing Monday morning.

You do not want to miss out on SPONF.


James Connelly
Editor, PennyStockProphet

99 Wall Street
New York New York 10005

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