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Stella Diagnostics, Inc. OTC SLDX


Stella Diagnostics OTC SLDX is a molecular diagnostics based company, focuses on enhancing patient management strategies for people living with severe esophageal diseases. Its clinical assays offer physicians insight into the molecular properties of patients' tissue to determine if the disease is stable, progressing, or turning cancerous. The company is also developing diagnostic tools that provides molecular information for providers as compared to the screening protocols.

We told you about it at $0.40. I pounded the table at $0.80. After SLDX presented in front of the American Gastroenterologists and Endoscopic Surgeons Annual Meeting March 16 -19 the stock ran to $1.10 and continued up over $1.40. Then the market tanked and some selling came in. Now, SLDX is at $0.30 with a very tight float less than 500,000 shares. Research agreements with the Mayo Clinic and the University of Kansas, plus, SLDX will be presenting at more industry conferences with more rich doctors. Buy them when they're down . Right now there are very few shares in the market and the stock could run hard.

Esophageal cancer is currently the fastest rising, deadliest cancer in the U.S. There are 60 million people living with severe esophageal disease. SLDX plans to use targeted mass spectrometry proteomics, so physicians know the expression patterns playing a role in the pathogenesis of GERD, Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer early in the treatment plan may extend or save lives.

What that means in non-medical terms, is that SLDX needs one tiny slice of a biopsy a doctor takes from a patient's esophagus and they can tell if that patient will suffer from esophageal cancer 2.4 years earlier than the current diagnostic protocols.

SLDX signed a this time last year. SLDX also has a research agreement with Kansas University Medical Center, to assess the specificity, sensitivity, predictability and clinical utility of the BEsmart Test.

This is a no-brainer. This is easy for a physician to use and it doesn't impose on the work they do in their own lab. Just one little tiny piece of tissue from the biopsy is all SLDX needs.

The stock is tight here, and trades with a spread. Maybe you can buy it if you bid for it. How you trade it is up to you, but this company could save a lot of lives by detecting esophageal cancer before it even starts.

One other thing, check out SLDX's board. That guy, Peter Cohen He's the ex-CEO and Chairman of Shearson Lehman - American Express. This Board of Directors is a powerhouse of Wall Street players. Their stock is all restricted and they can't sell, so they aren't playing for a short-term move.


Current Price $0.30

Shares Outstanding 97.5 million

Restricted Shares 82.6 million

DTC 14.9 million

Market Cap $28 million

52 Week Trading Range

52-Week Low $0.30

52-Week High $1.90

Corporate Offices

50 West Broadway, Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Contact Information


Phone 201 381- 1474

Company OfficersContacts

Joe Abdo - CEO


Peter A. Cohen

Seth Platt

David Seaburg

Daniel Wainstein

Marissa Welner

Fredric Zaino

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