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New Profile For Monday PSRU Requires Immediate Attention -
Strong Potential Catalysts

Major Opportunity In A Potential $825Bn Industry

July 31st, 2020
FierceAnalyst Member,

It's almost time to kick up and relax. The weekend is right around the corner and it's time to enjoy yourself.

To help you get in the right state of mind, I'm going to give you a little going-away gift for this coming Monday.

This new profile is demonstrating a ton of upside potential based on its 1-month chart along with several potential catalysts.

And, if it's anything like your last profile released on Wednesday that ran from an open of $4.88 to a high of $5.75 the following day, then Monday could be filled with fireworks.

Your new profile for Monday 83 is

Valiant Eagle, Inc. PSRU

Valiant Eagle, Inc. PSRU is a publicly-traded corporation focused on the energizing of entertainment in television, the Internet, and social media.

The company aims to achieve unparalleled advances in those media through content featuring Music, Sports, Entertainment, and, with respect to the millennial generation, through Technology.

Did You Know

The U.S. media and entertainment industry is expected to reach more than $825Bn by 2023, according to the 2018-2023 Entertainment Media Outlook by PriceWaterhouseCoopers PwC.

That's a stunning statistic.

Now, how will PSRU try to obtain a major chunk of that potential $825Bn Good question...

In July, Xavier Mitchell, Valiant Eagle, Inc. CEO, commented on the future of the company

We believe capital devoted to media and the entertainment industry in the United States exceeds $30Tn. So, even though we are now available to over 80 million viewers daily, we are far from maximizing our growth potential. The opportunities to serve millions of additional viewers and gain their trust is enormous.

Today, we are better positioned than ever to capture a growing share of the market by continuing to build our approach to delivering quality service and leveraging our scale to operate efficiently and profitably.

As we transition further into 2020 and strive to pursue this growth, we will operate with several clear priorities

Ensuring we continue to build trust by making decisions with viewers and clients in mind
Optimizing our earnings power
Investing in the businesses for the long haul, with a focus on growth, infrastructure, and management.

The company is heading in that right direction due to 4 key subsidiaries


OKTV Opportunity Knocks Television is a broadcast entertainment network offering 247, 365 days a year programming. Viewers are able to enjoy original programming, TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres. The network can be watched from viewers as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected screen TV or mobile device.

The network debuted in March, 2018 and is available in the U.S. on DirectTV, and also accessible via Roku, Amazon Fire, and Rabbit TV. OKTV also streams live on its page and via Phillips and Samsung Smart TVs, as well as on the app TVtogo.

Providence Film Group

Providence Films is a Los Angeles based entertainment studio whose industry offering's service the multi-Bn dollar motion picture, television and music industries. Providence Films foci consist of motion picture production, television production, home video acquisition and distribution, and the development of new entertainment opportunities in an innovative and targeted style.

Franchise X Entertainment

Franchise X Entertainment is the premiere provider of new music. From Hip Hop to Pop, we are geared toward taking a new step in music by challenging all of our artists to create content relevant and compelling. Our flagship project is the Fathers of the Sport Soundtrack. Formed by directorproducer Xavier X Mitchell, his vision is clear and focused. By using a couple key principles he embeds an attitude of winning in his roster 1. Artists are businessmen - we educate and develop the artist to understand the economics, psychology and business of music. It is essential in order for them to create longevity for their career.


In February, XMG was launched. It is an amalgamation of over two dozen streaming and broadcast channels, each in its own specific niche or micro-niche, and including sports, cannabis CB, music, children's entertainment, fitness, horror, and many others. The new XMG channels will join the Company's flagship network, OKTV, but will remain independent of XMG.

And, about this launch, company CEO, Xavier Mitchell commented, This launch instantly propelled the Company to the forefront of the media world by using a model that provides viewers with the exact content they desire. This model will satisfy the demands of the bulk of today's consumers.


No. 1 Potential Catalyst For PSRU

According to OTC Markets, this profile has a low float.

The website reports PSRU to have about 17.6Mn unrestricted shares.

Why is that important

It's important for one major reason. Any time positive company news comes out on a stock with a low float, it can produce extreme volatilityprice spiking.

In other words, the next time PSRU releases game-changing news, it could be enough to provide market momentum to send its shares vertical in the short-term.

So what kind of potential upside could PSRU be looking at

No. 2 Potential Catalyst For PSRU

Looking at PSRU's 1-month chart, there is a ton of upside potential for this profile to its July high.

On July 9th, PSRU hit a high of $.356.

At 1130AM EST Friday, July 31st, PSRU was trading around $.0446.

Can you see the potential upside

From that 1130AM share price to that July 9th high of $.356, PSRU is displayed upside potential of approximately 698%

Looking at PSRU's chart closely, a healthy reversal could be on the way. Here's of a reversal

A reversal is a change in the price direction of an asset. A reversal can occur to the upside or downside. Following an uptrend, a reversal would be to the downside. Following a downtrend, a reversal would be to the upside. Reversals are based on overall price direction and are not typically based on one or two periodsbars on a chart.

No. 3 Potential Catalyst For PSRU

In the , there was a major announcement regarding a $300K advertisement deal. Here is the snippit

Within months of launching OKTV, our flagship subsidiary secured its first and largest advertising deal with Biolase. This company is involved in dental lasers and products that provide biological treatments to reduce pain and improve dental patient safety. The advertising deal was valued at $60K and called for OKTV to produce and air ads for six 6 months.

On April 21, 2020, our flagship subsidiary company, OKTV, closed its largest advertising deal with PMI, LLC for $300K to advertise its product, The Green Solar Bucket GSB. OKTV will air GSB ads for seven 7 days a week for the next six 6 months.

During this period, all profits from sales and revenue will be split according to an undisclosed sharing formula. OKTV will also air an infomercial produced by OKTV's sister company, Providence Film Group. The OKTV-PMI deal is one of many currently being negotiated by OKTV and advertisers. The deal is valued at over $300K and will be renewed if successful. PMI's internal goal is to sell a million units by the end of 2020. After having to decline offers from Costco and Walgreens because of a lack of funding, they hope the scaled growth from OKTV ads will assist their efforts to provide immediate funding.

No. 4 Potential Catalyst For PSRU

In the same share holder linked above, there was also this big uplisting news

Upon going public, our initial goal was to become current in our reporting requirements and to strategize for the future. Although the OTC is an ideal platform for startup companies, our aim has always been to be listed on one of the major stock exchanges. As such, we have been positioning ourselves for such a process, and will do so after a few more strategic acquisitions.

No. 5 Potential Catalyst For PSRU

Several recent news releases could help fuel PSRU's next potential breakout.

Here are some headlines and highlights that should paint the picture of a company making major moves

American Basketball Association ABA AND VALIANT EAGLE, INC PSRU Ink Media Streaming Partnership

The American Basketball Association and Valiant Eagle, Inc PSRU today announced that selected ABA games will be carried on multiple Valiant Eagle Inc. platforms beginning this season. We are very excited about this relationship, stated ABA CEO, Joe Newman. He continues, Valiant Eagle VE is a publicly-traded corporation focused on the energizing of entertainment in television, the Internet and social media. Their aim is to achieve unparalleled advances in those media through content featuring Music, Sports, Entertainment focused on the millennial generation through Technology. It's a perfect fit and we are very proud to be a part of this fast-growing media company.

Xavier Media Group XMG Launches Rapport TV to its Catalog of Streaming Television Channels

Xavier Media Group XMG, a Valiant Eagle Subsidiary PSRU, is pleased to announce the launch of Rapport TV to its catalog of streaming television channels. Rapport TV caters to the baby boomer generation who appreciates the nostalgia of classic TV.

The channel brings viewers the best in classic television comedies like The Odd Couple, The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, The Love Boat, and MASH. It also offers dramas such as Columbo, The Rockford Files, The Mod Squad, and Perry Mason. It will also include great westerns like The Big Valley, The Rifleman, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke sci-fi classics like The Twilight Zone, Lost In Space, Star Trek and more.

OKTV, A Valiant Eagle Inc. PSRU Subsidiary, Will Air Harlem Tigerman This Summer

In an age where inclusion and diversity are many times overshadowed by the need for familiarity and uniformity, OKTV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Valiant Eagle Inc. PSRU, will soon air Harlem Tigerman.

It could appear to be ominous when the pursuit of a dream is not in accordance with our traditional sense. Antoine Yates of Harlem is a testament to such a perspective. As a boy, his fascination coupled with his skill in handling animals was unwavering. Nothing in life could ever compare to the self actualization of working with and studying animals. It would therefore seem to be obvious that he would pursue a career in the animal world. He read thousands of books related to animal biology and psychology in spite of no formal schooling which made his knowledge rival that of experts. Sadly, after countless attempts to gain employment at various zoo facilities, shelters and veterinarians which proved fruitless, Antoine decided to pursue his dream unlike anyone could possibly imagine.

OKTV, A Valiant Eagle Inc. Subsidiary, Relaunches On Streaming Heavyweight, Roku

OKTV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Valiant Eagle Inc., OTCPSRU, is pleased to announce that it has successfully relaunched on streaming heavyweight, Roku as part of its strategy of embracing over-the-top OTT media consumption

What is Roku

Roku is the company that pioneered streaming for the TV. We make Roku streaming players that connect to your TV as well as Roku TVs that have the streaming experience built in. Just connect them to the Internet, set up a Roku account, and start streaming. Roku is a more convenient and cost effective way to watch TV.

The channel is currently beta testing new software that handles the management, scheduling and delivery of its programming. This second phase of software testing is an opportunity for viewers to use the service, in a real life environment, with the corporate goal of uncovering any bugs or issues so that they can be addressed before a general wide release.


Conclusion PSRU Requires Your Immediate Attention

PSRU displays tons of upside potential based solely on its 1-month chart, but that is not the only reason it could be your next big breakout.

Between its low float and all of the recent press releases it has produced, this is a company looking to make an impact in a Billion dollar industry.

For these reasons and more, coverage is officially initiated on PSRU.

For Monday's opening bell, make sure PSRU is on your radar.

Fierce Analyst Jaks Swift
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