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April 25, 2021
Perpetual Industries Inc.
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Perpetual Industries Inc.

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(as of April 20, 2021)
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Symbol Company Start Date Close Change
TOBAF Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. April 18, 2021 2.66 7%
HWAL Hollywall Entertainment Inc. January 31, 2021 4.16 -12%
IPSI Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc. November 22, 2020 0.028 20%

PRPI Promotional Newsletter

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Perpetual Industries Inc. OTC PRPI

Perpetual Industries Inc. OTC is an incubator for the development of innovative, energy-efficient technologies aimed at commercializing products that have the potential to impact and advance a wide range of industries on a global scale.

The company's team of experts and trusted industry partners have the resources to provide essential components needed to take projects from their initial stages through to the end products. Perpetual Industries values strict controls and high levels of quality through all stages of research, development, manufacturing and commercialization.

Perpetual Industries was founded by President, Chairman and CEO Brent W. Bedford in 2005. It is located in Auburn, Indiana.

Recent Coverage

Perpetual Industries Inc. PRPI Completes Key Acquisitions in Plan to Create Unique Offering in Growing Collector Car Space

Two recent acquisitions by , a company whose mission is to perpetuate industry by bringing value-added technologies to market, are strategically aligned to create a unique offering in the world of collector cars. PRPIs blockchain expertise serves as the perfect bridge between the two newly acquired companies, allowing them to come together in a synergistic offering designed to provide auto collectors, enthusiasts, restorers and lovers a more interactive and connected experience.

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