Penny Stock Share Structure Ranking

on April 19, 2014 Developers Blog, Knowledge Base, Penny Stock Investing with 0 comments

Penny stock share structure ranking information now available for subscribers.

The share structure ranking system is designed to show users how a particular stock ranks in relation to other stocks when considering the share structure. Our website currently reports the number of floating, authorized, and outstanding shares for a particular stock if that information is publicly available. With the addition of the ranking system, users can now see how the share structure compares to other stocks (that also make their share structure information publicly available.)

For demonstration purposes, consider the following example in which a fictional stock market has only 3 stocks:

  • Stock A has 50,000 floating shares
  • Stock B has 100,000 floating shares
  • Stock C has 200,000 floating shares

In this example, stock A has a float rank of (1 out of 3 or 1/3), stock B has a float rank of (2 out of 3 or 2/3), and stock C has a float rank of (3 out of 3 or 3/3). So with this simple measurement, we can see that if the same amount of buying presssure was applied to all three stocks (and all other factors considered equal), stock A would rise faster than stock B or stock C.

Many stock promoters will assert that their picks have "the lowest float they have ever seen", or that their new pick is a "low-floater". Now our users can verify this information for themselves with the share structure ranking information before buying into a promotion based on these types of claims.