1st C/S

First to Campaign for Symbol

The total number of times a particular stock promoter was first to begin a promotional campaign for a particular stock.

Although many stock promoters may promote the same stock within a similar period of time, there will always be one stock promoter who is first to do so. This number is the total count of these occurrences for a particular stock promoter.


Average Campaign Length

Average length of a promotional campaign by a particular stock promoter. Average is taken over all campaigns for a particular stock promoter.

A. N/C

Average Newsletters per Campaign

The average number of newsletters released during the entire promotional campaign. Average is taken over all campaigns for a particular stock promoter.


The total number of shares authorized for a particular stock.


Campaign Initiating Day

The campaign initiating day is the first trading session since the start of a promotional campaign.

When a promoter begins a campaign it may not necessarily begin on a trading day. A campaign may begin on a weekend, on a holiday, or after hours on a trading day.

If a campaign begins after hours on a trading day, that same day is not considered the campaign initiating day because the market is closed and traders are therefore unable to trade shares of that stock. In this case, the campaign initiating day would be the following day (assuming the next day is a trading day).

Importantly, for any given campaign, by any given promoter, for any given stock, there is only one campaign initiating day. Typically, the campaign initiating day produces the most buy/sell volume during the entire campaign period.


The total number of floating shares for a particular stock.

Last Active

The total number of days that have elapsed since a particular stock promoter last released a newsletter.


The total number of shares outstanding for a particular stock.


The total number of consecutive days that a stock has gained share price value.

If stock ABCD closed up +25% on Monday, closed up +55% on Tuesday, and closed up +10% on Wednesday, the run in this case would be 3.