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NMTC Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Epic Stock Picks" promoting NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation


The following newsletter has not been verified for accuracy or completeness.


NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corp.

Last Price $1.25

You might recall the first time we covered Today's alert back in June. Back then, we alerted it at 1.11 before it made a significant move to the upside.

And while at the time it may have seemed we moved on, last night this LOW FLOAT FDA-Clearance Play came across our scanner once again with a strong Bullish Trend and potential for an IMMINENT BREAKOUT for this week

So what makes this play so special

Opportunity lies in recognizing the next frontiers and major breakthroughs in medicine.

There is a growing epidemic of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinsons Disease, chronic back pain, depression, essential tremors, and more.

Unfortunately, a lack of innovation in electrode technology has slowed insights and progress toward better treatment alternatives.

BUT...Today's NASDAQ Alert has developed BREAKTHROUGH thin-film electrodes that could help combat these disorders


NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corp NASDAQ NMTC is a developmental stage company committed to providing minimally invasive and hi-definition solutions for EEG recording, brain stimulation and ablation solutions for patients suffering from epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, dystonia, essential tremors, chronic pain due to failed back surgeries and other related neurological disorders that may improve patient outcomes and reduce procedural costs.

This is a company that was also recently featured on Fox Business News as it seeks

Yet, with such Breakthrough Medical Technology and a bright future ahead, NMTC has been criminally overlooked by Wall Street for too long.

Now all that could be about to change But first, let's take a look at the chart...


NMTC may have among the most enviable Bull Charts on Wall Street today.

After nosediving for much of the last few months like every other stock on the market earlier this Summer - NMTC appears to have found bottom support and began to creep up towards the critical 50 Day Moving Average resistance - eventually breaching this major level.

Now NMTC sits at the pinnacle of a Descending Triangle Pattern with move to the Upside potentially leading to a CLEAR Bullish Breakout.

Basically, It's make or break here for NMTC Take a look...

So how far could this potential Breakout Rally could go A return to 52 Week Highs of 6.80 gives NMTC up to 618% UPSIDE POTENTIAL

On our side are technical indicators like MACD which has breached the 0.0 level - CONFIRMED Bullish Divergence

Our RSI Momentum Indicator is now trending in the POWER ZONE - indicating it's not oversold or overbought.

And to top it off - respected Technical Analysis site, , recently UPGRADED NMTC to it's top rating of STRONG BUY

So what could trigger another epic rally Read on...

NMTC is making better health attainable by developing new minimally invasive and high-definition electrodes based on their thin film electrode platform for diagnostic and therapeutic neurological applications.

The company is currently focused on the development and commercialization of patented thin-film electrode technology for electrocorticography ECoG and stereoelectroencephalography sEEG recording of brain activity.

NMTC has a flexible, thin film electrode technology that is poised to advance a new era in neuroscience.

Product Portfolio

Evo Cortical Electrode

Cortical or subdural electrodes are used in electrocorticography ECoG or intracranial electroencephalography iEEG surgeries to monitor, record and stimulate the surface of the brain for up to 30 days. Our Evo cortical electrode portfolio consists of various contact configurations of strip and grid electrodes. Rx only

The Evo Advantage

Decreased Immunological Response - The Evo Electrode is over 7 times thinner than a silicone electrode. The flexibility and reduced volume should reduce pain and edema.

The Evos polyimide substrate has properties like increased flexibility, reduced volume, and decreased immunological response, which should reduce signal artifacts.

Single Tail Design - The single thin tail design allows the implanted electrode tail to be tunneled through one incision which should reduce infection risk and procedure time.

Reduced Cable Management - A disposable cable assembly is sent with each Evo Electrode as an electrode kit, removing the need to source the correct cables for each electrode being used in surgery. Also, hospital resources are freed from the management of sterilizing and storing individual electrode cable assemblies.

In comparison to currently available technologies, NMTC's electrodes are manufactured with polyimide thin film. The electrodes are designed to reduce trauma to the brain by allowing a less invasive implant due to the flexibility, thinness and reduced weight of the electrode.

Furthermore, the potential to significantly increase the resolution of brain recordings may enable the usage of powerful computing techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence

NMTC's roadmap looks very exciting with a target launch of 20222023 for its depth electrode and a target 510 k clearance in late 2023 of its Dx Ablation Electrode


Zimmer Biomet is one of the worlds most highly respected medical device manufacturers

Zimmer to exclusively commercialize and distribute NeuroOnes Evo electrode technology
Agreement signed in July 2020, $2 million upfront payment with additional milestones
Zimmer is a worldwide leader in robotic technology used in minimally invasive neurosurgeries
Evo electrode product line complementary to Zimmers ROSA ONE Brain platform
Partnership enables efficient deployment into the market
Allows NeuroOne to focus on development and pursue additional applications for technology

Mayo Clinic serves as a critical partner to NMTC and is a top shareholder of the Company

Mayo Clinic began testing technology in pre-clinical models and clinical research in 2015
Mayo Clinic leading neurologist, Dr. Worrell, chairs the NeuroOne Scientific Advisory Board
First commercial human use of Evo Cortical Electrodes performed at Mayo Clinic in Nov 2020
Mayo Clinic partnership with NeuroOne began in 2017

Damaged neurons can cause a break in neuron-to-neuron connectivity etiology for many neurological disorders. Successful treatments achieved by implanting small wires to record and reintroduce the natural signal.

Elon Musk and others have started companies to try to implant millions of wires in the brain. NMTC's high-definition thin film platform could allow for recording and stimulation of the neurons to bridge these gaps more effectively.

The company also recently announced of electrodes designed for use in spinal cord stimulation for patients suffering with chronic back pain.

Our team remains enthusiastic and determined as we make progress across a number of key commercial and product development objectives for 2022.

- CEO Dave Rosa

NTMC's thin-film electrode already has FDA 510K for 24-hour use and 30-day use is expected to clear this year. The commercial launch is expected for next year


On July 12th, NMTC announced announced the first clinical case using the Evo sEEG electrode for intraoperative brain mapping at the subsurface level of the brain.

We look forward to continuing to gain clinical experience with the electrode as we prepare to submit a special 510k to FDA in August for clearance to commercialize the product for less than 30 days use.

The company announced its operating results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2022 ended March 31, 2022.

Successful completion of 5-year stimulation test data presents potential opportunity for long-term applications for Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, spinal cord stimulation, neurological disorders, as well as potential partnering opportunities for other applications. Initial therapeutic focus expected to be spinal cord stimulation for chronic back pain, a condition affecting over 3% of the U.S. population,


A 52-week high of $6.80 implies immense potential upside of over 440%
Significant BULLISH activity in recent weeks with a potential Triangle BREAKOUT Pattern
A small trading float of just around $13.5M according to
Not one but TWO FDA cleared electrodes
Previously featured on Fox Business News which can be seen
A STRONG BUY rating from Investing.com which can be seen
An experienced management team on board with a growing portfolio
Technology could create substantially improved outcomes at lower cost
Key partnerships with the Mayo Clinic and ZIMMER BIOMET NYSEZBH $25B Market Cap
Company has a highly disruptive thin-film technology with superior competitive advantages
Platform technology with multiple broad diagnostic and therapeutic applications
There is a multi-billion market opportunity for combination devices
Company has plenty of cash on hand at nearly $13B

It's clear that NMTC is on to something BIG in the field of neuroscience.

And with another forthcoming FDA 510k Clearance expected by the company THIS MONTH - the potential of this stock could be off the charts

That's why there may be NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW to consider NMTC as it trades here at a mere $1 on the precipice of a full-on BREAKOUT with 440% UPSIDE at it's 52 Week High

As explained earlier, a move beyond the upper trend line of our Triangle Pattern could lead to a FAST and FURIOUS rally due to the stock's Low Float and recent STRONG BUY Upgrade

Needless to say, NMTC seems to a solid FDA Clearance bet that Wall Street will not see coming


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