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July 25, 2022
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Green Energy Stocks - July 25, 2021

Green Energy Stocks
Spotlight Company

FuelPositive Corp.

FuelPositive Corp. TSX.V OTCQB is a growth stage company focused on licensing, partnership and acquisition opportunities relating to energy-efficient technologies and sustainability. The company is committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable clean energy solutions, including green ammonia NH3, for use across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

FuelPositive is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Hydrogen Economy Problems and FuelPositives Carbon-Free Technology

Hydrogen has been positioned as the best alternative to fossil fuels, but increasingly, green ammonia is being considered as a more practical solution.

The hydrogen economy is currently facing many challenges. Traditional grey ammonia manufacturing exists on a massive scale, but centralized refineries using the Haber-Bosch system that relies on the use of fossil fuels result in some of the worlds most concentrated CO2 emissions. In total, an estimated 200 million metric tonnes of grey ammonia are consumed each year, with greater than 80% utilized by the agricultural sector.

FuelPositives flagship carbon-free green ammonia production technology provides an innovative solution to these environmental concerns. Developed by Dr. Ibrahim Dincer and his team, the companys decentralized platform allows for the in-situ production of green ammonia in an entirely sustainable manner, using only water, air and sustainable electricity.

The production of hydrogen is energy intensive, but it is just one variable hindering the growth of the hydrogen economy. Other hurdles include

Storage The storage of hydrogen by compression or liquification are both cost prohibitive and unsustainable. Ammonia storage, in comparison, is well established worldwide.
Distribution The distribution network for effective hydrogen deployment has yet to be developed, as the extreme high-pressure distribution requirements to transport hydrogen would result in enormous infrastructure costs. The smarter alternative is to distribute ammonia, which is hydrogen-dense. Not only does the production of FuelPositives green ammonia require less energy than producing hydrogen on its own, but it stores 65% more hydrogen than highly compressed pure hydrogen. Green ammonia is the ideal carrier of hydrogen.
End Use RD on the transportation-related end use applications for hydrogen is in its infancy, but almost any car, truck, ship or plane can be easily converted to run on green ammonia at a considerably lower cost per mile traveled when compared to traditional fossil fuels. Increasingly, green ammonia is being hailed as the .

A key benefit of FuelPositives is its flexibility. The modular, scalable and transportable system built to fit within standard shipping containers allows for small, medium or large-scale production of green ammonia on location. This decentralized approach eliminates the challenges and volatility associated with traditional refineries and the wildly unreliable supply chain. As such, with an appropriately sized FuelPositive system and access to renewable energy, the end use applications for the companys platform are nearly infinite. End users will have the green ammonia they need in the right amount, at the right time, in the right place at a steady price, year after year.

Investment Considerations

FuelPositive Corp. is a growth stage company focused on manufacturing, licensing, partnership and acquisition opportunities relating to energy-efficient technologies and sustainability.
The companys flagship product is a modular, scalable and transportable system for producing green ammonia for use across multiple industries.
FuelPositives green ammonia technology solves real problems facing the industry today, including supply, storage and distribution limitations.
The global ammonia market is forecast to reach $81.42 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 5.59% from 2017.
The global green ammonia market is projected to grow from $16 million in 2021 to reach $5,415 million by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 90.2% during the forecast period.
The FuelPositive management team is comprised of individuals with entrepreneurial, finance and energy solution backgrounds.

Recent Coverage

With Fertilizer Prices, Climate Change, and Low Crop Yields Threatening the Rice Industry, FuelPositive Corp. TSX.V NHHH OTCQB NHHHF May Have a Relevant Zero Carbon Emission Solutions

July 21, 2022 915 AM

The rice production industry is under an imminent threat due to increased demand and reduced crop yields
With Thailand, the Philippines, and China all facing problems in rice production, a lot rides on the success of Indias rice crops, despite the uncertainty of monsoon and harvest season
FuelPositive Corp. is currently developing proprietary green ammonia technology driving for on-site fertilizer production and zero carbon emissions

The rice production industry faces multiple imminent threats worldwide, including rising fertilizer costs, climate change, and increased demand when crop yields seem to be declining. These threats pose a potential risk to food security and the efforts being made to contain inflation. Countries such as Thailand, China, India, and the Philippines, are already dealing with mounting concerns, due to the lower crop yields, climate change, invasion of pests, and the rising cost of crop nutrients. Most of the worlds rice is grown, eaten, and exported from Asia, making political stability in the region crucial to production efforts .

With the current status of the contributing countries, much is riding on Indias rice crop, which ships approximately 40% of the worlds exports in rice. Although India has limited wheat crops, the rice exports are helping ease the reduction in supply within the region. Should the wheat harvest be limited more due to the monsoon rains necessary for harvest season, it is possible that rice will be needed to supplement for food and livestock feed.

According to Vice President and researcher V. Subramanian of The Rice Trader, Global supply is at risk, but for now, we still have massive Indian availability that is reining in prices. Looking at the current situation, India is acting as an anchor for prices with its large exports.

The high prices for fertilizer and the inherent presence of climate change are driving factors for message that fossil fuels dont only damage the climate, but make the world economically vulnerable. FuelPositive is a growth-stage company focused on partnership and acquisition opportunities for energy efficiency and sustainability technologies. The companys emphasis on economic vulnerability and climate change can be supported through the AR6 Synthesis Report .

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