$MYLI “Shakerz and Moverz” Music of Your Life, Inc. Newsletter 7:25:19 AM December 6, 2018

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Overall Perfomance for "Shakerz and Moverz"

The following three charts can be used by potential investors to gauge the performance of "Shakerz and Moverz":


4 out of 11 campaigns closed down on first day


5 out of 11 campaigns closed up on first day


2 out of 11 campaigns had no net effect

MYLI Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Shakerz and Moverz" promoting Music of Your Life, Inc.


The following newsletter has not been verified for accuracy or completeness.

$MYLI 8k name change $SGMD california permits $NUGS targets 20 cannabis cultivation permits

News out on these 3. Looking for some good swing trades into next week




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