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7:45 AM
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January 13, 2022
Stock promoter:
"Stocks To Buy Now"
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28 out of 28
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Market capitalization:
(as of January 5, 2022)
Floating shares:
(as of June 30, 2021)
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(as of October 8, 2021)
Authorized shares:
(as of October 8, 2021)

Stock Promoter Performance

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Last 2 Stock Promotions By "Stocks To Buy Now"

Symbol Company Start Date Close Change
AVCRF Avricore Health Inc. December 28, 2021 0.110 -12%
AABB Asia Broadband, Inc. December 15, 2021 0.186 -5%

MONI Promotional Newsletter

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Tip of the Week

Moon Equity Holdings Corp.

Moon Equity Holdings Corp. OTC is an investment company that focuses on acquisitions in the fintech, crypto, precious metals and real estate sectors. The companys goal is to enhance the profitability of these acquired companies, which in turn will increase shareholder value. Moon Equity Holdings philosophy is to provide its shareholders with a well-diversified acquisition portfolio focused on income-generating strategies that produce long term gains.

The company has been working on a crypto component in development, along with two trademarked products that will revolutionize how people gift and purchase cryptocurrency. With this, Moon Equity Holdings will use decentralized technology to enhance customer experience. First-rate service is the cornerstone of Moon Equity Holdings success. The companys focus on best-in-class customer service is expected to create a loyal brand following and generate repeat business.

Business Operations

Moon Equity Holdings Corp. acquired Royal Costino LLC as a wholly owned subsidiary for its newly created Mining Division. Its primary business is processing, buying, selling and exporting precious metals. This acquisition completes the first step of the two planned mining acquisitions for this year. The acquisition is expected to significantly enhance revenue for the company, generating an estimated $2 million per month in additional income. Royal Costinos facility has been in operation since 2013, and its team has more than 30 years of experience in this field.

Management Team

Moon Equity Holdings Corp. has assembled a highly skilled and experienced management team.

Alison Galardi is the CEO of Moon Equity Holdings Corp. Before joining the company, she gained more than 20 years of experience at Fortune 100 financial services companies, including Spear Leeds Kellogg, TIAA-CREF and Citigroup, where she held positions in global banking, institutional sales, trading and investor relations.

Anthony Cappaze is head of Moon Equity Holdings Mining Division with more than 30 years of mining experience. He was founder and CEO of Royal Sovereign Costino prior to its acquisition by Moon Equity Holdings Corp.

Investment Considerations

Moon Equity Holdings Corp. has retired and cancelled over 2.34 billion shares of its common stock since May 2021.
The company has reduced its authorized shares from 5 billion to 750 million.
In May 2021, the company filed to change its name to Moon Equity Holdings Corp. and its symbol to MONI, which was granted in July 2021.
Moon Equity Holdings Corp. acquired Royal Costino LLC along with its team to manage the companys Mining Division.
The company recently announced its plans to acquire a gold processing plant in Peru.
Moon Equity Holdings Corp. hired a top tier auditing firm to file a Form 10 with the SEC, along with its audited financials, and will request to be listed on the OTCQB Venture Market by Q4 2021.

Recent Coverage

InvestorNewsBreaks - Moon Equity Holdings Corp. MONI to Launch Unique Product in the Crypto Space

Moon Equity Holdings OTC MONI recently announced that it will soon launch a new product, which the company believes is the first-of-its-kind for the crypto industry. According to the update, the product offers unique features and enables the exchange and growth appreciation of crypto. Moon Equity Holdings is currently building a specialized website and backend system for the product and has additionally completed the acquisition of the BitGift card, with trademark details to be disclosed in the companys financials. To be available as a virtual or actual physical card for customers, the company looks forward to the pending launch of the new product, which has been in the works for quite some time.

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