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KULR Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Penny Stock Prophet" promoting KULR Technology Group, Inc.


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Breakout Alert Saturday October 1, 2022

The stock is currently trading around $1.50share and recently received a staggering $7.00share price target from the analyst at Litchfield Hills Research.

inked deals with NASA, United States Department of Defense DoD, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Transportation DoT, and Lockheed Martin to name a few.

Additionally, Analyst with Litchfield Hills Research recently updated their independent research report suggesting KULR Technology Group's shares are significantly undervalued and set a 12-month price target of $7 per share, a more than 400% increase from its current price.

KULRs space-tested technology could easily be the show stopper, but a look at the backers of this company suggests that its just getting started.

, an investment firm with over $1.5 Billion in assets under management, and in 2018 the same year he joined KULRs advisory board Zuoquan was named to the Forbes China Rich List.

Among more than 30 investments under Zhengxuan Capital, Zuoquan is an early investor in UBTech, a $5 Billion consumer robotics company, as well as in OneSpace, a competitor to Virgin Orbit and Rocket Lab.

Another backer of KULR, is Morio Kurosaki a seasoned executive and investor in Japans IT industry joined KULRs advisory board earlier this year. Like Zuoquan, Kurosaki is n Zoom NASDAQZM ContextLogic NASDAQWISH Treasure Data, acquired by ARM Holdings NASDAQNVDA Tubi, acquired by Fox Corporation NASDAQFOX Red Hot Labs, acquired by Google NASDAQGOOGL lvl5, acquired by DoorDash NYSEDASH Accel Technology, acquired by Marvell Technology Group NASDAQMRVL and Extreme DA, acquired by Synopsis NASDAQSNPS.

KULR is Pioneering The $554 Billion Dollar EV Market

Why is that a big deal for KULR Because its Thermal Runaway Shield TRS technology prevents battery explosions. And industries are paying attention, as evidenced by the International Space Station and NASA utilizing KULR's proprietary carbon fiber technology to handle the massive heat needing to be absorbed by its products. And they aren't the only ones interested.

KULR has also expanded its strategic relationship with E-One Moli Energy Corporation for Molicel's battery cell supply, accelerating its role in serving high-value clients in an estimated $350 Million market. They aren't the only ones adding to previously announced agreements and contracts.

llar assets. That does more than provide testament to its value it validates it.

They highlight KULR's potential to grow from leveraging the technological firepower inherent to its NEXT-Gen cooling solutions. Revenue-generating opportunities from that technology include those from the aerospace, electronics, energy storage, 5G infrastructure, and electric vehicle manufacturers sectors. KULR technology makes their products cooler, lighter, and safer for consumers.

While several contracts can make that happen sooner than later, its deal with Volta Energy Products is one to watch near term. Currently, Volta plans to bring between 750 to 1,000 battery storage units using KULR's technology to market in 2022. But that number is expected to increase to upwards of 50,000 units in 2023. If so, revenues could appreciate exponentially, with some estimates suggesting at least $80 million can be accrued during 2023 if prices per unit remain constant and the maximum number of units were shipped. Even factoring in volume pricing discounts and the potential for less than the maximum number of units being shipped, expected revenues are still anticipated to eclipse $40 Million for KULR in 2023.

They see the energy storage market's annual revenue potential explode higher, expecting it to become a $554 billion opportunity by 2035. Global green-energy initiatives, including zero-emissions goals, contribute to that lofty expectation. KULR's presence is felt.

That led to deals with some of the largest car companies in the EV sector, including a partnership with Andretti Technologies ATEC to provide thermal management and battery safety solutions to its electric SUV extreme racing team Andretti United Extreme E. That deal can also benefit from joint research to potentially co-market proprietary battery products and solutions. The EV sector isn't alone in driving value.

In addition to those mentioned, KULR is working with Leidos LDOS, with them capitalizing on KULR's best-in-class battery safety technology. KULR's recycling partner, Heritage Battery Recycling, is also adding to the value proposition, providing immediate and open access to commercial partners and customers after securing United Parcel Service UPS shipping certification. That certification does two things.

First, it allows for the shipment of batteries utilizing the KULR Safe Case products through UPS' vast shipping network. Second, it allows its U.S. Department of Transportation compliant Safe Case to be used as a safe and reusable shipping container for Li-Ion battery transportation up to 2.1KWh, an allowance providing KULR's major recycling partner a safe shipping container that can handle batteries above 300Wh. With billions of lithium-Ion batteries needing proper disposal, the opportunities in play are enormous.

Knowing that companies dont often increase their employee headcount, including new senior positions, without substantial business growth could be a clue to expect another record quarter, with Q1 potentially the first of four record-setting reports in 2022. Thus, trading ahead of earnings next week may be a wise consideration.

KULR Positions To Rally

The bottom line is easy to understand KULR is exceptionally well-positioned for growth, and its shares are priced to surge. Moreover, KULRs sum of its parts, coupled with very bullish guidance, supports the case for the stock to trade appreciably higher.

Better yet, the confluence of those revenue-generating parts could be driving revenues higher faster than expected. And if so, the current $1.40 share price on Monday could be the launchpad for a sustained and justified move to the upside.

The Companys goal is to provide total battery safety solutions for more efficient battery systems, increased sustainability, and end-of-life battery management, making KULR a key technology solutions provider in the migration to a global circular economy.

Everyone is chasing after the holy grail of battery safety, but KULR may have the safest efficient material on the market

KULR is working with some of the largest car companies in the electric vehicle EV revolution The company has formed a partnership with Andretti Technologies ATEC, is the official thermal management and battery safety provider to electric SUV extreme racing team Andretti United Extreme E, and is supplying products to the Drako GTE, one of the worlds fastest all-electric supercars

Product development with world-class partners and start of business expansion with focus on E-mobility and Battery Safety Markets.
KULR Technology partnership with Leidos to supply NASA with Lithium-ion Battery Storage Solutions for the International Space Station ISS.
KULR secured a battery safety contract with NASA to test its lithium-ion cells going into future battery packs designed for the Artemis Program, a series of United States-led international human spaceflight programs.
NYSE KULR Hyper-Growth Stock Poised to Hit
Analyst Price Target $7.00 - which is 400% in Upside Potential

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