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7:03 PM
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October 19, 2021
KULR Technology Group, Inc.
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"Mega Stock Alert"
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11 out of 25
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KULR Technology Group, Inc.

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(as of August 31, 2021)
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(as of August 3, 2020)
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KULR Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Mega Stock Alert" promoting KULR Technology Group, Inc.


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A NYSE Chart that could ignite.


Good Evening,

Last month NYSE KULR saw an impressive uptrend on news of revenue increase over .

It was just two months ago that we all watched as Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, blasted into Space on his rocket company's first flight.

Shortly before that, Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic founder, shot off into space himself in a rocket he helped fund.

And obviously we've been reading about SpaceX and Elon Musk for years.

To say the least, the past year has been a landmark moment for the commercial space industry.

Millions are enthralled by the thought of leaving the surface and testing the waters of space travel. Granted, while space tourism companies arent quite ready to send folks into space just yet, the industry is seeing demand.

In fact, according to analysts at Cowen, 39% of people with a net worth of more than $5Mn are interested in paying at least $250k for a flight.1

Better, by 2040, Morgan Stanley believes the industry could be worth about $1Tn.2

So why do I bring all this up NYSE KULR's TRS technology was chosen by NASA to safely ship and store batteries aboard the International Space Station.

And, with the ever growing number of Electric Vehicles EVs on the road today, companies are looking for more efficient, safe and effective battery options.

That's why I want you to turn your attention to this company ASAP

KULR Technology Group, Inc. KULR

KULR Technology Group, Inc. develops, manufactures and licenses next-generation carbon fiber thermal management technologies for batteries and electronic systems. Leveraging the companys roots in developing breakthrough cooling solutions for NASA space missions and backed by a strong intellectual property portfolio, KULR enables leading aerospace, electronics, energy storage, 5G infrastructure, and electric vehicle manufacturers to make their products cooler, lighter and safer for the consumer.

enables the Company to strategically pursue regulatory markets ranging from shipping prototype batteries to end of life battery management

The validates the commercial and regulatory viability of its passive propagation resistant PPR solution. Previously, in October 2020, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported KULR's design solutions could stop fires and explosions in lithium-ion battery packs, and provided additional insights on the future of safe battery technology. In 2019, KULR provided NASA with a solution to protect laptop computer battery packs aboard the International Space Station ISS.

Now that you get a glimpse of what NYSE KULR has under the hood, take a look at what its chart has to offer

With a three month high point around 2.73, NYSE KULR current chart has plenty of room to grow.

There is a small level of resistance to test at the 2.35 mark, but given the increase in the 30day avg volume on this chart, that may be a small speed bump to roll over.

MACD is still trending under the zero line, showing there is ample amount of room for an uptrend. RSI confirms the same stance as it hovers just under the Breakout line.

As the price point continues to play hopscotch with the 20MA, the bollinger bands could come together and create a squeeze point.

I am urging all of our members to add NYSE KULR to the top of your watch list right now and watch for a full report in the morning.



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