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May 16, 2021
Healthtech Solutions Inc.
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Healthtech Solutions Inc.

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Healthtech Solutions Inc. OTC HLTT

Healthtech Solutions Inc. OTC , through its Mediscan Inc. subsidiary, created a cloud-based software for ultrasound technology that reconstructs the analog two-dimensional grayscale visual image into a digital three-dimensional, high-definition quantifiable format.

The Mediscan software application dramatically increases the medical professional's ability to use existing ultrasound devices at the point of care to derive meaningful data-driven clinical evaluations of a patient's pathology or trauma, facilitate support for treatment options, monitor the patient's ongoing progress or regress, and document compliance with required protocols and procedures. The Mediscan application also integrates with all popular EMR systems.

Healthtech Solutions Inc. acquired all of Mediscan's capital stock in a reverse acquisition transaction on November 13, 2020. On November 23, 2020, the shareholders of Healthtech Solutions Inc. consented to a resolution changing its name to Healthtech Solutions Inc.

The company's operational focus for the immediate future will be on Mediscan's continuing research and development of imaging, development of other medical solutions, and making strategic investments.

Recent Coverage

InvestorNewsBreaks - Healthtech Solutions Inc.'s HLTT Latest Acquisition Brings in Innovative Team of Experts

, focused on acquiring and investing in strategic cutting-edge health care technological opportunities, is among biotech players that have pivoted to a new model wherein multiple portfolio companies operate under one parent organization. Healthtechs latest acquisition, Varian Biopharmaceuticals, brings to three the number of subsidiaries under its umbrella. The acquisition of Varian by Healthtech plays to the strengths of the new portfolio model not only in drug pipeline but also by bringing in experts in an area that could attract additional investment, reads a recent article. A precision oncology company, Varian specializes in developing atypical protein kinase C iota aPKCi inhibitors for different tumor types. Its two lead candidates are being prepared for clinical trials. The article quotes Healthtech CEO and Chairman David Rubin as saying, The fact that Varian Bio is developing therapies to target difficult-to-treat cancers such as pancreatic cancer demonstrates just how innovative their team is.

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