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HENC Promotional Newsletter

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Hero Technologies




Last Price $0.045
Research firm BDSA recently announced it expects annual global cannabis sales to grow from $30 billion in 2021 to $57 billion in 2026, a compound annual growth rate CAGR of almost 13%. 2022 Could Finish The Year With A Huge Win for Cannabis Stocks ...

Which brings us to Today's Alert, a company with a proprietary indoor cannabis growing system that could be an absolute GAME-CHANGER in the industry


HENC broke above its 200 Day Moving Average yesterday signaling higher stock prices.
Look at the chart below and you will see the Exponential Moving Average EMA and the MACD trend are Very Bullish on the short, intermediate, and long-term basis. The Stochastics Analysis, which shows when a stock has moved into an overbought or oversold position, is also showing Very Bullish. We always want to use stochastics in conjunction with other tools like the Relative Strength Index RSI to confirm a signal. In the case of HENC, the RSI, which is a momentum oscillator that measures the velocity and magnitude of stock price changes, also shows a bullish reading on the chart below.

Technically, HENC is ready for a run

States Take The Lead For Now On Cannabis Legislation
Over the past decade, 19 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and Guam have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Meanwhile, 37 states now allow some form of medical cannabis, and only three states have no cannabis access laws on the books.

A movement to decriminalize the plant at the federal level could still be on the way, but many states continue to blaze their own trail.

This is why we have uncovered a stock flying under the radar that truly stands out from other players with the potential for significant growth

With the sector still in its early growth stages... this company has a technology that could redefine the way cannabis is grown in the future


Hero Technologies Inc. HENC is a cannabis company working toward a vertically-integrated business model. The company owns a majority stake in BlackBox Systems and Technologies LLC. The company's strategic business plan includes cannabis genetic engineering, farmland for both medical and recreational cannabis cultivation, production licenses, distribution licenses, consumer packaging, and retail and dispensary operations that make the company a multi-state operator MSO.

has developed a proprietary growing system for cannabis, based on aeroponic cultivation technology.
This unique system produces ideal cannabis growing conditions with a highly efficient use of materials. The result is enhanced photosynthesis, large plant flowers, and optimal harvest yields, all of which helps reduce the carbon footprint per pound of product produced

We believe environmental sustainability and corporate profitability go hand in hand. By conserving energy and maximizing our yield-to-resource ratio, we anticipate minimal waste, environmental sustainability, and healthy ongoing profitability. - Hero Technologies' CEO Gina Serkasevich.

The company most recently revealed cost projections for its proprietary indoor cannabis growing system and calculates that its aeroponic cultivation technology, coupled with state-of-the-art sun chambers, will enable it to produce cannabis for wholesale distribution at approximately $100 per pound.

With this cost basis, HENC expects that its indoor cannabis operations will be both environmentally sustainable as well as highly profitable

HENC plans to cultivate cannabis in state-of-the-art greenhouses, or sun chambers, using its proprietary aeroponic cultivation methods. The company plans to make sustainability, as well as profitability, a high priority for its multi-state cannabis operations.

HENC's subsidiary Blackbox Systems could be the go-to-solution for indoor-growing for all states that currently have cannabis legislation and want to control how cannabis is grown.

And imagine the market potential if cannabis becomes legal on a federal level...
HENC is also seeking patent rights to protect the proprietary aeroponic cannabis growing system

Solidifying our cannabis intellectual property rights is essential as we seek to monetize our proprietary growing systems. Whether by protecting our competitive advantages-particularly in the cost structure and environmental impact of our cannabis operations-or to potentially license our technology for others to use, we want to ensure that our IP generates maximum return for our shareholders. - CEO Gina Serkasevich

Hit all-time high of $0.3174 in March 2021 after a breakout run of 388% in just days.
A rally back to the stock's 52-week high of $0.085 would represent UPSIDE POTENTIAL OF OVER 100%
An attractive of just 57.9 Million Shares, which means it could run fast.
A history of short-term breakouts has generated high double-digit to triple-digit gains.
The latest game-changing technologies to emerge in the Cannabis sector.
Lowest carbon footprint of any industry standard.
A steady flow of positive news and developments.

Make sure you put it on your screen RIGHT NOW and for Updates Play-by-Play

Good Trading,

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Current Price $0.045

Shares Outstanding 448 million

Market Cap $20.4 million

52 Week Trading Range

52-Week Low $0.016

52-Week High $0.085

Corporate Offices

8 The Green, Suite 4000
Dover, DE 19901

Telephone 302 538-4165

Investor Contact


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