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GWHP Promotional Newsletter

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Breaking News Hits Wire on My 1 COVID-19 Diagnostics Stock
Global WholeHealth Partners Corporation GWHP

Dear Fellow Trader,

Immediately turn your attention to Global WholeHealth Partners GWHP

My 1 COVID-19 Diagnostics stock GWHP just released news regarding an additional purchase order from RyZac Health.

This is a huge catalyst for GWHP because they are now moving out of RD and running into sales

But wait, thats not all...

RyZac Health CEO, Michael Dwyer states in this news release that GWHP's COVID-19 antibody test kit is 99.4% accurate

Global WholeHealth Partners Announces New Purchase Agreement

From RyZac Health as Order Size Increases Over 3 Times

Published Jan. 13, 2021 at 706 a.m. ETJan 13, 2021 NewMediaWire via COMTEX -- San Clemente, CA - NewMediaWire - January 13, 2021 - Global WholeHealth Partners Corp, a multinational supplier of over 70 with 56 products FDA approved and several approved for export only including Dengue, Ebola, Zika, Malaria and also offering one of the largest lines of tests for CoViD19 SARS2, is prepared to help in the fight against CoViD19 SARS2. With the pandemic out of control in the United States, the nation's coronavirus testing system is starting to strain again.

Global WholeHealth Partners, Corp GWHP Announces New Purchase Agreement From RyZac Health as Order Size Increases of over 3 times larger from Initial Order, verified by letter from Michael Dwyer, the president of RyZac Health.

While discussing Covid-19 Antibody rapid tests and the market with Charles Strongo, CEO of Global WholeHealth Partners, RyZac Health CEO, Michael Dwyer said in his letter your amazing 99.4% accuracy is outperforming most in the market.

If you haven't taken a look at GWHP yet, this is your chance. Put GWHP on your screen.


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