Getting Started with Our Website

Our website was designed for ease-of-use and quick-access to essential information needed by penny stock traders. The following is a brief introduction to some of the features our website has to offer:

Easily Track New Stock Promotions

New stock promotions are released on an almost daily basis. We automate the process of stock promotion tracking giving you more free time to focus on your trades.

OTC Dynamics tracks each ongoing promotion on our todays top stock promotions page. Visit this page to get up-to-the-minute stock promotion information.

Todays Top Stock Promotions

Customized Tracking Reports

We create detailed reports on every stock promotion we track. Our website is updated with a new report the instant a new promotional campaign begins. Each report includes the share structure of the company being promoted, the ranking and score of the stock promoter.
Our reports makes it easy to see which stock promoters perform best and which stock promoters should be avoided.

Our penny stock promoter ranking system is based on historical performances of previous promotional campaigns.

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World's First Stock Promoter Ranking System

OTC Dynamics is the first to provide a stock promoter ranking system. We have been tracking stock promotions for several years and have recorded the resultant effects on share prices. Our ranking system makes it easy for you to see which stock promoters provide the best opportunities and which stock promoters should be avoided. We expose the track records of hundreds of active stock promoters by using a simple ranking and scoring system.

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End of Day Reports

Every day at market close, we publish a list of the top performing penny stocks that have made a significant gain in share price. Similarly, we also publish a list of the worst perfoming penny stocks.

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Share Structure Reports

Finding stocks with the lowest count of floating shares has never been easier. We compile lists of all stocks that have the most potential for volatile growth.

Each list is updated daily keeping you informed of any new positional changes.

Now, finding stocks with the lowest number of floating shares, outstanding shares, or authorized shares is just a click away!

Stocks with Lowest Float