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September 14, 2015
Genesis Electronics Group, Inc.
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Genesis Electronics Group, Inc.

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Business services, misc
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The Osceola Mining District is one of the oldest and most proven gold mining locations in the State of Nevada. Mining in the Osceola District, White Pine County Nevada started in the 1870s and continues to this day. Major efforts occurred in the late 1800s, 1930s and 1970s with both lode and placer mining removing considerable amounts of gold. Studies conducted throughout these periods indicate economically viable amounts of gold in both the bedrock and particularly in the placer deposits remain. Mining started in 1872 and continued until 1901 and then resumed in 1904 and ran continuously up until the 1930s. In this time span $5 million in gold was extracted, equivalent to $425 million today. From 1962 through 1991, the mine profiting $50,000 per day.

The mining operation consists of thirteen claims totaling 985 acres, the Solomon 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 7 claims and the Mav 5-A, 5-B, 5- C, 5- D, 5-E, 5-F 5-G claims. These claims are located in the middle of the Mary Ann Canyon Alluvial Fan in the Osceola Mining District . To date 17% of the mine has been developed. Further, all Bureau of Land Management, federal and state guidelines and requirements have been satisfied, along with the required state reclamation bond and Bureau of Land Management bond.

The Mav 5 claims are sub-divisions of the former Solomon 5 claim. The claims are placer alluvial deposits, which are deposits made by mountain water run-off forming a large alluvial fan. The depth of the deposits is up to 125 feet the geologic report show concentration of gold in the deposits increases with depth.

Additionally the Company has ample water rights to operate large scale mining claims. Water is pulled via a 25 hp water pump from a local fresh water holding pond that is fed from a 200 foot well and the re-circulated water from the plant. The mine has 3000 acre- feet of water rights on the claims which is enough water to process up to 5,000 yards per day. Electricity is supplied by a Wheeler Power Plant that is wired for 440 three phase.

The Skookum Geologic Report examined historical records and included thousands of samples from different depths in the claims. At the time of the report, gold was trading at $1,000 per ounce. All values in the Geologic Report are based on $1,000 per ounce gold. The report indicates an average value of $117 per cubic yard with increasing gold concentrations with depth. Further, the report concludes that this estimate is highly conservative.

The Geologic Report estimates the value of the reserves of the Mav 5 claims to be from $103 million to $311 million and estimates the value of the reserves of all claims to be valued from $700 million to $2.1 billion.

Plan of Operation

With the current equipment, Genesis Mining Corporation can process up to 1,000 cubic yards a day, which at a return of $55 per cubic yard, would have the potential to produce gross revenue of $55,000 per day.


The mining operation consists of thirteen claims totaling approximately 980 acres. The Claims are placer alluvial deposits which are deposits made
by mountain water run-off from the Snake Mountain Range through the Mary Ann Canyon. The Geologist Report, from 2010, indicates an average value of
$117 per cubic yard, at a gold price of $1,000 which would equate to over $175 per cubic yard at todays prices of $1,500 per ounce. The report indicated increasing gold concentrations at greater depths.


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Genesis Mining Corporation operates a placer gold mine in the Osceola Mining District in Central Nevada and is currently beginning operations on an open pit mine, in our new Arizona mine located in the Katherine Mining District of Mohave County, AZ. The Katherine mine is a hard rock mine unlike the placer mine in Osceola. An investment is a production play, not an exploration play.

The Nevada Project has been approved for mining by the U. S. Bureau of Land Management BLM and Genesis Mining Corp. has performed testing and operations under this approval. The Company has just completed magnetic testing and gravity specific testing across the multiple claims aand is planning on additional core drill testing. The mining operation at the Nevada site is expected to commence in the 4th quarter of this year.


The Osceola Mining District in Mary Ann Canyon has been historically one of the most prolific gold producing regions in Nevada. Based on the geological report prepared for the Company by the geologists at Skookum Geological and samplings from the area., the estimated recoverable reserves for the entire 980 acres is over $2.1 billion and could be as high as $3.6 billion.

These figures are based on a recovery rate of $32 - $40 per yard .28 ounces per cubic yard. Historical mining in the district was focused on discovering nuggets leaving the majority of the fine gold in place. Moreover, early miners stopped at false bedrock leaving reserves beneath the false bedrock untouched.


Facts about Solar Energy and the .

Copyright 2014 Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved


The Company entered into a stock purchase agreement with Defense Technology Corporation DTC. DTC was formed in 2007 to bring products to market in areas of personal and collateral protection using unique technology unique to achieve superior protection products for military personnel and at schools and public facilities. Offender Alert Passive Scan is a 'next generation' walk-through detector scanning unit. It is a patented, trademarked product that has technologically advanced passive scanning system for detecting and identifying concealed threats. The unit can be installed into a door frame with no visual presence, providing covert detection, or can be installed as a standalone unit for portable operation.

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Copyright 2014 Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Corrected GEGI CEO's Legal History...

Below is the corrective Legal History for the GEGI CEO within the GEGI Disclosure 2nd Quarter 2014, Published Nov 03, 2014 that was also corrected within all of their required reportsfilings below


Aloso, here is further officiallegal confirmation that Raymond Francis Purdon GEGI CEO was later deemed innocent by an unanimous 11-0 decision in Judge Regina S. Cahans court where it was stated that Purdon did not commit fraud and did not violate the Washington State Securities Act

The Jury ruled, in a unanimous 11-0 decision in Judge Regina S. Cahans court, that Mr. Purdon did not commit fraud and did not violate the Washington State Securities Act.

Again, anything that happened in the past that could be viewed as a negative wont matter if they figure out a way to mature the operations with the Mary Ann Canyon Mine. I think you will see a different group of investors that will be willing to support GEGI and the Mary Ann Canyon Mine. In my opinion, GEGI will be judged by its operations and its potential and not by the management. Ive seen stocks with where the CEO had a criminal historyrecord and the stock still had gone up thousands of percent. We dont have that here with GEGI. For me, I could care less who the management team is here with GEGI. I could care less about their past failures. Its all about the Mary Ann Canyon Mine now for me and what they prove to do with it now. Ill post some old historical and current DD to show people why I believe in the Mary Ann Canyon Mine once I get it organized regardless to who the management team is which leads me to think that they are serious about maturing the Mary Ann Canyon Mine.

As of Oct 14, 2014

Authorized Shares AS 1,200,000,000 Shares
Outstanding Shares OS 357,418,052 Shares
Float Shares 106,474,084Shares
Restricted Shares 250,943,968 Shares

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