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FLGC Promotional Newsletter

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Closes Investment in Hoshi


Good Morning,

Roughly six days ago, FLGC announced that they are

What this means for FLGC

Strategic partnership with Hoshi International that holds European assets, providing Flora with a clear expected pathway to European distribution and the introduction of Floras products, formulations, and brands
Alignment between two strong management teams. Hoshis management team has extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience in the global cannabis market
Processing foothold in the European Union for select Flora technologies, such as the patented hemp cigarette manufacturing line that is expected be acquired through the
Leveraging Hoshis various distribution agreements throughout the European Union, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland, with additional distribution agreements being actively pursued and negotiated

Now lets look at the indicators below, this is a sleeping giant and FLGC chart has proven to be a steady runner in the past.

After undertaking some recent, game-changing corporate actions, this company could soon be at the forefront of the Green Leaf revolution.

Flora Growth Corp. NASDAQ FLGC has recognized this Colombian opportunity and to put it quite simply, has pounced to create a low-cost cultivation operation that could provide them with a global footprint in the years to come.

Flora is a cann-a-bis company that will leverage natural, cost-effective cultivation practices to supply cann-a-bis derivatives to its diverse business divisions of cosmetics, he-mp textiles, and food and beverage.

As the operator of one of the largest outdoor cultivation facilities, Flora strives to market a higher-quality premium product at below market prices. By prioritizing natural ingredients and value-chain sustainability across its portfolio, Flora creates premium products that help consumers restore and thrive.

New Colombian Regulation Further Increases Revenue Potential

The President of Colombia has accepted and signed into effect some exciting revisions related to the existing Colombian cann-a-bis laws which allow for the

Sale and export of raw cann-a-bis materials, namely dried flower, to international markets
Manufacturing, sale, and export of ingestible cann-a-binoid products in Colombia
Promotion and advertising of cann-a-bis brands and products in Colombia

These new regulations are expected to allow Flora to increase near-term and long-term revenue, optimize its product supply chain both domestically and abroad.6

Now, the chart....

FLGC chart is showing a perfect breakout and pull back formation, and we get a chance to catch it at the bounce point.

Not to go of topic, but if you look at the three months chart on just about every major crypto right now, this is how they look.

Slow and steady uptrend, set a new 52 Week High, then pull back to a mid level position from the high point and setting up for a bounce.

Now I said SETTING UP, not in the bounce YET, which is a fantastic thing for us, as we get front row seat to the bounce.

Price has come down slowly from the high point around 18 and is now testing the support levels set by the chart during the initial breakout and the small bounce it had last week.

With the trend line crossing the support line, we have our point of the Bounce

While the RSI is still hovering over the OVERSOLD line, the MACD is already under the zero line, far below its signal line and ready to make a reversal.

The MACD Histogram is confirming that as it moves back up to the zero line.

Another thing that I noticed on FLGC chart is when they announce news, this thing shoots up an average of 50pct.... This is rare for a NASDAQ but we love to see such action.

Begin your research on FLGC right away and as always, trade safe.



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