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FDIT Promotional Newsletter

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The Barchart Technical Opinion Rating Upgraded

FDIT Bullish 100% BUY Opinion

Like I predicted FDIT would be another big mover. FDIT bounces to $.08 Wednesday providing investors with 75% gains from Tuesday's low of $.0455...

Here's a recap

I first initiated coverage on FDIT Monday and it broke-out to a high of $.0999, running up 53% from previous close, then we saw some profit-taking set in on Tuesday and it retraced, bottoming out at a low of $.0455 on Tuesday... before rocketing to a high of $.08 Wednesday, allowing this ticker to bounce hard creating an awesome swing trade opportunity providing 75% gains from Tuesdays low.

FDIT has Bullish Technical Indicators Triggering a 100% BUY Opinion Rating

I strongly suggest you immediately to learn why FDIT could turn out to be another potential double-digit gainer like my previous winners.

If you haven't yet read FDIT full profile, do so


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