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FDIT Promotional Newsletter

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Profit Alert AIHS Explodes Up 182% From Initial Alert at $.80,

Rallying to a High of $2.26 TODAY

Grabbing the 1 Spot as the Biggest Gainer in

the Entire NASDAQ Market

Dear Fellow Trader,

For the new members who just joined us, welcome For our loyal ones, a big Congrats on AIHS

Today AIHS Rocketed to $2.26 running up 182% from my initial alert at $.80

One of our previous picks AIHS rocketed to a high of $2.26 today, providing you with 182% in gains from my initial alert

I first alerted you AIHS on Feb 18th premarket at approx. $.80, and it has Rocketed to a high of $2.26 today running up 182% in Gains...Thats a clean double your money situation

If you liked your previous pick which ran 182% in Gains, I believe you are going to love your NEXT Low Float Breakout Stock... FDIT

Immediately turn your attention to Findit Inc. FDIT

This is my next stock ready to potentially move in a big way, here's why...

FDIT is now displaying the holy grail of bullish breakout signals - GOLDEN CROSS.

Also, on our side is Wall Streets leading provider of market data to the global financial, media, and commodity industries just issued FDIT a bullish 50% BUY Rating Short Term. See

Technical Analysis

FDIT is now displaying the holy grail of bullish breakout signals - GOLDEN CROSS.

A golden cross is formed when the 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day moving average, signaling the beginning of a breakout rally.

The medium term faster average price of the stock has crossed its long term slower average. Look at the chart below, you will see the short-term moving average blue line moves up through the long-term moving average red line.

It's an extremely bullish signal that indicates the beginning of a Breakout Rally

Check out the chart and you'll see this stock has a history of days where double and even triple digit gains are unleashed.

FDIT Chart Looks To Be On The Verge Full-On BREAKOUT

The 50 Day MA Just Crossed The 200 Day MA

Signaling Bullish Golden Cross

4 Reasons To Get FDIT On Your Watch-list Right Now

FDIT has Triggered 4 New Bullish Trade Signals
FDIT is experiencing a Golden Cross
FDIT has a very small float
My Track Record Speaks For Itself

Multiple Breakout Catalysts Signaling Breakout Potential

With several potential bullish catalysts working in FDIT favor, I believe it could be setting up for its next big potential breakout.

Its important to note, FDIT is no stranger to explosive breakouts and just like our recent winners, our latest trade idea has a razor thin float and double and even triple-digit gain potential.

In fact, I first initiated coverage on FDIT Monday June 22nd and it broke-out to a high of $.0999, running up 53% from previous close, then we saw some profit-taking set in on Tuesday June 23rd and it retraced, bottoming out at a low of $.0455, before rocketing to a high of $.08 Wednesday June 24th, allowing this ticker to bounce hard creating an awesome swing trade opportunity providing 75% gains from Tuesdays low.

It surged from $.0115 on May 1st to a high of $.086 on June 10th booking over 647% in Gains, virtually overnight.

It surged from a low of $.0151 on Dec 31st, 2019 to a high of $.04 Jan 28th booking over 164% in Gains, virtually overnight.

Then back in Nov of last year it ran from $.03 to a high of $.069 on Nov 15th running up 130% in gains.

Another example was on July 22nd, 2019 it ran from $.023 to a high of $.10 ON Aug 21, 2019 running up 233% in gains.

I hope you are as excited as I am for Mondays trading action You don't want to miss it.

As you can see, there are multiple bullish catalysts signaling breakout potential

So, without wasting any more time, don't delay and pull up FDIT on your trading screen before you miss out on another potential winner, with tremendous upside potential.

Yours for greater profits,

Editor In Chief, BuzzStocks Team

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