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FDIT Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Buzz Stocks" promoting Findit, Inc.


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FDIT Barchart Technical Opinion Rating

Triggered 11 out of 12 Possible Buy Signals

Dear Fellow Trader,

FDIT is breaking out to the upside very fast hitting a high of $.148 yesterday up 34.66% from my alert at Monday's open

Pull up FDIT and look at the 183.70% multi-day run from 928 to 1001, when it hit a 52-week high of $.2525share.

FDIT could be at the beginning stage of another Massive Run back to its 52-week high.

FDIT RSI Relative Strength Index is hovering just around 56 and could be indicating that a Bigger Breakout is Imminent.

If FDIT RSI crosses over the 60 or 70 Level Like it has done in the past there is No-Telling what could happen. We could be witnessing another double, triple or even a quadruple...

We still have another 275% to go until we hit the Goldman Price Target of $.45 which he already raised once before

Another big catalyst that could potentially send shares breaking out higher is Wall Streets leading provider of market data Barchart, which upgraded FDIT to a 50% Buy rating short-term, 100% Buy rating medium-term, 100% Buy rating long-term.

Barchart triggered 11 out of 12 Possible Buy Signals across the short-term indicators, medium-term indicators and even the long-term indicators.

I strongly suggest you read the technicals immediately to learn why FDIT has the potential to continue to climb higher

If you haven't taken a look at this stock yet, this is your chance. Make sure you have FDIT pulled up on your trading screen.


Trading Research Team

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