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FDIT Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Buzz Stocks" promoting Findit, Inc.


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Investing.com Technical Opinion Rating Upgraded

Findit FDIT to Bullish Strong Buy

Dear Fellow Trader,

Immediately turn your attention to Findit Inc. FDIT

So far, FDIT is breaking out to the upside fast hitting a high of $.135 yesterday up 20.21% from previous sessions close.

I strongly suggest you read the technicals immediately to learn why FDIT has the potential to continue to climb higher

If you haven't yet read FDIT full profile, do so

Another bullish catalyst that points to a potential breakout is respected technical analysis site Investing.com. Their technical indicators triggered FDIT a Strong Buy - See Below

There Are Several Potential Catalyst in Play Right Now That

Could be Key Factors For Another FDIT Massive Run

Potential Catalyst 1 for Findit, Inc. FDIT We have one of the hottest newsletters around right now. If youve been following us, you just saw our recent winners--and this is just from January we just saw Potential Gains of 1,150.00% on SPONF, 215.47% on AIKI and 101.06% on FDCT

Potential Catalyst 2 for Findit, Inc. FDIT FDIT just pulled back into the same range it was in right before it went on a huge 394.12% run. As of this writing, FDITs RSI is hovering right around 54.99 which is in the same range it was when FDIT had that Major Breakout.

Potential Catalyst 3 for Findit, Inc. FDIT An Analyst at Goldman Small Cap Research raised his price target for FDIT all the way up to $.45share which would be a potential run of 349.99% from recent prices. There is a reason why this analyst said Company Hitting on All Cylinders as he raised his Price Target to $.45share.

Potential Catalyst 4 for Findit, Inc. FDIT According to CNBCs website, as of this writing, FDIT currently has a Market Cap of around $30MIL. Making it a very small company. Small companies like this have been known to take off and make massive runs when Wall Street starts to take notice of them.

Potential Catalyst 5 for Findit, Inc. FDIT Social Media Stocks have a history of becoming bellwethers and making early investors very wealthy. Companies like that is up 454.39% since May 2016, and that is up 1,352.38% since September 2012, and Snap Inc that is up 1,047.46% since December 2018.

Potential Catalyst 6 for Findit, Inc. FDIT FDIT could become a Potential Take-Over Candidate by one of the other leading Social Media or Search Giants. has made over 82 acquisitions. Google has made over 225 acquisitions. has made over 51 acquisitions. Microsoft has made over 225 acquisitions. Findit FDIT would be an ideal addition to the stable to any one of those Tech Giants. The Influencer and Content Marketing Industry is expected to grab big dollars in the years to come and we dont think that the Big Guys will want to miss out on an easy win like FDIT. Since January 2020, up until 2 days ago, there have been 20 Major Acquisitions in the Social Media Space Alone.

The size of the Social Media Market is enormous...And we can expect to see a lot more mergers and acquisitions coming in the near future.

Findit FDIT is a tiny company under $30MIL thats in the right place at the right time. They have carved out their own little niche where other Social Media Companies are missing the boat.

You Do Not Want to Miss Out on FDIT...

If you haven't taken a look at this stock yet, this is your chance. Make sure you have FDIT pulled up on your trading screen.


Trading Research Team

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