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6:30 AM
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August 30, 2021
Friendable, Inc.
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"Stocks To Buy Now"
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Friendable, Inc.

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(as of August 20, 2021)
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(as of July 28, 2021)
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Tip of the Week

Friendable Inc. FDBL

Friendable Inc. is a mobile technology and marketing company focused on developing and identifying products, services and brand opportunities with mass market potential and scalability.

Friendable published its first mobile application in the Apple App Stores and Google Play stores in 2014, in the social networking and dating category. The Friendable app achieved over 1.5 million downloads, Top 10 worldwide rankings, and has led to celebrity-related marketing opportunities and various relationships with well-known music artists, as well as up-and-coming independent artists.

Friendable has since removed the social dating app from the app stores and has pivoted its business focus to Fan Pass, the livestream artist platform. Launched July 24, 2020, the Fan Pass livestream platform has proven to be invaluable for artists and fans alike as performances shifted from the stage to the screen.

Friendable was founded by brothers Robert A. Rositano Jr. and Dean Rositano, who have more than 27 years of experience working together on technology-related ventures.

Investment Considerations

Friendable Inc.s Fan Pass app is designed to break down the barrier between artists and fans.
The Fan Pass app offers subscribers the opportunity to connect with their favorite artists and access one-of-a-kind experiences, live performances and merchandise created especially for them.
With an affordable pricing structure that facilitates revenue growth, Fan Pass provides investors a unique opportunity to obtain a stake in a new organization catering to a growing population of omni-users who crave constant connection with celebrities and influencers.
The company has secured a partnership with Brightcove targeting OTT platform expansion, including leaders such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku and WWW.
Roughly 100 million internet users watch online videos every day, creating a highly lucrative market opportunity for Friendable Inc.
The video streaming industry in the United States is expected to reach $7.08 billion in 2021.

Recent Coverage

InvestorNewsBreaks - Friendable Inc. FDBL Unveils New Fan Pass Features Leading-Edge AI Shopping Experience

August 24, 2021 830 AM

, a mobile technology and marketing company, has released a new shopping experience to enhance its Fan Pass platform and maximize artist exposure, merchandise sales and company revenues. FDBL has combined innovative artificial intelligence AI and shopping technology to develop an online storefront that increases both opportunities and conversions of exclusive artist merchandise. The new feature gives Fan Pass artists enhanced visibility and increased sales opportunities as well as the ability to track and target fans who have visited their sites, enabling artists to better identify future buyers as well as repeat customers. Complementary to the design of version 2.0 of our Fan Pass platform, we have long-desired to update and dial-in the efficiency of our e-commerce storefront, said Friendable CEO Robert A. Rositano Jr. in the press release. With this upgrade complete, we can check another box in our previously announced 120-execution plan. Our roadmap to increase monetization and revenue opportunities is flagged with huge milestones. As we continue to advance on our growth strategy, we see all facets of the business taking shape, performing well, and beginning to build. As we have said before, our focus is on the artists using our platform our team has listened to their feedback and now its time to scale-up the technology and tools Fan Pass has either added or rebuilt to support this scalable growth. Thank you to our amazing team, partners, shareholders, artists and their fans. We are in this together, and we at Friendable appreciate all the support.

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