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FCIC Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Stock Sumo" promoting FCCC, Inc.


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Big Moves in All 5 of Wednesday's Selections

We had a whole slew of options ideas that we formed for yesterday morning's premarket report, offering up targets in five separate chains based off of earnings. For our newer readers, we typically like to stick with quick-strike options in company's which has just reported quarterly figures because of the intraday volatility they most often generate.

Yesterday our designated targets were the FCX Weekly $39-41 Calls, the BA Weekly $202.50-207.50 Calls, the TXN Weekly $180-182.50 Calls, the MSFT Weekly $300-307.50 Calls, and the SPY 0126 $440-442 Calls. We managed a five way sweep, with all of our selected ideas producing big intraday runs for us on the day As always, here are the total daily ranges and the highest possible percentage gains that traders could have banked.
FCX Weekly $39-41 Calls
$39 .93-2.00 116%
$40 .50-1.38 176%
$41 .30-.92 207%

BA Weekly $202.50-207.50 Calls
$202.50 1.29-2.87 122%
$205 .78-1.86 138%
$207.50 .45-1.18 162%

TXN Weekly $180-182.50 Calls
$180 .89-1.75 97%
$182.50 .40-.84 110%

MSFT Weekly $300-307.50 Calls
$300 5.19-8.81 70%
$302.50 4.00-6.95 74%
$305 2.99-5.36 79%
$307.50 2.14-3.95 85%

SPY 0126 $440-442 Calls
$440 2.34-5.60 139%
$441 1.90-4.90 158%
$442 1.53-4.20 175%

Fresh Options Ideas
XLNX Weekly $182.50-190 Calls
NOW Weekly $530-540 Calls
TSLA Weekly $930-945 Calls


We've also been tracking and mentioning AIAD in our extended watchlists for the past week, originally alerting on it in .

The stock has produced a considerable run up the chart over that short span, trading up from Friday's low of .0176 and reaching as high as .0327 yesterday. That works out to an increase of 86%

Extended Watchlist

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