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Overall Perfomance for "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks"

The following three charts can be used by potential investors to gauge the performance of "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks":


241 out of 447 campaigns closed down on first day


167 out of 447 campaigns closed up on first day


39 out of 447 campaigns had no net effect

FCIC Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks" promoting FCCC, Inc.


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Incredible Big-Board PPS Runs
As we have mentioned time and again, our daily extended watchlists are a mixture of everything from nanocap to large cap stocks. Whatever catches our eye in our morning scans after we've completed our primary features ends up in those lists, as we believe a diverse array of trading targets is most likely to unearth opportunities for success.

A mere two days in, the month of June has already brought us two examples of large cap stocks tagged in our extended watchlists which have made some seriously attention-grabbing moves. AMC appeared in Tuesday morning's list and went on a run yesterday, while BB appeared and is presently gapping to new highs in the premarket today.

We reiterated our interest in BB trades in our premium chat yesterday morning as well. Read below to find out how you can gain access to a new level of success

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. AMC
Subsequent Range 28.53-72.62
Total Possible Gain154%

Blackberry Ltd. BB
Subsequent Range 12.33-21.54
Total Possible Gain75%

We encourage anyone with interest in in our premium services, including daily live alerts and periodic trading seminars, to to email us your contact details and a brief description of your level of trading experience. We believe that even advanced level traders could benefit from our unique insight and tactics

Yesterday's Options Plays

We also want to briefly recap the respectable intraday moves registered by our two fresh options ideas in . We were tracking the ZM Weekly $327.50-332.50 Calls and the APPS Weekly $67.50-69 Calls, and they recorded the following intraday runs

ZM Weekly $327.50-332.50 Calls
$327.50 3.61-6.15 70%
$330 2.10-4.34 107%
$332.50 1.55-3.21 107%

APPS Weekly $67.50-69 Calls
$67.50 .75-1.20 60%
$68 .70-1.05 50%
$68.50 .60-.94 57%
$69 .56-.82 46%

Fresh Options Ideas
CIEN Weekly $55.50-57 Calls
ESTC 0618 $125-135 Calls

Extended Watchlist

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