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EDXC Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Shakerz and Moverz" promoting ENDEXX Corp.


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Stocks EDXC, COEP. Crypto ETH. NFTs oLand free

Back in gear

Topics discussed
Stocks EDXC, COEP. Crypto ETH. NFTs oLand free

NFTs oLand free
Free Yes, so we all like free stuff. oLand is offering free NFTs on their platform. They are building a decentralized Web3 accessible global network. You can receive a free 'land' NFT, correlating to an actual location on the globe. There are upgrade features and more.

For more information on the NFT and what they are doing, visit their website and sign up. We'll both receive a plot of land

Crypto ETH
So ETH has been on one of the catapult amusement park rides over the past 2 weeks.

We saw a small move to the green during that 3rd week of October and then the catapult engaged and off we went. We've been in the 'bouncing back and forth' portion of the ride for the past 2 weeks and it looks like the ride might be over. If so, we could see a drop below $1,200 in time with a slight chance of sub $1,000 some are calling for a $500 range true 'one last time' bottom. Or could this be one of those rides that has you anticipating the end only to give you one more round Time will tell, but there are some signs we will see $1,000 area before the next major move to new all time highs happens.

Last but not least...

EDXC and COEP. Two very different stocks showing an undervalued component.

EDXC just announced over $6 Million in revenues after completing the acquisition of Hyla, a non-nicotine plant based Vape company. This looks to be the turning point to profitability for the company, no more death spiral convertible notes, etc. Definitely one to watch, even as volume does continue to be a bit sporadic. Anticipation of a breakout continues to build.

COEP just completed a SPAC merger with BHSE last week. Read up on them some more, but a move from the OTC to a major exchange indicated they have a lot going for them. Sub $3 entry if possible, small chance we could see below $2 briefly.

I like to use DCA, dollar cost averaging, when looking for bottom plays.

As always, this is not financial advise. This is for entertainment purposes only. You assume all risk. We are not liable for your decisions, your losses, etc. Extreme high-risk, assume you will loose all your money, so only use money that is earmarked for speculative trading.

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