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6:53 AM
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November 24, 2020
DSG Global Inc
Stock promoter:
"Blue Hoseshoe Stocks"
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18 out of 28
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DSG Global Inc

Market capitalization:
(as of November 12, 2020)
Floating shares:
(as of September 14, 2020)
Outsanding shares:
(as of November 6, 2020)
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(as of November 6, 2020)

Stock Promoter Performance

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37% closed up

9% had no net effect

Last 2 Stock Promotions By "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks"

Symbol Company Start Date Close Change
TSNP Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. November 17, 2020 0.016 -50%
ARSN Aureus Inc. November 16, 2020 0.0013 8%

DSGT Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks" promoting DSG Global Inc


The following newsletter has not been verified for accuracy or completeness.

Aureus Inc. News Update

For our readers who may have missed our initial report on ARSN, you can . As for today, the company has issued another press release this morning that we wanted to pass along, regarding the progress on its plans to establish several small retail markets, which we've discussed before.

ATLANTA, GA ACCESSWIRE November 24, 2020 Aureus, Inc. OTC PINKARSN Aureus or the Company an emerging leader in the food brand development industry which owns the Yuengling's Ice Cream brand Yuengling's Ice Cream or Yuengling's including all intellectual property, will diversify its interests into the food sector by developing Micro Markets throughout the metro Atlanta area. This new subsidiary is named Aureus Micro Markets AureusMicro.co

CEO Everett Dickson stated This was a fantastic week After spending the last several weeks seeding the Metro Atlanta area, our sales this week were ahead of schedule relative to our projections. For us to achieve our goal of 30 locations by year's end, we needed to secure 15 sites this month. Given our performance this week, we feel that objective is very obtainable.


DSG Global, Inc. DSGT - We initially signaled DSGT for tracking just over three weeks back, on the , subsequent to which point the stock had traded for as little as .1333 per share. In a huge start to the week yesterday, DSGT ran up to a new high of .39. That works out to an increase of 193%

Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd. ALPP - On for the first time in several months, and at that time we observed a low of .0735 in the stock. Yesterday brought a new high of .35 on this play, marking a run of 376% inside of a week.

Blink Charging Co. BLNK As for BLNK, which first appeared on our watchlist on the morning of , after which time it would see a low of 7.33. Yesterday's new high on BLNK came in at 34.67, which represents an overall upswing of 373% since we began tracking the stock.

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Owners of this website received $10000USD from Aureus, Inc. OTCMKTSARSN for a One Month Investor Relations Contract which began on 110920, and will remain active through 120420.



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