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7:30 AM
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July 22, 2021
Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.
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"Penny Stock 101"
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17 out of 23
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Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.

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(as of July 9, 2021)
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(as of August 31, 2020)
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(as of January 31, 2021)
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(as of January 31, 2021)

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DATI Promotional Newsletter

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Act fast, and get on your screens

This low-float technical breakout alert appears to be gearing up for a big day of trading.

The Bullish Case For DATI

Has bullish technical indicators, and is rated a BUY on
Is operating in a sector that is predicted to grow substantially
Has a well recorded history of single-session breakouts

About the Company

uses the Public Accelerator-Incubator PAI model, with the intent to follow the global success of accelerators and incubators around the world, adding niche opportunities to both the microcap and startup communities. As a PAI, Digital Asset Monetary Network will develop and acquire innovations that solve problems through digital platforms and other electronic applications.

Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. Is Changing The Investment Landscape By Making Pre-IPO Investment Opportunities Available To Millions Stock DATI

Most investors are searching for the same thing an investment that offers a decent return. However, some investors want more. In fact, they dont want decent returns they want exponential returns. And thats not greed at play its a fair reward to those willing to find and invest in disruptive companies that can change an industry landscape. Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. OTCMKTS DATI might just be one of these companies. And if DATI gets its way, the capital funding investment framework might be changed forever.

In fact, DATI is on a mission to change a lot of things in the world of finance. And the best news is that they are in business to help the often-neglected retail investor from being continually squeezed out of massive wealth-building opportunities. And that motive seems to be attracting substantial investor interest.

The idea isnt necessarily a new one. Crowdfunding, Reg A capital raises, and even private placements have allowed the accredited and some of the more seasoned retail investors to secure a slice of a promising company. However, the vast majority of small investors wouldnt know where to look to find these opportunities. Moreover, despite deals being accessible, the reality exists that the small investor still may not be able to easily determine a good opportunity from a bad one, and the better deals still go to the privileged few. But, as noted, things are about to change. And micro-cap DATI is helping to pioneer that transformation.

In fact, DATI is doing what others have only talked about. Theyve built a platforman ecosystem as they call itto help people of all economic backgrounds, including angel investors, establish and build generational wealth, by owning a piece of the businesses they represent. In essence, they are the surrogate to those that want to build wealth by taking advantage of the same deals that often only the big money gets an invite to participate in. The excellent news is that DATI can make that happen by changing the ratio in the startup world with practical tools and services to democratize securing a seat at the table. The intended result Present an entirely new set of people non-millionaires to own equity in early-stage companies, any of which could become the next unicorn owned by an overlooked set of entrepreneurs.

And by offering these opportunities through a well-built, no-nonsense platform, investors are only a few clicks away from making investments once reserved for the Wall Street power-players.

Yes, its that simple.

Blazing A New Path To Build Wealth

Know this, too Although retail investors sometimes get fed a few shares in an IPO from their broker, the sad truth is that these retail investors actually buy what the institutions are selling. In fact, many of the IPO shares come from owners and investors cashing out part of their stake, often making hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Theres nothing necessarily wrong with that. In fact, entrepreneurs deserve the rewards of their hard work and dedication, and early investors deserve healthy returns on investments for taking early financial risk. Challenge is, these entrepreneurs and early-risk investors are most often not, who DATI refers to as everyday people.

However, DATI is switching the dynamic. Instead of retail investors buying at a premium of whats being sold by early investors for huge profits, DATI can help position retail investors to now be the seller. In other words, they too, can cash out on an investment made during the very early stages of a companys formation. And the returns can be substantialtraditionally much more than buying at the IPO price.

Companies like Robinhood, for example, have gone from startup to having an expected IPO valuation near $40 billion when it sells a stake in its company in July. And that took only about seven years. The better news is that there are quite a few Robinhoods out there that are well-managed, have great ideas, and can be market disruptors. The problem is, they dont often have adequate capital, yet

And unless they are willing to sell their souls to big money undervalued and overlooked entrepreneurs may never get a seat at the table to discuss financing. Ask anyone in the industry Wall Street money isnt cheap and they usually dont just talk to the average guy . In fact, those too desperate often get cash with the dreaded convertible debenture attached. In that case, those institutional investors may not care how the company does, as long as there is liquidity to sell millions of diluted shares.

In fact, most experienced investors know that even the best of companies can get crushed by the weight of their own stock. But since the company needed the cash, they took whatever terms available. Finally, DATI is here to provide a better option.

Taking Opportunities Through A Disciplined Investment Model

Better still, DATI has made the process simple by creating the first Public Accelerator Incubator PAI, to level the playing field by democratizing the startup acceleration model. At its core, the investment model provides everyone a seat at the table through an ecosystem that utilizes multiple access points to funding, skill development, education, and other tools for success.

Best of all, it opens the door for any investor, no matter the size of their wallet, education, station in life or financial background, to own equity in early-stage companies. And any one of those companies represented by DATI through the PAI model has the potential to be a breakout star. Moreover, retail investors get their position in high-value, high-growth startups from the beginningalongside the big money. Therein lay the value proposition for owning a piece of DATI as well.

In fact, at roughly $0.20 per share and a market cap of approximately $3.2 million, DATI seems to be primed for exponential growth. And as more investors join the DATI investment community, anticipate that valuation to likely rise as more investment dollars get put to work. The even better news is that DATI is not autocratic. Investors have an opportunity to learn, participate in, evaluate, discover, and invest in public and private company opportunities after thorough due diligence.

As DATI explains, they are assembling a diverse group of voices, expertise, and talents that can help nurture a culture of innovation amid a continuously evolving equity investment landscape. Put more simply, they provide early access to investment opportunities, provide reports on industry trends, offer exclusive access to its DigitalAMN think tank, and present essential business insights from other community members. Indeed, its a comprehensive list of reasons why investors should consider joining the community.

Of course, DATIs goal is to make money and build shareholder value. And with shares higher by more than 25% since the start of the year, they are delivering on that mission. Moreover, they are posting those gains by doing things differently.

Leveraging Its Public Accelerator-Incubator Model

In fact, they are different by primarily combining the best of two business development approaches to nurture early-stage companies, along with leveraging online funding portals through the JOBS Act Titles II, III and IV, as the primary investment approach to funding an early-stage company. Often, investors should expect to hear the words incubator, accelerator, and equity crowdfunding in discussions about early-stage investment opportunities.

Incubators help startups very early on, nurturing them with resources, capital, and connections needed for growth. Startups participating in incubator programs often emerge with a more robust team, product and customer basebetter positioned for long-term growth.

Accelerators provide startups with guidance and mentorship to further grow their businesses. They also offer early capital to startups and position them for future investment opportunities from Angels and VCs. In this way, accelerators are more synonymous with the equity in exchange for investment model of investment, with founders sprinting at their chance to impress investors enough at a demo day to secure additional funding.

Equity Crowdfunding, which has become a catchall phrase for Reg. CF and Reg. A, was born from the JOBS Act, which was literally intended to Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. By leveraging online equity crowdfunding portals, startups and early-stage companies have more access to capital than traditionally available to themgarnering the financial support of their current and future customers, ardent supporters and interested investors.

DATIs primary focus is on combining these models to create its PAI Ecosystem.

Leveraging Its Public Accelerator-Incubator Model

Its PAI Ecosystem targets participants seeking cash, liquidity, andor investment opportunities. The advantage of using DATIs approach is that its PAI Ecosystem fosters financial growth opportunities for everyday people. This means undervalued and overlooked entrepreneurs of both private and publicly traded companies, and those undervalued and overlooked investors who are considered novice, unsavvy or non-accredited as well as those so-called accredited investors who dont have the status to rub elbows with big money. DATI has built its PAI Ecosystem through a combination of investments, acquisitions, and strategic alliances.

Through the PAI model, startups receive nearly everything they need the ideal parts of incubators, accelerators, business development, and equity crowdfunding, all in one ecosystem. Entrepreneurs get one-on-one market acceleration, marketing strategy, access to funding portals and global financial networks to raise capital, advanced business management consulting services, and access to early liquidity for both the entrepreneur and their investors. The result is a win-win proposition.

In fact, the PAI seems to be the only model that provides all of its stakeholders a virtuous circle, offering an equitable ratio of the pie thats infinitely scalable. Better still, at the same time, through the PAI model, investors have access to a broader pool of well-vetted investment options that have been funded and supported by DATI, as well as the flexibility of swift liquidity.

Thus, by DATI merging everyones needs and motivations, wealth potential is shared in an equitable and mutually beneficial way. Thats the beauty of the PAI. Its also why DATI might be positioned for exponential growth in the coming quarters particularly since the PAI Ecosystem has just officially launched.

A Surge In 2H 2021

Indeed, investors seem to be warming up to the DATI investment opportunity. And for good reasons.

First, they have built a combination platform that provides early-stage companies with the best of two proven business development models incubators and accelerators along with a proven investment model equity crowdfunding. Second, they are creating an ecosystem that could leverage substantial buying power in multiple startup ventures. And third, DATI is taking on the establishment for everyday people undervalued and overlooked entrepreneurs and investors much like Robinhood did for retail stock investors. However, DATIs model is designed to stay loyal to the retail investor class by not positioning the startups in the PAI Ecosystem to have to always bow to institutional pressures. And staying true to its community is a strength that can pay huge dividends.

Indeed, as a publicly-traded company, DATI is transparent about its business. Still, with plans to involve its investors in the decision-making of prospects and future clients, they take that trust to another level. For a company dedicated to building value for others, rest assured they plan to do it for themselves as well.

Therein lay the value proposition. Off of its 52-week highs, but still higher by about 25% YTD, the share price is compelling. In fact, with only about 16 million shares outstanding, DATIs stock looks ready to retest its highs near the $0.50 level. Better still, with a new website launched and an aggressive campaign to attract its investor community, DATI might be better positioned than ever to make that happen.

And that makes investment consideration at these levels a compelling proposition. Moreover, with DATI having a pipeline of initiatives in the queue and a platform that can scale to serve hundreds of early-stage companies and hundreds of thousands of investors globally, consider taking investment action sooner rather than later. After all, DATIs ambitious mission has started. Catch this one early.

Best Regards,

The PennyStock101 Team

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