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2:57 PM
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October 3, 2017
Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.
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"Damn Good Penny Picks"
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36 out of 49
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Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.

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(as of October 2, 2017)
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Holding companies, misc
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DATI Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Damn Good Penny Picks" promoting Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.


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The Venture Capital Angle Could Put You Miles Ahead Of Traditional Investors

Im extremely excited about this alert because it has the potential to completely eclipse Mondays alert which gained 39% in a single day.

Private equity PE, angel investing and venture capital is one industry that has been growing with the advent of startups.

Imagine getting into , Snap, or Tesla before they IPOed.

For the most part, startups need cash to operate, hire talent, and bring their products and services to the market.

The cleanest way for them to raise cash is to go to angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms.

If the company does well enough it then attempts to IPO. That is when the general public usually has its first chance to get into a stock.

According to , private equity has grown significantly during its research period between 2005 and 2015. Investor allocations and market appreciation, excluding venture capital, has grown global assets to over $3T. Moreover, private equity growth has outpaced other traditional asset classes, rising at a compound annual growth rate of 14% between 2005 and 2015.

Luckily, there is OTC company aiming to give the general public the same edge that VCs, PE, and angel investors.

Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. OTCMKTSDATI

Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. OTCMKTS DATI is a public accelerator-incubator PAI. The PAI program is designed to bring together investors and startups. Investors find startups that they deem attractive, and the companies exchange equity for their investment, which are secured by the PAI

In addition, DATI plans on creating a public portfolio which allows the public to be able to invest during the startups private placement stage.

The firm makes it possible for Angel Investors to gain access to liquidity in 12 months, without diluting their equity stake in startups they invest in.


Once the startup begins to raise a seed, angel, or series A round, we provide the investor round access to liquidity in exchange for 1% 5% of equity in the startup.


On average, angel investors are able to liquidate the equivalent of 10% of their private investments by selling the shares of the public company. Note Liquidating public share doesnt negatively impact the private investmentat all


We partner with accelerators by providing those investors with access to liquidity if they choose to invest in an accelerated company that also meets our criteria of investment. Essentially, the startups are double-vetted, and then the investors are giving equity in our public company to offset the risk of their private investment.

Check out the chart and technicals of DATI below

Source TradingView.com

On October 2, 2017, DATI closed at $1.122 per share. The firms stock price has traded in a range between $0.80 and $3.05 over the last 52 weeks.

A quick look at the chart above and youll see that DATI is hovering around some key moving averages, a clean move above them could cause the stock to go parabolic straight up.

In fact, it appears that the stock has been consolidating over the last couple of sessions for the next leg higher...

On average, about 7K shares trade daily 30-day average, according to OTC Markets. On Tuesday, the stock traded more than double that another sign that Wednesday could be a big day and the start of the next move up for the stocks price.

As of October 2, DATI had a market cap of about $24M.

Traders getting in at these levels could be looking at massive gains north of 138% thanks to the possibility of this stock going completely parabolic as early as Wednesday.

In Their Own Words Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.

Digital Arts Media Network is a Public Accelerator-Incubator PAI, trading under the ticker symbol DATI. The Company funds disruptive and sustainable innovations, solving global problems through digital platforms and other electronic applications. Following the global success of private accelerators and incubators, adding to PAI's niche, start-up ventures and developing companies enter into Digital Arts Media Network's accelerator-incubator program, either through an application process, joint venture, acquisition or strategic partnership. The Company aligns itself with other leading private accelerators and incubators, to form unique partnerships.

These partnerships enhance the vetting process, to ensure that the best teams, whom are developing the most cutting edge innovations, are properly funded and acquired. Further, Digital Arts Media Network, partners with successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and development teams, to provide startups with general and functional mentorship.

Digital Arts Media Network's value is derived from its ability to significantly decrease investment risk, acquire quantifiable assets and generate revenues from multiple channels. The Company also offers all investors the ability to i diversify, ii maximize success, iii see money at work, and iv exit, while effectively supporting startup ventures and early stage developing companies.

Recent Headlines

Digital Arts Media Network Launches Exchange Direct Program for Angel Investors

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2017 GLOBE NEWSWIRE -- Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. OTCMKTSDATI, a specialized tech accelerator leveraging the Public Accelerator-Incubator PAI model, has launched its Exchange Direct program, which creates liquidity for angel and early-stage investors.

While battle testing Angels, we were challenged to develop a new program to address other liquidity needs of angel and early-stage investors, stated Ajene Watson, Chairman and CEO of Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. We view the Exchange Direct program as a segue to introducing Angels to more startups.

Angels is a capital formation program that gives a startup the ability to provide angels and early-stage investors access to liquidity within 24months. The Exchange Direct program will focus on more mature startups that have been curated and strategically funded by reputable accelerators and angel investors.

Watson concluded, We are now in negotiations with angel investors to close Exchange Direct transactions. These same investors are interested in the Angels program for other startups they may be giving investment consideration toward. Exchange Direct transactions, once closed, would result in significant increased equity to the Companys developing startup portfolio and balance sheet.

Bottom Line

DATI is attempting to bring some of the most exciting opportunities to retail investors that we have seen in many years.

The stock has been consolidating lately and if it can clear some key technical levels, the stock could go sky high.

Traders jumping into right now DATI could be looking at gains north of 171% as the stock has a lot going for it and a chart that points at a lot of upside for traders to profit from as early as Wednesday.

For your own due diligence, visit here

Your Friend,

Jeff The Mirkinator Mirkin


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