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Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI Just Ran 95.65%
Last Week, Popped 63.04% on Monday And Could Be Setting
Up For A Much Larger Move To The Upside

Dear Fellow Trader,

First things first, Id like to extend a Huge Welcome to all of our New Members and a Big Thank You to all of our Long-Time Loyal Readers who have witnessed some Massive Gainers over the years. Earlier last week, I alerted you my Covid-19 Diagnostics stock GWHP which ran from a low of $.49 to todays high of $1.50 providing members with 206.12% gains.

206.12% in Gains--Not Bad, Right

We are also coming off recent gainers like my previous pick AIKI that ran up 108.33%. I alerted AIKI on Jan 6th and it started trading premarket at approx. $.84 and rocketed to an intraday high of $1.75, providing members with 108.33% gains from my premarket alert at $.84share.

108.33% in Gains--Not Bad, Right

If you liked your picks above that I just mentioned, I believe you are going to love your NEXT Breakout Stock for Thursday... CSUI

Turn Your Complete Attention to CSUI
Thursday's Focus Stock

Immediately Turn Your Attention to Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI

Our next profile brings us just outside of one of the worlds most expensive cities...Zurich, Switzerland.

Why Switzerland, you may be asking

Keep reading and I will tell you exactly why

Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI is a research development company licensed under Swiss Cannabis and tobacco regulations to cultivate and sell cannabis.

The Companys facilities for producing cannabis are based in Zurich.

The Company grows high quality, organic cannabis with sustainable, all-natural principles. Cannabis Suisse products are laboratory tested to ensure the end users have access to a standardized, safe and consistent product.

Cannabis Suisse Corp. has a leading reputation for high-quality production of cannabis and CBD oil.

With strategic investments, and Swiss partnerships, Cannabis Suisse Corp. provides a wide range of premium quality cannabis and hemp products, develops innovative technologies, promotes cannabis consumer health and wellness, and delivers an exceptional customer experience with their brand CannaMec.

Cannabis Suisse Corp operates in Europe, pursuing new and emerging cannabis markets where possible through their own network of wholesale distributors, their e-commerce and mobile applications, brick and mortar retail stores, as well as grocery store retailers.

...Less Than 3 Weeks Ago,
Everything Changed Your Benefit

Cannabis Suisse Corps Home Country of Switzerland Now Has

An Even Bigger Edge Over The Rest of The European Countries.

Switzerland, which is not a member of the European Union, is an outlier on the continent, having set its THC limit for industrial hemp at a full 1.0% in 2011.

The limit in EU countries is expected to be lifted from 0.2% to 0.3% after the European Parliament signed off on that change in October 2020.

The limit value for the intoxicating cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol THC introduced in 2011 in narcotics law allows for a sufficient delimitation of the prohibited narcotic cannabis, FOAG said in the statement.

Countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia have also set THC limits for hemp at a full 1.0%, challenging a generally observed 0.3% international limit. A proposal to adopt the 1.0% barrier was also recently floated in Congress in the United States, which set its THC limit at 0.3% in the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp federally.

Switzerlands Edge

The higher allowable THC limit for hemp gives Switzerland an edge in CBD production because CBD in hemp rises in proportion to THC.

Hemp is farmed in Switzerland primarily for smokable buds and as biomass for CBD extraction produced from bushy crops that are more like marijuana plants in appearance.

CBD and CBD-rich cannabis are not scheduled narcotics in Switzerland, but are not freely available as medicine in pharmacies without a prescription. CBD-enriched food supplements, smokable buds, and other products are on the market under quality control guidelines.

Revised Laws Expected

Marijuana is regulated in Swiss narcotics laws and is generally prohibited. Therapeutic THC and cannabis preparations containing more than 1% THC require a special permit from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

Industry observers say that with Swiss narcotic law undergoing revision, THC-rich cannabis flowers and preparations are likely to be made available by prescription, but without additional special permits now required of patients. Sativex, a mouth spray based on a 11 THC to CBD ratio that is used to treat Multiple Sclerosis and other spastic conditions, is the only approved high-THC-content medicine on the market in Switzerland. Sativex is made by UK-based GW Pharmaceuticals, which is also the maker of Epidiolex, the first cannabis-derived prescription drug to gain federal approval from the U.S. Food Drug Administration.

So Lets Dig Into Cannabis Suisse Corp CSUI
A Little Deeper So You Can See Why You Do Not Want
To Miss Out On This One...

Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI Trades in the USA on the OTC Markets.

Market background Business Objectives

Switzerland has the highest allowed legislative THC content in Europe 1% for sales of cannabis products in retail outlets without medical receipt. This makes Switzerland an ideal geographic location to manufacture cannabis products, with an intent to scale the business into worldwide distribution.

Various diluted sequences of THCCBD ratio can be produced to match legislation and regulation on individual markets with other permitted levels of THC. This allows for worldwide production of OTC over-the-counter products - for example CBD oils, as well as retail branded cannabis cigarettes, and other health related supplements.

Manufacturing Production of CBD Oils

The unique strains of cannabis that they have selected and cultivated contains less than 1% THC. A remarkable characteristic of the strains of cannabis is that the THCCBD ratio is 120, meaning the strain induces little intoxicating effects. Their tests have put the CBD content as high as 19%.

This can be exported worldwide and be tailored to each markets local legislation in regard to THC content - even as low as 0%. Diluting the THC content does not reduce the CBD content of the product.

They produce CBD hemp oil drops made with the whole hemp plant containing both CBD and CBDa. They produce CBD RAW hemp oil drops that arent made with any heat or filtering during production so the CBDa is left intact. And its the CBDa thats thought to have effects on other non-endocannabinoid receptors and enzymes. As a result, Raw CBD hemp oil maintains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the original plant.

Developing of a retail brand for sale of traditional cigarette packages

Sales of OTC cannabis cigarettes over-the-counter retail packages in Switzerland. Allowing for 1% THC level content in cigarettes, as opposed to 0,2% in most EU countries, utilizes developing of typical cigarette packages containing marijuana joints, sold in the same way that retail consumers are accustomed to buying a pack of Marlboro or Davidoff, in a retail outlet like a supermarket chain or a street kiosk.

Due to Switzerlands high level of authority control and supervision, these cigarette packages can be exported to other markets where medical cannabis is already legalized through pharmacies and other supervised outlets, since the products will have a documented certified content of THC level, and thereby will be very easy to siphon through the local legislations for medical cannabis.

E-cigarette products

As their license axiomatically authorizes them to manufacture nicotine containing products along with THC products, a key market objective is to develop liquids and oils for electronic vapors and traditional e-cigarettes, containing CBD oil with low level THC. The final product can be exported worldwide and customized in different ratios of THCCBD ratios, in the same way as described in the CBD oil section above.

Customized manufacturing of private label, and niche branded products

Developing an in-house brand of marijuana joints, allows Cannabis Suisse Corp.CSUI to license their technology or produce private labels for established brands, with individual flavors and customization. Cannabis Suisse Corp.CSUI will also develop niche products.

They have initiated a cooperation with one of the worlds most coveted cigar brands, Royal Danish Cigars, in developing the world's first THCCBD cigar.

The cigar is based on a blend of cultivated cannabis and a medium filler from Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua tucked under dark Nicaragua Jalapa wrapper. A special luxury version is planned as a handmade cannabis cigar, adorned with 24 karat gold and Swarovski crystals, making each cigar a unique work of art.

CBD oil supply to the cosmetics and health industry

CBD oil is increasingly becoming popular in the cosmetics and beauty industry, as an ingredient in skin products and hair products. They plan to supply customized CBD oil to manufacturers of related cosmetics and health products.

Cultivation and sale of seedlings for sale to smaller cannabis farmers

Breeding of mother plants opens up for a market in selling cloned seedlings from our cannabis plants, with controlled THC CBD ratio, to other farmers in Switzerland. They aim to set a benchmark for taste and genetic sequence, that will provide a consistent customer experience, that their clients will rely on.

Extraction of CBD for other farmers

Many farmers do not possess technology to extract the CBD oil from their cannabis harvest, and only have an option to sell their harvest as a recreational tobacco substitute for smoking. CBD oil has a broader market potential than tobacco products. They will function as an extraction hub, collecting harvest from smaller farmers and extracting CBD oil in a collective system. This will operate in accordance with the same principles as a bigger dairy company processes milk for smaller farmers. The CBD oil can be sold via their channels, or it can be returned to the farmer to be used in his own brands and boutique distribution channels.

Consulting and export of know-how

They plan to consult independent farmers in efficient cultivation methods and related know-how, while providing services and assistance dealing with legal compliance, optimized cultivation methods, acute production complications, progress monitoring and cultivation quality. Particularly using their patented technologies CannaMec and MoldStandard.

Initially their consulting services will be targeted to Swiss farmers, but eventually, as more countries liberalize cannabis legislation, they will target export markets as well.

Market Background

In 2017, Swiss legislation regarding production, sale, and use of cannabis was changed, and thereby increased and legalized the level of THC to 1% for commercial cannabis production and sale. The new legislation gives companies the right with proper authorization and licenses to cultivate cannabis plants and distribute cannabis within the country.

In February 2017, the Swiss health authorities established the legality of cannabis by indicating that low-THC cannabis would be taxed the same way tobacco is taxed, with a similar health warning. This type of cannabis is distributed under different names by different providers. Sales of OTC cannabis cigarettes picked up pace in Bern and Zürich in the beginning of 2017 as more people started to use the product. Sales have increased radically, and the 2019 turnover from cannabis is worth up to CHF500M $516M in Switzerland alone.

Despite the increase in retailers, supply is lower than demand. Current providers can produce only approximately 14 the total Swiss market's demand.

Swiss supermarket Coop Cooperative was the worlds first major chain to sell cannabis cigarettes that contain less than 1% THC in 2017, in its 700 stores across the country. In 2018 Lidl and other retailers joined in. A very significant event is that the 25% tobacco tax was removed in the end of 2019.

Back in August 2018, Forbes Magazine Listed Switzerland
As The Third Most Overlooked Marijuana Market in The World.

...And Now is the Time to pull up
Cannabis Suisse Corp.CSUI

In the next five years, Europe is set to become the worlds largest legal cannabis market. The market is ready, and the industry has grown more in 2019 than the last six combined.

To date six countries have announced new legislation regarding the growth, sale, or consumption of cannabis. France, the UK, and Spain are reviewing current legislation, while Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands are focusing on expanding existing medical programs.

Medical cannabis flowers imported into Germany doubles again in 2019, confirming strong growth. A key government committee in France has set the stage for a two-year medical cannabis trial program thats expected to kick off in 2020, providing an opportunity for overseas companies to export products to the new market during its early stages.

Ireland is embarking on a five-year medical cannabis pilot program, opening up commercial opportunities for companies to supply the Irish market once their products have met approval requirements set out in legislation.

Germany, Denmark, Malta, Greece, and Italy have all discussed the possibility of a fully regulated cannabis market to 2028, while Luxembourg has promised to introduce a regulated adult use market before 2023.

To expand outside of Switzerland, they are developing customized products because the European Union has different restrictions on THC content.

3 Reasons Why You Should Look At Cannabis Stocks,
Especially Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI

1 Long-Term Growth

Given all the buzz surrounding the cannabis market and the increasing recognition of the legitimacy of cannabis, the industry is expected to grow tremendously.

The market should expand for cannabis both recreationally, because of legalization, but also medicinally, thanks to the wide range of potential benefits and therapeutic applications the herb offers.

According to a report published by Grand View Research, the global legal marijuana market is anticipated to reach $73.6BIL by 2027 -- that's a CAGR of 18%.

Another report from Cowen shows that the cannabis market could generate as much as $75BIL in gross annual sales by 2026, up from a prior forecast of $50BIL.

Looking past the short term, there's tremendous growth for the global cannabis industry -- making marijuana stocks an intriguing long-term investment.

2. Outstanding Revenue Numbers

Marijuana's legal status in Canada allows pot companies to be traded freely on the country's market exchanges, and plenty of U.S. and Canadian businesses involved with marijuana are publicly traded on U.S. stock markets as well.

Because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, pure-play marijuana companies do not trade on U.S. markets.--Although This May Change This Year--2021 is Looking To Become a Breakout Year For Cannabis As legalization continues to spread, more and more companies will join the public listings, boosting the sector's fortunes in general.

Lawn and garden care products supplier Scotts Miracle-Gro has shown outstanding revenue increases over the past three quarters. Recently, the company reported a 28% revenue increase to $1.5BIL in the third quarter of fiscal 2020. In particular, sales at its Hawthorne subsidiary -- which focuses on cannabis -- were up 72 percent, to more than $300MIL.

The company increased its guidance for full-year sales, so this trend looks likely to continue.

Scotts Miracle-Gro isn't the only cannabis-related company to be strengthening even during a global pandemic. Green Thumb Industries, a market leader in terms of revenue, is performing exceptionally well. Based in the state of Illinois, which just legalized recreational marijuana as of Jan. 1. 2020, Green Thumb has a presence in multiple U.S. states and positive EBITDA earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. The company recently reported a net revenue increase of 167.5% year over year.

To the north, Canada's leading pot producer, Canopy Growth, shocked investors with the Q4 earnings it reported in March. The company reported CA$107.9MIL in net revenue, representing a 13% loss. However, Q1 results for fiscal 2021 gave investors hope with a 22% year-over-year revenue increase.

Canopy Growth has a strong financial position, having improved its free cash flow by more than 50% since Q1. As of June 30, the company had $2BIL in cash and short-term investments, making it one of the top players in the industry.

Revenue for Canopy and others is expected to spike as more states legalize the herb. Those companies playing the game well are a solid bet for the portion of your portfolio you've dedicated to cannabis.

3. Demand Is Booming

As the revenue numbers above indicate, the cannabis industry has seen steady, robust consumer demand. Across states like Colorado and California, where cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational purposes, business is booming. Despite lockdown orders and more, its status as an essential item has allowed cannabis sales to remain strong, with demand even rising across the U.S. market.

For instance, the Colorado legal cannabis market surpassed $200MIL in monthly sales in June , and the state set another record in July with $226.4MIL, up 13.8%. The most recent state to legalize cannabis, Illinois, reported record monthly sales of $63.9MIL in August, up from $61MIL in July. The trend is clear Cannabis products are in high demand.

Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI

Recent News

DIETIKON, SWITZERLAND ACCESSWIRE January 19, 2021 Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI, a Nevada incorporated distribution company for recreational cannabis products and CBD oils, has sent its first shipment of its new product line created for the upcoming launch on Shopify to ACS Laboratory for CBD potency testing.

This decision was dictated by the concern for customers and the desire to give each of them the opportunity to be convinced of the quality of purchased products. The CBD potency certificate of analysis will be posted for each product type on our website. So that each consumer can be sure that they are receiving the amount of CBD that they pay for and which is indicated by the manufacturer.

However, these are just additional measures for the peace of mind of our customers, since our manufacturer has been manufacturing CBD Specific products since March 2015.

They are insured specifically for manufacturing Hemp and CBD Product Liability Insurance, FDA Registered Facility, Utah Registered Processor and Manufacturer, Utah Department of Agriculture Approved Food Facility, cGMP Inspected, NCIA Member.

NCIA is the largest national trade association with the mission of advancing the legal and responsible cannabis industry. On behalf of their hundreds of member-businesses, NCIA is leading the cannabis industry's unified advocacy and public relations campaign.

FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA is a watching agency mandated to protect the public from dangerous and ineffective drugs.

Owners or operators of facilities that are involved in the production and distribution of medical devices intended for use in the United States are required to register annually with the FDA. Registration means the FDA is aware of the manufacturer and their devices.

DIETIKON, SWITZERLAND ACCESSWIRE December 2, 2020 Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI, a Nevada incorporated distribution company for recreational cannabis products and CBD oils, announces its decision to work with ACS Laboratory as a CBD laboratory for testing its new product line created for the upcoming launch on Shopify.

This news follows a recent announcement on the decision to choose ShipBob as a fulfillment center for the first shipment of the new Swiss4Life CBD brand, created for the launch of an online store on Shopify platform. Now that the goods have been received by the fulfillment center and are being processed, the Company can start confirming the quality of each item from the current batch. It was decided to send samples of products to ACS laboratory to obtain СOA proving the quality of the new brand name CBD oils to the potential customers.

ACS Laboratory testing services are of Medical Quality and can be considered to be consistent and reliable. All the results are of the highest-grade accuracy. ACS has passed Third Party Laboratory Certification and is ISO17025 and CLIA Accredited, PJLA Certified, DEA Registered Laboratory RA0571996.

Alain Parrik, the COO of the Company notes, As we always mention, the new Swiss4Life brand concept is based on the Company's mission to improve the quality of life of its customers by providing them with high-grade CBD products.

And we have to prove our words providing our clients with the maximum transparency. ACS laboratory was awarded twenty-one Emerald Test Badges for cannabis testing facilities, establishing ACS as an industry benchmark for accuracy, consistency, and proficiency in testing results. All our end consumers must be sure they receive not only safe and non-intoxicating products but they really get the CBD they pay for. The reliable third-party independent laboratory compliance testing is vital to any operating cannabis business.

DIETKON, SWITZERLAND ACCESSWIRE November 19, 2020 Cannabis Suisse Corp. OTC PINKCSUI, a fully licensed Swiss cannabis cultivation and distribution company for recreational tobacco products and medical CBD oils, announces its decision to work with ShipBob as a fulfillment center for Swiss4Life CBD product line created for the upcoming launch on Shopify.

This news follows recent announcements about all the products getting ready for the first shipment of the new Swiss4Life CBD brand, created for the launch of an online store on Shopify platform.

The new Swiss4Life brand concept is based on the Company's mission to improve the quality of life of its customers by providing them with high-grade CBD products.

This decision is dedicated to improve providing the customers with CBD products by fast delivery time and reduced shipping costs. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to Cannabis Suisse Corp. to focus on new product lines and improve the existing ones, while all the fulfillment issues will be solved by a reliable partner. The wide range of ShipBob fulfillment services include an affordable 2-day shipping and easy-to-understand pricing, full transparency of performance for accountability.

ShipBob's web-based software will let Cannabis Suisse manage and edit orders in real-time, track the moment to reorder the inventory.

Alain Parrik, the COO of the Company says, Automatic fulfillment can improve our bottom line, just as built-in reports and provided analytics easily empowers companies to make better decisions across the supply chain. ShipBob may give us a competitive advantage. And an even more important factor is ShipBob's willingness to accept new clients and work after Thanksgiving on all subsequent Christmas holidays, which will in no way prevent our clients from taking care of their health during all the pre-holiday bustle.

About Shipbob

ShipBob is a tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Its mission is to make the clients more successful online by providing best-in-class logistics so the customers don't go elsewhere. With reliable fulfillment services, warehouses in different parts of the US, and connected technology that powers the fulfillment network, ShipBob helps improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for its customers.

And Just to Put This Into Perspective For You Shopify Did Over $30BIL In Sales In Just the Q3 of 2020 Alone... Shopify Could Prove To Be Massive Platform for Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI

Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI has taken huge steps forward recently,
placing the Company in an excellent position for rapid growth, all of which indicate the Company's Huge Growth Potential

In fact, Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI Just Triggered An Unprecedented
11 Buy Signals As Of The Writing Of This Report.

Potential Catalyst That Could Send Shares of
Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI Soaring This Week.

Potential Catalyst 1 Cannabis Suisse Corp.CSUI is set to launch their Swiss4Life CBD brand, which was created for the Shopify Platform. This could prove to be Massive Catalyst to Promote Their Brand, Generate Revenue and Drive Shareholder Value. Any updates or news out on a Shopify deal could send shares of Cannabis Suisse Corp.CSUI Soaring this week.

Potential Catalyst 2 In a Breaking News story this week, Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI has sent its first shipment to ACS Laboratory for CBD potency testing. This is a Key Step in obtaining the proper CBD Potency Certificate. The CBD Potency Certificate of Analysis will be posted for each product type on their website. So that each consumer can be sure that they are receiving the amount of CBD that they pay for and which is indicated by the manufacturer. These Laboratories are insured specifically for manufacturing Hemp and CBD Product Liability Insurance, FDA Registered Facility, Utah Registered Processor and Manufacturer, Utah Department of Agriculture Approved Food Facility, cGMP Inspected, NCIA Member.

Potential Catalyst 3 Less than 3 weeks ago, Cannabis Suisse Corp.s home country of Switzerland announced a new change to their laws regarding Hemp and Cannabis. As of January 1, 2021--Hemp cultivation seeds can be produced and marketed in Switzerland, after the government removed restrictions in the countrys agricultural seed law. Switzerland, which is not a member of the European Union, is an outlier on the continent, having set its THC limit for industrial hemp at a full 1.0%. Thus giving Switzerland an edge in CBD production because CBD in hemp rises in proportion to THC. Which is key because in the next five years, Europe is set to become the worlds largest legal cannabis market.

Potential Catalyst 4 As mentioned above, Wall Streets leading provider of market data to the global financial, media, and commodity industries Barchart, Just Triggered An Unprecedented 11 BUY SIGNALS including the Trend-Spotter, Short-Term Indicators, Medium-Term Indicators and Long-Term Indicators.

Potential Catalyst 5 Cannabis Suisse Corp.CSUI has a history of Short Term QuickBreakouts. Over the last month, I have counted 6 Breakouts from 29.55% to 59.18% which I have highlighted in the chart below

In fact, over the last 7 Trading Sessions, Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI has moved a Staggering 226.09% from a low of .046share all the way up to .15share as of this writing...

With several potential bullish catalysts working in Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI favor, I believe that the Next Big Breakout could be about to take place this week.

I strongly suggest you read the technicals immediately to see why Cannabis Suisse Corp. CSUI has the potential to continue to climb much much higher.

A Massive Run Back to their 52-week High Would Be a Potential Gain of Almost 1,344.44%... And I do not know anyone that would want to miss out on a run like that.

I cant stress this enough.

Do not miss out on CSUI...

Pull it up now and get ready for Thursday morning.

For those of you who sat on the sidelines for any of my previous alerts could potentially now have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your newest stock alert for Thursday CSUI.

I am urging you and all of our members to add CSUI to the top of their watch list right now, and be ready Thursday morning at the opening bell


Trading Research Team

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