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CRWG Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Stock Runway" promoting CrowdGather, Inc.


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Good Afternoon All,

VIP Crew CrowdGather, Inc. has quietly been building up a dynamic network of sites by consolidating one of the oldest and most robust groups of online users those that post on message boards and forums, let alone a low priced opportunity for traders and investors to position themselves within a space that has been experiencing strong emerging growth.

Their ultimate goal is to create the worlds best user experience for forum communities and world class service offerings for forum owners. They stand behind and believe that forums are the richest source of high value, user generated social media. Also firmly committed to the fact that nothing will ever replace their position as the help desk of the Internet.

An Emerging Small Cap Cannabis Pick

Crowd Gather Inc. - Symbol CRWG

CRWG Low Float Tiny Market Cap Giant Potential Gains

CRWG also has a very small market cap and float. In fact, the market cap is just around $3.5 million. That is beyond tiny and go act react by a parabolic move as it has experienced in the past with even the slightest awareness engaged.

Recently CRWG made a monstrous move from less than $0.01 to over $0.07 in just a few days. A move of over 900%

Now it's settled back to around $0.02, I'm loving the potential for a bounce here

Can it get back to $0.07 That would be nice. I'd love to see you all book 250% gains. But even if it only gets back to the key level of $0.04, we are looking at 100% upside

That makes for a pretty mouth watering risk vs reward ratio type-trade

More About - The Digi-Cannabis Space- Crowd Gather Inc

CrowdGather is digital media holding company with the primary focus in the cannabis and alternative lifestyles space.

CRWG was originally founded on the premise of uniting people online through the sharing of knowledge and information via digital communities known as forums. While the company still maintains some compelling digital properties, its main focus now is on leveraging this expertise to partner with and consult to high growth digital businesses.

In recent times, the company acquired WeedTracker.com and various other cannabis-related domain names including WeedInHollywood.com and DispensaryWeed.com. The plan was to extend WeedTracker into a mobile locator app and build out the other domains into niche properties.

In fact, in a recent interview with Uptick Network Stock Day Podcast, CEO Sanjay Sabnani discussed the future of CrowdGather, Inc. After successfully re-focusing CrowdGather, Inc. from a broader digital sector to a singular focus on the digital cannabis sector, Mr. Sabnani was happy to report anticipated changes at the Company. All of these extensive changes has resulted in CrowdGather, Inc. working towards completion of a new revised mobile app for WeedTracker.

CRWG's online publishing network is anchored by DIY community builder, Yuku, while its cannabis holdings include long standing online communities WeedTracker, WeedinHollywood and RapMusic. The company also owns social gaming brand MegaFame.

With huge numbers of visitors to its existing forum properties, the company has a lot of experience building up online communities and monetizing them will likely be the core focus.

Read just why CRWG has the investment communities full attention here at the company's website

The CRWG Trade Idea - Runway's Bottom Line

I urge you to do your own research. At the current share price, CRWG truly could be of the best opportunities I've seen in the markets for some time. We all know how important a quality entry is to make significant gains in any trade.

And with a thin level 2, a small market cap and a history of making epic gains, CRWG could fly when traders and investors take notice.

Make sure you are ready to digest this trade idea quickly and I'll touch base back with you shortly but in the meantime remember, timing and pricing mean everything

Time is money, start your research now. Do not forget to use savvy money management and trading discipline. Never risk more than you can afford to lose and ALWAYS try to book a profit when feasible.

How about acting quickly now towards executing best possible entries and fills by keyword logging our SMS text message system and get our profiled ticker at the soonest possible moment.

Today's call to action is easy as texting the word, StockRun to 25827 now and you're done

Your Crew Chief

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