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Profit Alert CODX Rockets To $29.53
Up A Staggering 3,374% From My Initial Alert More Huge Gains

Dear Fellow Trader,

Another incredible day for my alerts...

Yet again our stock pick CODX continues to deliver us staggering gains

For the new members who just joined us, welcome For our loyal ones, a big Congrats yet again on our Nasdaq Biotech Breakout stock that Ive been covering since last July CODX

CODX just hit a high of $29.53, up 3,374% in gains from my initial alert at $.85 cents

I first gave you and other members CODX on July 2nd, when the stock was trading at $.85 cents per share.

For those of you that are newer members and have not been with us since I initially profiled CODX, heres a recap

I first initiated coverage on CODX July 2nd at $.85 cents, CODX has since rallied to a high of $29.53 today providing members with 3,374% in gains from my initial profile at $.85 cents

Thats a 35-Bagger

Also, I wanted to Congratulate you on one of our previous picks DTSS today

Today DTSS Rocketed to a premarket high of $8.38 up 319% from my initial alert

I first alerted you DTSS Tuesday April 1st, premarket at approx. $2.00, and today it exploded up and ran to a premarket high of $8.38 providing members with 319% gains from my initial alert.

We also, had another big winner on Friday with our pick CLSK.

On Friday CLSK Rocketed to a high of $7.66 up 400% from my initial alert price at $1.53

Heres a quick recap I first alerted you CLSK on May 5th premarket at approx. $1.53, it rocketed to a high of $7.66 on Friday July 31th providing members with 400% in gains from my initial alert.

I told you I was going to be sending you a lot of explosive picks this month that have the potential to move big and to move FAST

If you liked your picks Ive just listed above, which soared up 4,093% in combined gains, you are going to love what I have in store for you NEXT.

No other newsletter has been on a winning streak like us, we have had none stop winners since January 1st

You definitely don't want to miss your next big breakout stock

Stay Tuned

Best Regards,

Editor, StockOnion

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