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Start time:
8:13 AM
Start date:
March 8, 2016
CLS Holdings USA, Inc.
Stock promoter:
"Investor Soup"
Stock promoter rank:
62 out of 103
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CLS Holdings USA, Inc.

Year of incorporation:
Market capitalization:
(as of March 7, 2016)
Business description:
Retail-Miscellaneous Retail
Floating shares:
(as of August 7, 2015)
Outsanding shares:
(as of January 12, 2016)
Authorized shares:
(as of October 31, 2015)

Stock Promoter Performance

The following charts displays the first day results for campaigns by "Investor Soup". Results are taken from a total of 33 stock promotions by this stock promoter that have been tracked by OTC Dynamics.
41% closed down

46% closed up

11% had no net effect

Last 4 Stock Promotions By "Investor Soup"

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MOBQ Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. March 1, 2016 80 ($3,680) 0.179 0.166 11%
DIRV DirectView Holdings, Inc. February 24, 2016 218 ($12,101) 0.0030 0.0034 26%
STOY Spiral Toys Inc. February 22, 2016 188 $81,504 0.333 0.400 21%
TPIV TapImmune, Inc. February 16, 2016 148 $33,696 0.505 0.565 10%

CLSH Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Investor Soup" promoting CLS Holdings USA, Inc.


The following newsletter has not been verified for accuracy or completeness.

Classic Green Triangle Just Lit UP

Good morning

CLS Holdings USA Inc. Its not like we need to stretch TOO far here. At $1 and change, But compared to the dust bunnies we sometimes chase, And with the right situation, even a relative giant like Check out the BREAKOUT pattern that just emerged

CLASSIC triangle here over the last two weeks the top trend came down from $1.25 to $1.13, the floor came UP from $1.

Right here When I see a pattern like that, I know that if the stock wants to move at all, its going to break one of the lines. Thats a breakout

Since that chart is full of bullish indicators -- RSI above 50, MACD edging toward a bona fide cross -- I think the break can come UP.

If it does, resistance flips into the new floor and we start looking for the new ceiling as the price action dances. Good times

Meanwhile CLSH has the heft to resist the markets most recent bear tendencies. You see that upward trend since December

When youre in a business as HOT as

Heres the PUNCHLINE that built that big trend and made Yeah, CLSH is in the THC extraction business, which is still a HOT theme with good reason,

In Colorado alone this has literally gone from ZERO to a BILLION-dollar industry in just two years. Read

Multiply by other states to get the real opportunity Its a VALUE ADDED product that goes far beyond farming the cash crop. Few other contenders can work so clean.

CLSH can add the molecules to food, electric cigarettes, you name it. And they should have the raw crop REAL SOON

It takes maybe 11-12 weeks to grow a crop . . . which means When that happens, CLSH should be a BIG step closer on its road to the green. And from the look of the chart, the green will be BRIGHT

Is that really the kind of play you want to miss, just because its not one of the microscopic marvels we usually trade

Seek upside wherever you find it, the old traders tell me. Right now I get plenty of green lights flashing around Sincerely,

Michael Reef



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