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C-Bond Systems

C-Bond Systems OTC CBNT is up today after the local ABC affiliate in San Antonio called its Ballistic-Resistant System for glass The only system of its kind. CBNT's Patriot Glass Solutions Division held a live-fire demonstration of its Ballistic-Resistant System for glass yesterday, which was attended by building owners, building managers, and the media. CBNT offers a revolutionary bullet resistant solution that can potentially protect schools and the children who attend them from shooters, as well as businesses from smash and grabs. The stock is trading near its low and offers a great entry point for a trade as more people find out about the company. If you like low-priced stocks, you might want to get in on CBNT

Check out the KSAT 12 ABC article and video here

With a market cap of $4 million, CBNT's intellectual property portfolio was recently valued at $33.7 million by a leading, independent, global intellectual property valuation firm.


The media, politicians, and an overwhelming number of concerned citizens are talking about the trend of increasing numbers of shootings in schools and workplaces. Some call for gun control, while others are looking toward increased resources for mental illness. The truth is that no one is doing anything to protect our children at school and our employees while they're at work. One company, C-Bond Systems, has had enough, and they're doing something about it.

is a nanotechnology company that owns and manufactures the patented C-Bond technology. C-Bond's proprietary nanotechnology applications and processes enhance the strength, functionality, and sustainability of glass in the multi-billion-dollar glass and window film industry. C-Bond has two divisions, which include C-Bond Transportation Solutions and Patriot Glass Solutions. C-Bond Transportation Solutions sells a windshield strengthening, water repellent solution called C-Bond nanoShield as well as a disinfection product. Patriot Glass Solutions sells multi-purpose glass strengthening primer and window film mounting solutions, including C-Bond BRS, a ballistic-resistant film system, and C-Bond Secure, a forced entry system.

Check out this video on CBNT's Patriot Glass Solutions division

According to the , between 200001 and 202021, the number of school shootings with casualties per year at public and private elementary and secondary schools ranged from 11 to 93. 202021 was the first year since data collection began in which fewer than half of schools that had shootings including those with and without casualties were high schools.8 In fact, more elementary schools 59 than high schools 57 had shootings in 202021. An additional 21 middle or junior high schools and 8 schools of other types also had school shootings. Between 200001 and 202021, the number of casualties per year as a result of school shootings ranged from 15 to 185. In 202021, there were 118 casualties 46 deaths and 72 injuries from school shootings.

Like school shootings, workplace shootings constitute another subcategory of mass shootings. In workplace incidents, the shooter is usually a current or former employee who targets co-workers. Workplace mass shootings rose to national attention following a string of incidents in the late 1980s to early 90s involving employees of U.S. post offices the slang term going postal had its origins in these incidents. The post office shootings in the 80's and 90's have been eclipsed by the increasing number of mass homicides in the workplace in the past decade. According toa , preventive measures can include preemployment screening, identifying problem situations and risk factors, and security preparations. This is great advice, but preemployment screening hasn't really helped, and none of us are trained to look for problem situations and risk factors among our coworkers. Not only that, if an employer fires someone they think is a threat, theres a better than average chance the employer will be slapped with a lawsuit So, what's the answer The answer is, as the FBI suggests, security preparations.

C-Bond Systems provides products are based on patented and patent-pending C-Bond technology, which is independently proven to strengthen glass in automotive and structural applications to help secure facilities from forced entry and other similar crimes. The C-Bond technology enables ordinary glass to dissipate energy by permeating the glass surface and detecting microscopic flaws and defects that are randomly distributed all over the glass surface. C-Bonds unique qualities then work to locate and repair the identified surface imperfections that weaken the glass composite structure and ultimately act as failure initiators. The C-Bond formula is engineered to maintain original glass design integrity while increasing the mechanical performance properties of the glass unit.

C-Bond Systems operates in the multi-billion-dollar glass and window film industry. It's primary business includes two divisions C-Bond Transportation Solutions and Patriot Glass Solutions. C-Bond Transportation Solutions flagship automotive product is C-Bond NanoShield, a windshield strengthener that reduces cracks and chips in glass, to lower windshield replacement costs and increase safety. The Company also markets a suite of products that protect, clean and disinfect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle and other forms of transportation, including aircraft and trains. Patriot Glass Solutions sells multi-purpose glass strengthening primer and window film mounting solutions, including C-Bond BRS, a ballistic-resistant film system, and C-Bond Secure, a forced entry system.

Patriot Glass

Patriot Glass has been in the news several times recently, as school shootings and the destruction of government buildings has been on the rise. C-Bond has installed its ballistic-resistant safety and security window film product, C-Bond BRS, at more than 100 locations in Texas in order to help protect students, staff and other individuals. C-Bond Systems bullet-resistant film system protects personal and business property across the United States from looting, rioting, break-ins, and gunfire. It is validated by an independent third-party laboratory to provide National Institute of Justice NIJ Level I, Level IIA, Level II, and Underwriters Laboratories UL 752 ballistic-resistant protection. It is only a matter of time before this small company providing such an immensely necessary service starts to show up on investors' radar screens. As always, our goal is to get you involved by bringing the stock to your attention before the company's numbers start increasing.

In the past three months, C-Bond Systems Patriot Glass Solutions Division received a purchase order to install C-Bond Secure Protective Film at two Austin TX area schools, received a $63,000 purchase order for C-Bond Secure to protect a fulfillment center for a major online retailer, and another $77,000 purchase order from a Texas high school for its C-Bond Secure Protective Film and related products. Bolstering the already growing interest in CBNTs Patriot Glass product, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is quoted as calling for the installation of bulletproof doors and glass to help prevent shootings.

C-Bond Systems' Patriot Glass Solutions division will hold live-fire demonstrations of its C-Bond BRS ballistic-resistant system on June 22nd in San Antonio, TX, and June 29th in Los Angeles, CA. With the Senates bipartisan deal on school safety, C-Bond invites school personnel, architects, law enforcement, politicians, media, and more to see how its bullet-resistant system can help in active shooter situations. We do not currently have a link for a live stream, or a video, but we will provide one when it is available.

C-Bond Transportation Solutions Group

C-Bond Transportation Solutions Group sells C-Bond nanoShield, the companys patented, nanotechnology, windshield glass strengthening and hydrophobic water repellent all-in-one performance system. C-Bond nanoShield is a first-of-its-kind chemical solution that protects and strengthens windshields by permeating the glass surface and repairing the microscopic flaws and defects on the glass that ultimately initiate chipping and cracking. It is designed to improve windshield safety and performance by increasing windshield chip and crack resistance and improving windshield visibility in wet weather conditions to provide extended driver reaction time.

The companys Transportation Solutions Group sells C-Bond nanoShield primarily through distributors. The strengthening process begins immediately upon application and continues while the material cures in the following days. The product is easy to apply and is sprayed on and squeegeed off. CBNT intends to create new markets and channels in the aftermarket automotive windshield segment, including fleets, automotive dealers, and service providers.


For the first quarter of 2022, C-Bond Systems posted sales of $510,709.00 versus $155,650.00 for the same quarter of 2021. Gross Profits increased to $261,079.00 in the first quarter of 2022 from $124,266.00 for the first quarter of 2021. As mentioned above, the company received two purchase orders for $140,000.00 in the last three months, which leads us to believe the sales growth will continue in the second quarter of 2022.

To date, CBNT has filed, licensed andor acquired a total of 23 individual patents and patent applications spanning core and strategic nano-technology applications and processes. Its intellectual property portfolio was recently valued at $33.7 million by a leading, independent, global intellectual property valuation firm. The IP valuation firms review covered the valuation of CBNT's intangible assets including our developed technology, trade name, customer relationships, and assembled workforce, and the companys determination of the fair value or other amounts of any assets and liabilities including current assets, real property, personal property, and current liabilities. The valuation firm also reviewed historical and projected financial information for CBNT, giving consideration to general economic and industry trends.

C-Bond Systems is pushing hard to get its Patriot glass products in schools and other buildings. A couple of big orders will put the company on the map and could send its stock price significantly higher.

Here are some additional videos and links about C-Bond Systems investors will find of interest

C-Bond BRS Demo Video

C-Bond BRS Media Coverage

Ballistic Tests


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