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Many analysts anticipate that 2020 will be a much better year overall for CBD stocks than 2019 was. And, as was the case last year, some stocks will rise above the rest of the pack.

One company in particular is .

This innovative Cannabidiol company could be our next CBD alert to double in price.

The Company recently dropped acquisition news that could serve a catalyst for an upcoming bull rally.

Last week, that it has entered into a binding letter of intent dated February 4, 2020 with Trellis Holdings Oregon Op LLC o acquire 37.5% of all of the issued and outstanding share capital of Trellis from David Joshua Bartch and Benjamin Martch by way of a share exchange.

Joshua Bartch, CEO of NewLeaf Brands commented, We are particularly excited to be joining forces with Trellis to accelerate the growth of our brand and put us in a prime position to expand our business into the licensed cannabis industry.

Low Float Big Moves For NLBIF

NLBIF has a razor thin float of 26.69M.

We did the quick math, and that equates to just $2.7M worth of shares available to the public for trading

With a float this tight, it's no surprise that NLBIF is no stranger to monster single-day moves.

Last Monday, shares of NLBIF ran from $0.10 to $0.15 for up to 50% in single-session gains

Shares of NLBIF are now back around that $0.10 level, and we would not be surprised if we witnessed another 50% move from here.

Insider Buying Has Us Bullish On NLBIF's Future

Insiders Have Been Buying Up Shares There has been significant insider buying of NLBIF shares over the past six months and no insider sales. According to simwallst. The largest insider buys were made by David Bartch, President and CEO of the company. He purchased approx. CA$1.2MIL worth of shares at an average of $.47 per share. Generally, insider buying of that magnitude can be an indicator of a bullish management view of the companys future. Insiders Have been buying up shares, including the wholly owned subsidiary of We Are Kured, CEO Benjamin Martch who bought approx. CA$1MIL of NewLeaf Brands Shares. This can be an extremely bullish signal... Legendary fund manager Peter Lynch, is quoted as saying that there is no better tip-off to the probable success of a stock. Also, insider Michael Connelly Director COO bought approx. CA$1MIL of NewLeaf Brands Shares. This Could Be An Extremely Bullish Indicator President of CDAInvestnet Bob Gabele, a Rockville, Md., research company that tracks insider activity, We always look for clusters--usually at least a net three buyers since one or two can be more random than meaningful, he said. Gabele says his research suggests that insider transactions are most likely to predict a stocks performance for the six- to 12-month period following heavy insider activity. When the Insiders buy their own stock, it can sometimes be a signal something could be potentially about to happen.

In our opinion there is no better signal than insider buying, that suggests tremendous strength in the company and potential future growth.

That being said, we are urging all members to add this low-float CBD alert to the top of their watchlist immediately

About NewLeaf Brands

NewLeaf Brands, Inc. is an innovative Cannabidiol CBD lifestyle Company. We are Kured, LLC, Drink Fresh Water, LLC, ReLyfe Brand, LLC and TeaLief Brand, LLC the Company's main business activities encompass the development, marketing, and distribution of CBD products including vaporizer penscartridges, hotcold tea, softgel capsules and beverages throughout North America, South America, and Europe. In addition, NewLeaf Brands, Inc. has extensive retail and cultivation land investments in Oregon, USA.

The Companys wholly owned subsidiary We Are Kured, LLCs Kured was the first of its products to launch on Herbfluence.com, as previously announced on October 28, 2019. After the successful launch of Kured, the Company and Tyler Knight, CEO and founder of Herbfluence decided to feature TeaLief, Drink Fresh and ReLyfe on the Herbfluence platform. Since partnering with Herbfluence, Kured has witnessed an increase of 4.6% of daily traffic to wearekured.com and an 89% return on investment.

Benjamin Martch, CMO of NewLeaf Brands commented, After a very successful launch of Kured on the Herbfluence platform, were very excited to offer our entire suite of products. Given the state of online marketing and its inherit industry restrictions, weve searched long and hard for a solid partner. After seeing the success of Herbfluences unique approach, were very optimistic this will be a very successful partnership moving forward.

ABOUT Herbfluence Herbfluence.com

Herbfluence, Inc. is an online platform that is the first influencer marketplace for the cannabis industry. Herbfluence provides a platform that allows brands in and related to the cannabis industry to find, connect with, and advertise through cannabis related social media influencers.

There's a good reason to think that CBD stocks could soon skyrocket and not look back. Here's why.

Sidestepping the FDA

The FDA has been, and continues to be, especially concerned about the use of CBD in foods or dietary supplements. Several companies have been warned about selling CBD dietary supplements or including CBD in foods. The agency has been consistent in its view that additional scientific studies are needed to determine whether CBD is safe.

In the meantime, companies that market CBD products are in a sort of limbo. Although they can sell topical CBD products across state lines, the big market opportunity is in ingestible CBD products. However, another pathway to opening up this significant market now appears to be on the horizon.

Last week, Rep. Collin Peterson D.-Minn. introduced a bill that would amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to add CBD to the list of legal dietary supplements and exclude CBD from prohibited foods. These amendments would effectively make CBD foods and dietary supplements fully legal in the U.S.

Rep. Peterson's move is basically an attempt to sidestep the FDA, which isn't known for its quick action. Investors have been worried that the agency could take years to wrap up studies to determine the safety of CBD. With Congress entering the picture, though, it's possible that CBD dietary supplements could become fully legal this year.

Prospects of passing

The introduction of a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives doesn't guarantee passage, of course. However, there is reason to be optimistic in this case.

For one thing, Rep. Peterson has both Democratic and Republican co-sponsors for his bill. Bipartisan support improves the chances of passage in the House.

Although Rep. Peterson is chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, another committee -- the House Energy and Commerce Committee -- must review the proposed amendment before it can be voted on by the full House. However, Peterson has been in office since 1990 and has established key connections during his political career. That could increase the likelihood that the Energy and Commerce Committee reviews his bill.

Hemp legalization overwhelmingly passed in the House. If Peterson's CBD bill makes it through committee review, the chances of it also sailing through the chamber appear to be pretty good.

It's a similar story in the U.S. Senate, even though Republicans are in control. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell championed the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp. Rep. Peterson's proposed amendment would be good news for hemp growers, which could be key to securing Sen. McConnell's support since his home state of Kentucky has a sizable hemp farming industry.

President Donald Trump would have to sign the bill into law if it ultimately passes both houses of Congress. The president had no qualms at all about legalizing hemp and has only vetoed six bills during his first three years in office. If the House and the Senate approve the new CBD bill, it seems likely that President Trump would sign it into law.

This is an exciting time for the CBD sector, and we believe that small-cap companies with tremendous upside like NLBIF have the potential to deliver the highest ROI.

At of 27.4% CAGR, CBD Beverages Market Size to Surpass USD 11.38 Million by 2025

Global CBD Beverages market is valued at 2.09 USD Million in 2018 and expected to reach USD 11.38 Million by 2025 with the 27.4 % CAGR of over the forecast period.

CBD, the contraction for cannabidiol, is one of the non-psychoactive ingredients in cannabis, increasingly offers wide-ranging health benefits with few side effects and low risk of addiction. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. CBD beverages include everything from non-alcoholic wine, water, kombucha to cold brew coffee. With the hydration needs it offers a variety of other delicious drinks, including kombucha and CBD beverages. Recently, CBD drinks are increasing in both popularity and availability as cannabis products and marijuana has become legalized in states across the country. The FDA recently approved a CBD-based medication called Epidiolex, which is an oral cannabidiol solution, to help patients who suffer from certain types of seizures. CBD to consumable products may make it easier for consumers to incorporate it into their lifestyles and gain these benefits.

Market Outlook

Brightfield Group, a leading market and consumer intelligence firm for the legal CBD and cannabis industries, reported significant expected acceleration in growth for the CBD market, resulting in a 706% year-over-year CBD product sales jump in the US in 2019 to around $5 billion in total sales, with sales expected to reach $23.7 billion by 2023. This suggests the overall CBD-based products market is set to grow by a stunning 107% CAGR over coming years.

According to the Marijuana Business Factbook, retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States are on pace to eclipse $12 billion by the end of this year. This would be an increase of roughly 35% over 2018.

Retail sales could rise as high as $30 billion by 2023

It was a banner year in 2018 with investors pouring an amazing $10 billion into cannabis in North America.

There has been a tremendous amount of positive buzz surrounding the legal marijuana industry, especially with politician on board to decriminalize the plant. This has helped marijuana stocks witness supreme rallies in recent years.

When the Food and Drug Administration approves the first pharmaceutical drug made from cannabis, it says something. When Corona Beers owner makes a $4 billion bet on a marijuana firm called Canopy Growth it says something.

When one marijuana company called Tilray Inc. sees its shares explode from under $60 to over $200 in just three weeks after making its debut in the market, it says something.

When one analyst predicts that legal marijuana could soon become a bigger industry than soda, it says something.

One of the top marijuana analysts, Vivien Azer at Cowen, is also calling for total U.S. cannabis sales to hit $80 billion by 2030

A survey from Yahoo News and Marist College, has additionally illustrated just how mainstream marijuana has become. Nearly 55 million adults currently use the drug. Lets face it, we are in a MARIJUANA REVOLUTION

Over the years, research has yielded results that indicate marijuana may be beneficial in the treatment of many conditions including chronic pain, drug addiction, anxiety, PTSD, neurological disorders, and cancer.

Technical Analysis

Bullish Uptrend Intact

We've done our , and see the potential for a move of over 92%

Bullish Signals

Trendline support continues to be strong, next bounce to descending trendline

Strong uptrend and short covering signl on crossing above zero line. Previous crosses have resulted in very bullish sessions.

The Bottom Line

NLBIF has a razor thin float of 26.69M.

We did the quick math, and that equates to just $2.7M worth of shares available to the public for trading

With a float this tight, it's no surprise that NLBIF is no stranger to monster single-day moves.

Last Monday, shares of NLBIF ran from $0.10 to $0.15 for up to 50% in single-session gains

Shares of NLBIF are now below $0.10 , and we would not be surprised if we saw another 50% move from here.

That being said, we are urging all members to add this low-float CBD alert to the top of their watchlist immediately

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