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7:38 AM
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October 26, 2022
Business Warrior Corporation
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"OTC Stock Review"
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16 out of 22
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Business Warrior Corporation

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(as of October 14, 2022)
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(as of July 5, 2022)
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(as of October 17, 2022)
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BZWR Promotional Newsletter

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Business Warrior Corporation


Business Warrior OTCQB BZWR is positioned for explosive growth as two recent acquisitions could potentially fuel its already fast-growing revenues. Business Warrior helps small businesses solve two of the biggest challenges to owning and operating a business customer acquisition and access to funding.

Business Warrior provides a software-as-a-service SaaS platform to help small business owners make decisions that will lead to more customers, increase revenues, and obtain access to growth capital. Business Warrior's integrated platform combines a small business' advertising performance, financial data, and funding as a key source of success and growth for business owners. Formed in 2014, Business Warrior uses next-generation machine learning and native software to make conversion marketing and growth funding accessible for small business owners.

Through its suite of software, marketing, and lending solutions, Business Warrior has helped more than 25,000 small businesses fuel their growth and engage more customers.

In the past seven months, the overall market has been a disaster. As a result, investors have ignored shares of BZWR, even though

BZWR acquired Helix House Advertising and Alchemy Technologies, which are driving Monthly Recurring MRR and SaaS Revenues.
For the 2nd quarter that ended February 28, 2022, BZWR posted 62% quarter-over-quarter revenue growth.
For the 3rd quarter that ended May 31, 2022, BZWR reported revenues of $1.2 million, an increase of 67% over the 2nd quarter.
On August 25, 2022, BZWR became listed on the OTCQB.
4th quarter numbers for the quarter ending August 31, 2022 are probably going to be out in the next three weeks. Another strong quarter could put Business Warrior on the map.

Not only has the market ignored these great results, but BZWR is also trading near its year low and basically has a market cap equal to sales revenues, even though the company's revenues are growing at more than 60%

This could be the opportunity to buy a penny stock that has the potential to produce a 2,480% gain if BZWR gets back to a 52-week high of $0.248.

The average SaaS company is trading at 13x revenues, which would take us to $0.13, or a little more than halfway back to the year high. If the company continues to grow at better than 60%, the market cap could expand even further, which could take us the rest of the way there and possibly higher.

Business Warriors recent acquisition of Alchemy Technologies, a global FinTech software as a service SaaS company is the piece of the puzzle that strengthens its core marketing and lending software while expanding its brand and services to meet global demand.

Connecting finance and marketing together is going to be the key differentiator in how Business Warrior plans to win in the market.

How It Works
Business Warrior does this by compiling thousands of online data points from small businesses and leveraging unique data sets to provide loans to small businesses that have a high likelihood of succeeding and growing. Business Warrior then takes that raw data and applies a proprietary algorithm built to reflect how that business is performing and how likely it is to gain additional new customers. This is the subscriber's Business Warrior Score, which is provided for free to businesses. Like a personal credit score, the Business Warrior Score is a benchmark for business success. The Business Warrior Score is a core component of what Business Warrior does and is connected to each of its paid products and services, including basic marketing services inherent in its SaaS, premium marketing services through its subsidiary, Helix House, small business loans Business Warrior Funding, and strategic revenue opportunities.

Business Warrior Funding Do you have a small business Are you tired of getting jerked around by your bank

Business Warriors mission is to power and fund small business growth across America with the Business Warrior suite of data-driven SaaS marketing technology and lead generation insights tools, along with the growth funding needed to be agile and seize on new opportunities, hire the right people, and make strategic investments at the right time.

Get Business Funding in 5 Days or Less

Say goodbye to sky-high interest rates and waiting months for approval or denial from traditional lenders. With zero paperwork no impact to your credit, Business Warriors accelerated lending process can put money in your account in just 5 days. Get your instant pre-approval amount today


Pre-qualify in 30 seconds with zero impact to your credit
Minimum FICO score of 640
Based within the U.S.
Must be in business for at least 1 years
Cannot be debt consolidation
Must have a website andor business social media profile

Small businesses are faced with uncertainty every single day it's part of the DNA of entrepreneurship. I look at what is happening - whether it's the stock market or the supply chain issues, the labor issues - and all of these challenges are what business owners have been working through and fighting through. Business Warrior continues to reinforce our foundation of fighting for the small business owner, no matter the challenges or uncertainties. As a company, we are constantly finding ways to improve our software and services to match the ebbs and flows of what small business ownership really means.

Jonathon Brooks President, Business Warrior

Software as a Service SaaS Market Overview

According to , the global Software as a Service SaaS market is expected to expand to USD $381.21 Billion by the end of 2030. The reports further predict the market to flourish at a robust CAGR of over 17.3% during the assessment timeframe.
Small businesses are increasingly leveraging the benefits of SaaS pricing models to expand their footprints in new markets. The market demonstrated immense potential and investment opportunities for SaaS companies to scale up. Moreover, the Covid-19 outbreak escalated SaaS adoption for greater flexibility, functionality, and remote productivity.

Players leading the global Software as a Service market include
Salesforce, Inc. CRM
Adobe Inc. ADBE
Intuit Inc. INTU
Snowflake Inc. SNOW
Autodesk, Inc. ADSK
Shopify Inc. SHOP
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ZM
Paycom Software, Inc. PAYC
DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. DOCN
AppFolio, Inc. APPF
nCino, Inc. NCNO
Alteryx, Inc. AYX
Sprout Social, Inc. SPT

We're looking for Business Warriors strategic focus on MRR, Fintech, and SaaS to continue to drive revenues in 2023... which should have a major positive long-term impact on the value of BZWR shares.

Speculative technology investors looking for a stock with significant potential for price appreciation should consider BZWR for their BUY LIST.


Current Price $0.012

Market Cap 5.3 million

Outstanding Shares 474,981,265

Restricted 307,516,764

Unrestricted 167,464,501

Held at DTC 126,548,361

Float 153,456,068

52 Week Trading Range

52-Week Low $0.006

52-Week High $0.248

Corporate Offices

455 E Pebble Rd 230912
Las Vegas, NV 89123-0912

Telephone 855 294-2900



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