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As public distrust in major banks grows amid an increased likelihood of a global recession following the coronavirus pandemic, the consumer finance sector is thriving. The rapidly changing consumer habits in borrowing and managing finances is also proving to be a tailwind for consumer finance companies in the U.S. People use consumer finance companies for credit cards, receiving loans for cars, education and housing. The consumer finance sector got hammered by the coronavirus pandemic as people restricted spending and borrowing. But signs of recovery are already here. According to a report by Deloitte, personal consumer expenditure jumped 8.9% in the third quarter on a year-over-year basis.

With many analysts calling for a strong rebound in the consumer finance sector, investors would be wise to get an early jump on this potential bull rally.

That being said, we've already identified a highly attractive opportunity in the sector.

Please turn your immediate attention to

About the Company

BorrowMoney is an online marketplace that connects people with lenders. They empower people to make fully conscious financial decisions by providing a broad range of services including business loans, personal loans, and home mortgages. BorrowMoney offers everything consumers need to secure the financial resources for their business, family, and life.

BWMY Is Bringing Better Financial Opportunities to Everyone

BWMY provide consumers with reputable lending institutions and financial information to break down how the borrowing will work so they can select the best option to fit your personal situation.

When dealing with BWMY, consumers can expect

Comprehensive loan options
Competitive rates
Easy hassle-free application
Fast approval
Expert loan advice

Analysts Are Predicting A Consumer Finance Boom

Last year, the pandemic had put business activities on a grinding halt, globally, and locked people indoors for months as governments everywhere imposed stay-at-home orders, the economy is now reopening and gaining an encouraging momentum. This is evidenced by the real gross domestic products GDP increase at the rate of 6.3% and 6.6% in the first and second quarters of 2021, respectively. President Joe Bidens hefty pandemic-relief package and large-scale vaccination programs across the United States have been aiding this recovery process for a while now.

Near-term prospects look bright as the steadily improving domestic economy and robust economic data will continue to buoy demand for student, auto and card loans. Improving consumer confidence, lower unemployment rate and higher disposable income are likely to drive the performance of consumer loan stocks in the upcoming period. These factors should slightly raise demand for mortgage loans too.

TransUnions second-quarter 2021 data signals a strong resurgence across auto, credit card, personal loan and mortgage. We expect all financial institutions to see similar trends in the near term as well, provided the COVID-19 cases steadily drop, reopening plans remain and consumer spending levels stay robust. Even the Feds data mirrored a similar uptrend in the second quarter of 2021 for consumer credit card, student loans and motor vehicle loans.

An increase in auto loans during the June quarter despite a rise in vehicle prices due to supply shortages suggest and the rise in loans is likely to gain traction in the upcoming period, aided by a firm consumer resilience and upbeat sentiment surrounding the economic recovery.

Consumer credit card defaults are at historical lows and mortgage-origination activities in the country are steering through. Refinancing is surpassing purchase volumes as consumers are capitalizing on the extremely low rates.
Although the new home purchase activity is still sound, rising home prices could be pricing some borrowers out of the market. The appreciation in home value boosted mortgage balances to record highs and we expect origination volumes to remain healthy in the near term. Easing credit-lending standards are helping consumer loan providers meet solid demand for loans.

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near zero in March 2020 with an aim to bail the U.S. economy out of the coronavirus-induced slowdown. However, in the June FOMC meeting, the officials had pointed out in their so-called dot-plot that there might be two rate hikes by 2023-end. Thus, growth in the net interest margin as well as the net interest income for the consumer loan companies is expected to improve in the upcoming quarters.

Despite a number of lingering concerns including the coronavirus mutations, the above-mentioned findings are creating optimistic sentiments amid consumers. Thus, these tailwinds are expected to help the consumer loan providers witness an improvement in the delinquency rates.

So, this is an opportune time to add a few consumer loan stocks to your investment portfolio that will help generate healthy returns going forward.

Growth Catalysts for Consumer Finance in 2021

In a December 2020 report, consumer credit reporting company TransUnion said that personal loans and the use of credit cards will post a strong rebound in the first half of 2021 amid an expected improvement in macroeconomic factors such as unemployment and GDP. The report estimates that credit card originations will jump 64% year over year in the first half of 2021. The report also forecasts a rise in the demand of unsecured installment loans as people prepare for vacations, travel and other expenses. In the first quarter, loan volumes are expected to reach 3.3 million, while second-quarter loan volumes are estimated to touch 4.2 million, above the 2.6 million mark observed in the second quarter of 2020. Auto loans are also expected to rebound and the massive declines experienced in the auto sector in 2020 are estimated to flatten in the New Year. Auto loans origination activity in the first and second quarter is estimated to generate 6.8 million and 7.4 million new accounts, respectively.

Despite all the growth catalysts, consumer finance stocks remain a long-term play. You can expect massive defaults in 2021 as deferral and forbearance programs enforced by the government following the coronavirus pandemic come to end. Consumer finance companies will be racing to claim their money from the borrowers. But the fact remains that life will come back to normal and people will start borrowing money to spend on health, education, entertainment and housing. Data shows that transaction value in the marketplace lending consumer segment is expected to reach $22.46 billion in 2021.

Another growth catalyst for the consumer finance stocks in the near future is digitization of the sector. According to ComScore, about 60% of the total Internet population in the U.S. uses websites of the top 20 financial institution sites. Mobile banking is also increasing in the U.S. and abroad. These trends will create more opportunities for the consumer finance companies to expand their customer base. Another important and emerging trend in the industry is point-of-sale POS financing. A McKinsey report said that the total US outstanding balances originated through POS installment lending solutions totaled $94 billion just in 2018. These trends will increase revenues and growth of the best consumer finance stocks in 2021 and beyond.

Could Be BWMY Be The Next Lending Club And Run-up Nearly 7x's

One way to gauge the upside in the consumer finance sector is to look at the bigger names in the space.

Neobank and loan platform LendingClub is up a stunning 700% on the year.

Although it operates on a smaller scale, BWMY could present investors with comparable upside.

BWMY is currently trading on the lower-end of its 52-week price channel, and well below its 52-week of $3.05.

A run back to those levels would show traders a near 600% ROI

The Bottom Line

With the SP 500 Index surpassing 4,700 points, it is time to take a look at one of its well-performing sectors, which is Consumer Loans.

We believe have discovered a rare gem in this space with BWMY.

The upside potential alone should have traders chomping at the bits, and eager to ride what could be an extremely profitable consumer finance rally.

That being said, we ask that you start your research now, and add BWMY to the top of your watchlist immediately.

Remember to use a to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.

Best regards,

The BullishCharts Team

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