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Mondays Pick BRZL Could Be The Biggest Pandemic Related

Breakout Stock With 1,900% in Upside Potential

Dear Fellow Trader,

I just uncovered our next Pandemic related stock trade idea poised to surge in price as the second wave COVID-19 hits the country.

Immediately turn your attention to Scepter Holdings Inc. BRZL

This is our next Pandemic related stock ready to move in a major way, here's why...

The street is taking notice of this emerging player in the hyper-growth consumer defensive packaged goods space

Headlines about the global health crisis continue to dominate as the second wave of COVID-19 hits the country.

Half of US states are reporting an uptick in new Covid-19 cases

With no signs of the virus slowing down yet, the demand for health defense products has been skyrocketing

And that brings me to my new alert which could easily dish out some of the BIGGEST GAINS of 2020 and deliver potential gains of up to 1,900%

BRZL Focused On The Booming Hand Sanitizer Market

Exploding Up Over 1,400%...

As we continue to through the health crisis, hand sanitizer may be one of the best tools for defense, as well as washing our hands and wearing masks.

Whether people agree on wearing masks or not, we can certainly agree that keeping our hands clean is a great way to keep bacteria and viral particles off of them.

Morgan Stanley has not long ago warned its clients that a sustained resurgence in coronavirus infections should emerge this autumn in tandem with the arrival of flu season and bring with it more targeted lockdowns across the nation.

Analyst Matthew Harrison wrote that his best case scenario projects a second wave in the fall with new causes summing between 40,000 and 50,000 nationwide

The virus is hands down the biggest topic of 2020 and while it has impacted many aspects of life negatively, Wall Street has seen some positive.

Pandemic related stocks have seen big gains. Consumer brands related stocks have seen explosive growth in the new stay at home economy where people are stockpiling and ordering products from their couches.

My track record for covid-19 related stock trades has dished out 3,545% gains with my previous Pandemic related stock Co-Diagnostics which is a company that I had previously covered from July 2nd 2019 at $.85 cents all the way to its recent high of $30.99share on Aug 3rd providing members with 3,545% gains.

Another one of my previous Pandemic related stocks was Axsome Therapeutics which I alerted premarket at $5.00 on Jan 7, 2019 and it rocketed to a high of $109.94share on Dec 30, 2019 providing members with 2,098% gains.

Another one of my previous Pandemic related stocks was Applied DNA Sciences which I alerted premarket AT $4.80 on April 15, and it rocketed to a high of $16.39share on May 14th providing members with 241% gains.

Another one of my previous Pandemic related stocks was Sorrento Therapeutics which I alerted premarket at $4.30 on May 15th and it rocketed to a high of $19.39share on Aug 10th providing members with 350% gains.

If you missed the runs on any of my previous Pandemic related stocks, here is your second chance with BRZL

The fact that we may be experience a change in behavior for years to come after COVID-19 in order to continue protecting ourselves from viruses, makes companies that focus on defense products very attractive.

There is a company trading under the radar that has several exciting products that they are involved with and some of these products can be used as a defense against the deadly outbreak

BRZL may soon catch tremendous attention with brands that could become household names including a novel hand sanitizer

Scepter Holdings offers premier quality, proven products that the company says will perform above and beyond as advertised. The company manages the sales and brand development of high-performance consumer packaged goods and seeks to acquire performing brands to add to the companys portfolio of products and brands sold online and through strategic retail relationships.

The company leverages its expertise to bring to market functional products developed with an eye towards sustainability and performance. From makeup that heals and brings oxygen to your skin, to daily vitamin sprayables that can enhance your health.

The company is involved in the market and distribution of two brands Gevitta Vitamin Spray and Dermacia.

Recently the company also announced the development of a new hemp infused hand sanitizer formula and has signed an exclusive sales and marketing agreement with Dr. Robert Brunst to market his innovative NoseBudz nasal air filter.

BRZL Focused On The Booming Hand Sanitizer Market

Exploding Up Over 1,400%

The global hand sanitizer market has been redefined thanks to the coronavirus.

This year has market has seen gains in the hundreds of percents compared to last year and the global Hand Sanitizer market is expected to reach a staggering $17.2BIL by the year 2026, according to a new report by market Study Report.

According to a report by Adobe Analytics, the demand for hand sanitizer in U.S. spiked to 1,400%

Walmart India also reported an unprecedented spike in hand cleaning product sales, compelling the chain to put limits on purchase. The pandemic is, therefore, likely to surge revenues for companies in this market, as long as the crisis persists.

Hand sanitizer is going to be very difficult to have 100 percent on stock on for some time, said Walmart CEO Doug McMillon this year We're still replenishing it and shipping it, but as soon as it hits the stores, it's going.

The coronavirus has hit over 14MIL cases around the world. Just three weeks ago this number was around 10MIL. This pandemic has made it very clear that it is important to protect ourselves from germs and viruses. One way to do this is by washing our hands or using hand sanitizer when we can't wash our hands.

Considering the current domestic need for disinfectant and cleaning supplies, BRZL is responding by pursuing a new hand sanitizer formula that will disinfect while supporting healthy skin

The new formula will contain hemp oil extract, rich in omega fatty acids.

The goal is to provide a hand sanitizer product that is less harsh on the skin when used multiple times a day. The frequent use of sanitizer can dry out hands and make them feel chapped.

Scepter has been fortunate to have good relationships with manufacturing partners that enable us to quickly develop new products in response to consumer needs. We anticipate a positive response to our new hemp infused hand sanitizer formula once it has been launched, stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales for BRZL.

A report published by Fior Markets has revealed that the demand for hand sanitizers has increased by an astonishing 1,400%

The report also states that the global hand sanitizer market is expected to grow from $1.2BIL in 2019 to $2.14BIL by 2027, at a CARG of 7.5% during the forecast period 2019-2027.

The pressing need for hand sanitizer could also continue to go on even after this pandemic eases which means a substantial market for years to come for BRZL

BRZL Company Makes Hand Sanitizer Donation

The company recently donated hand sanitizer to Technical Air Balance in Phoenix, Arizona., which provides air filtration and balancing services to schools, universities, many hospitals and medical facilities, plus the Border Patrol in the Greater Phoenix area and across Arizona.

During the pandemic, their team has engaged in providing necessary assistance to many facilities that have continued operating during the crisis or are upgrading during the pandemic to reopen with better filtration and ventilation.

Access to liquid and gel hand sanitizer in bulk has been very difficult for small companies.

Rachel A. Murdock, the owner of Technical Air Balance responded, In this troubled time in our country, we needed help and Scepter offered that help which gives our staff and technicians confidence to continue to serve the needs of our community and state.

BRZL has been researching hand sanitizer production and sales, and as a result, was able to secure a supply of liquid and gel hand sanitizer for donation to Technical Air Balance.

Chairman of the Board, Mr. Robert Van Boerum has said, We are grateful to be able to support a small business that is making a difference behind the scenes during this difficult time.

BRZL Launches on Amazon with Vitamin D Supplement

That May Boost Immunity

BRZL has introduced Gevitta branded vitamin sprays, Glow and Multi, recently for sale on Amazon.

Gevitta Glow vitamin spray is a liquid Vitamin D spray supplement. Customers looking for a simple to dispense Vitamin D supplement will appreciate the taste and convenience of Gevitta Glow.

Gevitta Multi vitamin spray is a multivitamin supplement spray containing a blend of Vitamins C, D, E, Thiamine, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid. Gevitta Multi contains many of the essential vitamins found in competitive multivitamin tablets, but in a more convenient spray form.

The best thing to build our immunity to fight coronavirus are vitamins, and Vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection

Pills often degrade in a persons Gastro-Intestinal tract, while Gevitta Vitamin Sprays super fine spray delivery system offers the consumer a more convenient and pleasant approach to daily supplementation.

We are happy to introduce Gevitta Multi and Glow for purchase through our store and Amazon. Our Gevitta vitamin sprays are a great solution for customers searching for a convenient vitamin supplement., stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales for BRZL.

BRZL Penetrating the Growing Nose Filter Market

BRZL has signed an exclusive sales and marketing agreement with Dr. Robert Brunst to market his innovative NoseBudz nasal air filter.

NoseBudz is a simple, innovative, nasal air filter designed to stop aerosolized viral particles and allergens. The unique patent-pending conical filters in NoseBudz are designed to filter particles one-micron or larger, while maintaining sufficient airflow to allow normal breathing through the nose.

BRZL will take the responsibility for marketing and selling NoseBudz through brand owned websites and Amazon. Dr. Robert Brunst and his team will provide product inventory and funding to directly support marketing expenses. Sales revenue less cost of goods, expenses, returns, merchant fees, etc., will be shared with Scepter in exchange for its marketing and sales services.

We believe the market for NoseBudz nasal air filter is stronger than it has ever been. We look forward to relaunching the brand under Scepter's guidance., stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.

A nose filter or nasal filter is an air filter designed to fit inside the human nostrils to prevent the nasal inhalation of allergens, pollutants, and irritants. It has even been said to sometimes prevent viruses too

According to a Market Study Report study, over the next five years the Nasal Filter market will register a 5.8% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach $8MIL by 2024, from $6MIL in 2019

In February the company said sales were up over 400% compared to the same period last year

BRZL Two Other Products in Two Booming Markets

BRZL is involved with two brands in two very different industries that could become household names - Gevitta Vitamin Spray and Dermacia.

It was in August of 2019 that BRZL announced that Gevitta Vitamin Sprays are available for purchase on Amazon and Gevitta.com.

Since completing an asset purchase agreement with Gevitta last year, the company had been actively engaged in preparing Gevitta Vitamin Sprays for launch on the e-commerce platform.

Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world now, overtaking Walmart last year. Its platform has billions of shoppers each month.

The company has secured the rights to numerous proprietary spray formulas, and has launched three of the best selling formulas for sale. Gevitta Awake is marketed to consumers looking for a convenient alternative to energy shots and drinks. Gevitta Burn is an easy to use alternative to supplements supporting weight loss. Gevitta Dream is a simple to use, travel friendly, melatonin supplement designed to support sleep.

Gevitta branded sprays add a unique product offering to Scepters portfolio of performance products, we are excited develop and grow the brand., stated Robert Van Boerum Chairman of the Board.

The company's sprays are a superior method for taking vitamins and supplements instead of pills or capsules.

There has been a tremendous amount written about increasing the value to consumers that take vitamin and mineral supplements. There is enormous research evidence showing that supplements can help protect people against diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Gevitta recently completed the development of Fisetin infused supplement spray formulations to be marketed by BRZL along with existing Gevitta branded supplement sprays on Gevitta.com and Amazon.

Fisetin, a plant polyphenol present in many fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries and apples, and has shown anti-cancer activity in lab studies. In other studies, Fisetin also appears to help regulate inflammatory pathways and deactivates several major inflammatory compounds.

After closing an asset purchase agreement with EcoScientific Labs in 2019, BRZL turned its attention to reinvigorating the Dermacia brand and launching Dermacia Pro cosmetics for sale on Amazon.

It was in the fall of last year that BRZL announced the launch of DermaciaPro.com, which focuses exclusively on selling Dermacia Pro cosmetics.

Dermacia is already being talked about by celebrities and has been featured in some of the biggest magazines in the world such as Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Health, Redbooks, and Ladies Home Journal

Dermacia brand products in 2020 are up over 400% compared to the same period last year and the company has experienced the majority of sales growth through Amazon.

Dermacia PRO Breathable Foundation is the FIRST truly breathable makeup that is actually good for your skin, providing flawless coverage while improving and actually helping the skin to heal. It is

Dr. Recommended
Long Lasting
Flawless Coverage

This foundation is an effective daily makeup for anyone with acne, rosacea, or allergies, sensitive to breakouts.

This is a product not only recommended by doctors but is being demanded by celebrities according to the company.

Dermacia Breathable Foundation is infused with an exclusive patented Triple Silica Gel-based formula, which unlike traditional oil, creme or water-based cosmetics, provides complete coverage to disguise fine lines, discoloration and other problem areas without looking cakey or over done.

Studies have shown that Dermacia Breathable Foundation increased the oxygen content of the skin by 6.2%, just a few hours after application, and by 10.1% after 4 weeks of wearing the foundation

BRZL Introduces Dermacia Pro Eye Serum

and Vitamin C Serum

BRZL has released Dermacia Pro Eye Serum and Vitamin C Serum which is already available through DermaciaPro.com.

Both products are formulated to be Allergen Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Fragrance free and support Anti-aging and Smoothing. The eye serum also supports exfoliating while the Vitamin C serum supports detoxifying.

We are pleased to introduce Dermacia Pro's Eye Serum and Vitamin C Serum, we believe these products support customers caring for their skin and complement our existing Breathable Foundation line of Dermacia Pro products., stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.

BRZL Sales are Climbing Fast

Last November BRZL posted quarterly financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2019 and revealed that product sales more than doubled those of the previous quarter

The company has spent the last few quarters proving its sales and marketing plan. Recent sales data indicates that the model is working and sales of existing product lines continue to increase month over month.

According to a recent article on Forbes.com, retail brands are enjoying higher returns with Amazon Advertising than with or Google. The article cited data from a recent Feedvisor study which concluded that 66% of consumers begin their new product search on Amazon, that Amazon drives a 7X return for most brands.

BRZL invests most of its advertising dollars in Amazon Advertising, and has recent leveraged some of the new advertising features introduced by Amazon in the last 6 months to increase return on advertising spend ROAS.

January and February of 2020 have demonstrated a rise in ROAS over last year, as well as an increase in sales over the same period last year, which supports additional investment in Amazon Advertising.

BRZL Impressive Comparables...

BRZL is trading among some very impressive comparables to demonstrate how massive the skin care and supplement arenas are.

Last year Estée Lauder's shares rallied 55% The company's stock hit new records driven by robust demand for its high-end skin-care products. Estee Lauder Companies Inc. NYSE EL is trading over $150 a share

Supplement stocks in the market like Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. NYSE NUS and Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. NYSE HLF are also good examples of the growth potential in the sector for BRZL. NUS is over $30 a share while HLF is over $40

BRZL The Massive Hemp Derived CBD Breakout Play

Since the passage of the 2019 Farm Bill, BRZL has launched an initiative to review the potential added value of CBD, sourced from industrial hemp, infused into Dermacia Pro cosmetic formulas.

Consumer demand for CBD infused products continues to increase, and as the market and interest for CBD infused skin care products grows, the company intends to keep Dermacia Pro cosmetics competitive.

Nielsen predicts that, by 2025, the U.S. hemp-derived CBD market could be a $6BIL industry

Thanks to the passage of the 2019 Farm Bill, we are confident that the appropriate regulatory path for products infused with CBD sourced from industrial hemp will soon become clear., stated Mr. Van Boerum.

The company supports the latest pending California legislation that would hemp-derived CBD for use as an ingredient in food, beverages and cosmetics.

California bill AB-228 would modify state regulation around the use of CBD as an ingredient in food, beverages, and cosmetics. Current regulation prohibits the use of hemp-derived CBD in said products.

Scepter supports the coalition of hemp farmers, advocates and local governments that have worked to prepare AB-228, which would reverse a 2018 stipulation from California's health department that hemp-derived CBD cannot be added to food.

Hemp has historically been treated as an agricultural product and Scepter encourages California lawmakers to restore that same status, providing support to California farmers.

There is significant consumer demand for CBD infused products, and we look forward to regulatory changes that would make it legal for California companies to produce hemp-derived CBD infused consumables, stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.

The upcoming presidential election in November could be a catalyst to bring new states into the fold of legislation. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut could all vote to marijuana and this would be huge for BRZL market It would expand their product offering and distribution.

BRZL The Formation of an Advisory Board

with Industry Experts

BRZL recently announced the formation of an Advisory Board and appointed industry experts Thomas Johannesen, Jordan Erskine and Gavin Collier.

Thomas Johannesen brings nearly 30 years of enterprise and ecommerce technology expertise to the Board. Mr. Johannesen has developed e-commerce solutions with various public and private companies.

Scepter looks forward to Mr. Johannesen's guidance and advice as the company continues to enhance their ecommerce strategy.

Jordan Erskine, President and Co-Founder of Dynamic Blending, has 18 years in the manufacturing industry. Dynamic Blending specializes in the turnkey manufacturing of skin care, hair care, personal care, cosmetics and more.

Gavin Collier, CEO Co-Founder of Dynamic Blending, brings 10 years of experience manufacturing consumables on top of his successful legal career. Scepter looks forward to working closely with Jordan and Gavin through Dynamic Blending to develop additional products and line extensions.

We are excited to form our Advisory Board and look forward to working closely with each board member as we continue to innovate at Scepter Holdings, stated Robert Van Boerum, Chairman of the Board.

Chad Murdock was also recently added to the board

He is the President of M2G Media and is an executive producer, producerdirector, market and writer with over 35 years of creative, marketing and management experience. Chad continues to be one of the most creative innovators in Direct Response.

Murdock has worked on joint projects with companies and products such as SC Johnson, Estee Lauder, Your Baby Can Read, Epson, Time Life Music Video, Hooked on Phonics, Body Flex, Home Shopping Network, QVC, Select Brands, Braun, Bell South, Fitness Quest, Tony Little Enterprises, Nissan, Hoover Warner Vision.

He has been a producerdirectexec-producer on shows that have grossed over $2BIL in revenue

Mr. Van Boerum has said, We are excited to have Chad as part of our Advisory Board. Chad's deep knowledge of the industry will be critical in the development of new brands and the execution of their promotional campaigns.

BRZL has another bullish catalyst working in its favor

Another bullish catalyst is BRZL Shares Have

Exploded Many Times

BRZL has seen tremendous breakouts many times this year and quickly too...

It was on July 13th that share prices jumped from $0.01 to $0.0196 the next day for a gain of nearly 100%.

On June 26th share prices were as low as $0.0091 and on June 27th were as high as $0.0245 for a move of over 160%.

In May share prices moved from $0.012 to $0.0455 for a gain of nearly 280% which occurred in only a few days.

On 32 share prices were as low as $0.0295 and on 33 they were as high as $0.147 Gains of nearly 400% overnight

The stock also ran from $0.0071 on February 14th to as high as $0.029 on February 26th for a gain of 308% in ten days

This is nothing compared to what happened in February... the stock was at sub-penny levels and by the beginning of March was at nearly 15 cents for a breakout of almost 2,000%

Yes, quadruple digit gains accumulated in just weeks...

With a high of almost 15 cents, there could be Epic Bounce Potential that could deliver Massive Triple-Digit Gains thanks to the stock's 1,900% Upside

The Bottom Line

BRZL shares, in the past, have seen momentous gains of nearly 2,000% in only weeks

With the coronavirus pandemic having no end in sight any time soon, the company could gain major recognition for the defense products it is involved with.

Sales of products have been jumping this year and 2020 could be one of the biggest years of sales

Jumping into the hand sanitizer space and nose filter market could get the company recognized for its efforts in the fight against coronavirus.

Plus, with an expert in the sales arena recently added to the board, things are looking even more promising

Share prices hit nearly 15 cents not long ago and they were at sub-penny prices earlier this year. Could history be ready to repeat itself

With an undeniable upside of 1,900%, a massive bounce could be gearing up for BRZL so put the stock on your radar

I am urging all of our members to add BRZL to the top of your watch list right now, and be ready Monday morning at the opening bell


Editor, SecretStockPromoter

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